The new end time movement of GOD - The dwelling places of Zion - Embassies of Heaven

Triple Grace establishes Embassies of Heaven in all Nations ( through the restored Altar of Love, Unity and Support and connects these holy places together in the Commonwealth of GOD (

The dwelling places of Zion are the new move of GOD and the Power Houses of the Lord ( where the true Sons and Daughters of GOD will come together to support one another, to lift up the needy, to minister to the nameless and faceless and to do daily active deeds of righteousness.

The members of such holy places are called Royal Priesthood and they walk the righteous path towards Mt. Zion where they will be gathered for the great harvest of the Lord at the sixth seal. At Mt. Zion they will place their heart at the feet of GOD, the Father and will either be raptured or sealed as one of the 144000.

As a royal priest you walk outside of the world, religions, denominations, churches or Babylon but instead you follow the commandment of Jesus to make disciples in all the Nations. Royal priests are walking, talking and acting as Jesus did, our great example, filled with Spirit and Truth. Daily they meet in the dwelling places of Zion to advance the Kingdom and to lift up the needy in their neighborhood.

In the Embassies of Heaven the royal priests live in Unity without fear or problems because each and every priest is supporting the others. Unemployment, sickness, accidents and any other circumstances that usually bring fear and disruption into one's life are completed eliminated. The royal priests follow the footsteps and the teachings of Jesus closely and are co-heirs with HIM and also true Sons and Daughters of the Most High.

The Embassies of Heaven can be established by royal High Priests in their own neighborhood to serve the Father as a vessel of Love and Righteousness. A maximum of 50 people can join one holy place before a new one needs to be established. All royal priests in a holy place are equal and decide together. They are overseen by a pair of Elders (One Man and one Woman) - the royal High Priests.

To become a royal priest, join us (, learn from our vast resources, empty yourself of the past including religious spirits, man-made religions, false denominations, worldly desires or anything that may hinder your walk on the new path of righteousness. Bury your past completely and be filled as a newborn vessel with the new wine of the Lord.

Walk as a Lion or Lioness, a true copy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, towards Mt. Zion where you will have access to the Holy Place of GOD, the Father. Be filled with the Spirit of Jesus and do everything in the name of GOD Almighty.

The Embassies of Heaven are patterned by the Assemblies of Acts in which the true believers lived in unity, shared resources and had all in common. A new way of Life outside of our current situations and outside of the world.

Fulfilling the great commission of Jesus to go and make disciples in all the Nations!

Become a royal priest, be separated as true Sons and Daughters of GOD, a chosen people and elected children of the Most High:

To establish as many dwelling places of Zion as possible and to bring as many people as possible into righteousness, we need your financial blessings. Support the heavenly concept of the end times into the Nations (for example as a first born into the Kingdom: or help to bring more royal priests onto the path of righteousness here on this page with your donations.

May GOD bless you and your family abundantly and may we welcome you as a royal priest, a new vessel of the Lord, on your path towards Mt. Zion.

Triple Grace