StratTech Solutions – Audit Involvement


Updated Numbers!  The original campaign goal was $760,000.  In addition to the money raised on this site, CyberNinja’s has been able to pay an additional $150,000 and we were able to liquidate equipment for a total of $100,000.  The current balance owing to us at this time is $510,000.**

We were called upon in the initial phase of the audit as a subcontractor to provide 50 technical personnel to be on the floor and provide the technology solution for the counting and imaging aspects of the audit.  StratTech stepped up in Phase II and was asked to provide a full support model consisting of all audit personnel, all ongoing technology support, volunteer acquisition processing and training and also provided the procurement of supplies.

Meaningful Accomplishments:


•          Managed 405 Paid Workers

•          Processed 40,644 Paid Hours

•          Attracted and managed 2400 Volunteers that signed up

•          Processed 1600 Volunteers that cleared background checks

•          Processed 1100 Volunteers that attended orientation

•          Implemented and managed:

·      Additional 33 Servers resourced and installed in 24 hours

·      Additional 100 Security Cameras + 8 Live Stream Cameras 24/7

·      Additional 90 Laptops

·      Additional 45 Printers

•          Over 2 Petabytes of data storage

•          Over 5 Miles of Cat6 and Fiber

•          20 Network Switches

•          10 Network Video Recorders

•          43 Counting stations never done before

•          64 Paper Examination stations never done before

•          12 Aggregation stations never done before

•          250 Microscopes tested and implemented

•          66 Canon DSLR’s & Lenses

•          66 Custom designed Microscope Jigs for ballots never done before

•          Coliseum Rental for over 2 months

•          260 Tables Rented for 2 months

•          Fencing rentals for ballot corrals

•          Pallets of paper

•          2-3 meals provided every day for dozens of workers

•          Over 10 pallets of water


From a technology and human resource standpoint, this was an accomplishment of biblical proportions during the height of COVID.

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