My best friend and Amazing Race partner Garrett Smith (who I call Smyth) is one of the kindest people I know. He wants nothing more than to provide his daughter with a service dog that is trained for her specific needs. She has Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy. She is also deaf, but has cochlear implants that help her hear. She is so sweet and she's my favorite little pal. Whenever I see her she yells, "Strasser!" and gives me a big hug. She is mostly non-verbal, but is slowly learning some words.  From the very beginning, when we applied for The Amazing Race, Smyth told me that when we won she was getting the best service dog available. When that goal was disclosed on the show, America responded and reached out with the desire to support. We are overwhelmed by the positive response! Thank you for your donations large and small on behalf of the Smith family!