Every once in a while you meet someone who makes an impression in your life. Stephen Paul, better know as “SP The Barber”, or simply “SP”, is one of those men. He is known for many impactful moments, with the most noteworthy being his service to our country. 


Currently, Stephen Paul is a civilian barber and founder of a 501C3 non-profit organization (NPO). This organization services veterans in hospice that are in need of grooming services, and in some cases receiving their “last haircut”. As a civilian, he continues to contribute his services to other veterans in need. This is just one example of SP’s generous and selfless actions that are nothing short of inspirational.

From a medical standpoint, SP is a 35 year old disabled Navy veteran who is suffering from service related disabilities incurred during his 2015-2016 deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. SP required medivack transport mid-deployment due to a debilitating illness that was consuming his health and well being. He was initially misdiagnosed multiple times, due to the rarity of this illness. The prolonged period of experimental and inappropriate treatments led to the development of several secondary illnesses. Long term, the potent antibiotics and high dose steroids that were prescribed have further complicated his health, with the greatest impact affecting the cardiovascular system. His current cardiac medication regimen has numerous side effects that affect his ability to lead a normal life. Every day he is haunted by symptoms including weakness, fatigue, acid reflux, and vomiting, to name a few. 


Since 2016, Stephen has been hospitalized over 20 times, for emergent treatment of progressive cardiac compromise. His cardiac instability is worsening every day, with surgical intervention the only available option that may improve his chance of survival. Through extensive research, SP found a surgeon in Houston that specializes in a heart procedure called the “Wolf Mini Maze”. This surgery would offer significant improvement in his cardiac function, along with the ability to discontinue several medications that are causing daily adverse effects. However, he has been denied insurance coverage for the surgery by the Veterans Administration insurance plan. Others have tried to advocate his cause, including the Senator, Congressman, and a board member of the Red Cross, but to no avail. He has exhausted every appeal and alternative measure to overturn the VA insurance denial for this life saving surgery.

As a military veteran, he has earned the right to every opportunity available. Along with other veterans who have sacrificed greatly for our country’s freedom, he deserves a better quality of life than the one he leads now. He is at a point of desperate need and is seeking help from others in and around the community. Time is of the essence for SP, with every delay life threatening. Please find it in your heart to contribute to this worthy cause. Any donation will be one step closer to SP’s recovery, which is greatly appreciated.