I am standing for election in Bournemouth West for the Reform UK Party.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our family emigrated North to Rhodesia and settled in Bulawayo, the second largest city.
At the end of my school career I joined the British South Africa Police. I am very proud to have served in that wonderful police force with men and women, black and white.
Soon after returning to South Africa I was conscripted into the army where I served a total of 18 years. Because of my police experience in Rhodesia I was promoted fairly quickly to Major.
Whilst serving in the army I was also very active in the private sector. I eventually open my own training and consultancy company which we ran for 20 years until we emigrated to the United Kingdom.
During all this excitement I even managed to convince a very attractive young lady to marry me. In spite of my many flaws, our marriage lasted for 50 years before she passed away a few years ago.

We left South Africa as a family and arrived here in the United Kingdom in January 2002 and settled in Bournemouth. Since arriving here I have continued my involvement in business, particularly, financial services, accounting and marketing.
I have been asked on many occasions, “Why are you standing for election?” The answer is quite simple.
    • The United Kingdom is a wonderful country.
    • I have fought communism and socialism all my life.
    • I support BREXIT, Magna Carta and our constitutional Monarchy.
    • The Conservative Government has failed us.
    • A Labour government, being communists at its core, want to destroy Great Britain.
    • Our country has been steadily dragged further and further to the political left and that made me angry.

Angry enough to say “NO FURTHER“.
I don’t like what is happening to my country. I don’t want to live in a socialist state. I intend fighting to my last breath to stop eco-terrorism, green madness, racist leftism and now Muslim sectarianism from taking over our country.

First I lost my beloved Rhodesia to communism and Mugabe as it sank into Zimbabwe.

Then I lost South Africa to socialism under Mandela.

I don’t want to lose Great Britain to that same socialist ideology under the Labour Party and Mr. Starmer.