For years Renee Delaney has been helping the community. From farming, to feeding those with nothing, (healthy food), to just simply being someone who cares enough to actually listen to the needs of the people. 

She listens, and then she takes action. She's seemingly compelled to help, it's what she does. And she does it well. 

The time has come however, for the community to help support HER. 

The last few months have been very hard on her. She has lost some close friends and family, her greenhouse was ripped apart by the wind, and her fridge and freezer both died with product in it, now wasted. Unfortunately she has even been stolen from, by someone she thought she could trust. 

All this is nothing, compared to the infrastructure called Small Scale Farms that she has been 1000% dedicated to building for the last 10 years - to help Niagara become more food secure.

Our point? Regardless of the many obstacles she has found herself up against, Renee has still found a way to help farmers sell their produce, help local businesses sell their products, and help to feed thousands of people who have needed her help. 

But now she needs us. She needs a new fridge and 3 phase power installed on site, which would completely transform her operations. She needs extra funds to hire extra hands to help her run the business. She also needs to acquire the financial means to hire a full time administrator for her website/orders. 

If you could find it in your heart, could you please help us approach the various businesses, banks, and organizations capable of donating to this worthy cause?

Helping Renee helps Renee help Niagara. And we think it's definitely time she's thanked by her community, for everything she's already done for us.