When Charlie and Colleen are asked if they planned on starting an animal rescue when they moved to Mexico, the response is usually a laugh, followed by some form of "No, not at all. But God presented us with these beautiful creatures that needed our help when no one else would. And so of course, we HAD to help them. They became our family." And so here we are, 1 pig 🐖, 5 chicks 🐣, 2  rabbits 🐇, 2 🦅 birds, 23 cats 🐈, 25 dogs🐕, 2 ducks 🦆, later and this beautiful family continues to grow and change in whichever way God leads.

What is a day in the life like at the Shire? You might imagine a large facility to house all these animals? Think again. All these wonderful creatures live within the property walls and house of Charlie and Colleen. So each day starts by letting all the dogs out and then picking up poop... This is where Charlie often receives much wisdom during this time of meditation while doing the daily chores. Food is then prepared for all the creatures - most of which is homemade. So it's a big process using pressure cookers and blenders to make enough for everyone. Eugene (close friend/spiritually adopted son who lives nearby) often comes over as well to help walk all the dogs and assist in any extra chores for the day. Colleen spreads her motherly care and compassion around where it's needed, especially if any animals need healing. And then Charlie ends the day of chores like he begins - by picking up poop :)


From Colleen:

"Charlie and I, along with our Daughter Shaney, have been rescuing animals for 10 years now and have taken in over 80 animals …

All of them have either been abandoned or rescued from abusive homes, and most are severely ill and diseased from a lack of care. We have nursed back to health the vast majority and the ones that are too far gone to bring back to health are given as much love as is possible before they pass onto greener pastures and return to God, our Creator of all things… They are forever in our hearts and minds and we ache when this transition does occur.

We are a non-profit sanctuary and have been fully self funded for the first seven years here in Mexico, and it was only after the numbers of our rescues became too high for us to contend with that we reached out on the Internet for support… and support you have given, as over the last three years, due to the wonderful generosity of our Rescue Sanctuary donors, we have been able to build an entire Kennel system for the Dogs, with the Healthiest Food possible and all of them have wonderful beds, blankets and toys… to put it simply, the Animals that live with us, exist within a Paradise of Abundance and Safety, where they are showered with Love, day and night, year after year… and Charlie and I will never cease in this endeavor, as we simply cannot turn our backs on these Angels from God…

It has been the most beautiful exchange of Energy and Love that we could have ever imagined, and the Extended Family we have created through Your Love, Generosity and Support, simply makes all of this even more special!!!

We now have about 60 animals… we have taken in even more animals over these last 10 years, including Opposums, Goats, and Horses… and we are the “Foster Parents” for all the Cows and Horses that graze around our property here in Mexico, as we feed them our fruit and vegetable remains and they love it!

We have a great relationship with our local Vet, Israel, who aids us in all of our rescues when necessary, and all our spaying and neutering is done by him at a discount, to help us with all the Costs surrounding running this Heaven upon Earth.

So, to all of you that currently support our Animal Sanctuary, or have in the past, we BLESS YOU from the depths of our Souls, and to those of you that aren’t currently supporting our animals, and are considering doing so, we would be over-joyed to have you become a part of the Shire FAMILY with a monthly donation… or if you simply want to follow along with updates of our Animals, and send us support via your Prayers and Love, we would be equally overjoyed as well…

All our Love, 


But it certainly has presented it's challenges... This beautiful family has been coming together for the past 9 years in Mexico for Charlie and Colleen. All while they both have stepped out into the public eye as God-loving truth warriors and patriots, which has been such a blessing because it has allowed for financial help from generous supporters. Between Charlie's books and Charlie and Colleen's videos, they have reached hundreds of thousands if not millions of people at this point. But it also has created some trouble... In this world of censorship - where the truth is hidden and those who speak it are attacked, where God is often not allowed to be mentioned without backlash... many donation and crowd-sourcing platforms have simply cut them off from receiving help. Youtube has removed them countless times, often without warning or reason. Facebook removed them, further decreasing their ability to reach people. Patreon was a method for receiving monthly donations and they removed their account without warning. Buymeacoffee, another crowdsourcing platform, has become increasingly difficult to use and seems to throttle subscribers. And there have been other examples of censorship which have made it increasingly difficult to maintain funding for the sanctuary.

And then on top of that, their daughter Sionade is currently in a legal custody battle of her 2 year old son, Dante, with an abusive ex and his family who ilegally broke in to her house, physically assaulted her and kidnapped the child. Sionade didn't see Dante for 77 days... And by the grace of God, he was returned. But the ex family has ties to the local corrupt judicial system. So they are having to move to higher courts in Mexico City where corruption is less common, but costs are much higher... Lawyers are not cheap... Charlie and Colleen are helping with all of this. To see her full testimony of what transpired, see here:


So as a way to thank them for all the selfless work they've done, in all the work they do both online caring for all of us, physically caring for these creatures in their home, and fighting for justice in their community please consider making a contribution. If most of their supporters opted to do just $5/month, less than any subscription service out there, it would help alleviate any concerns with raising funds each month. We are very grateful for this platform for providing a space without censorship, but there are still fees associated with using it. So if possible, please donate directly to them to avoid fees. If you'd prefer to use this site instead or don't have paypal, that is no problem and you can donate here.


And here is a video to show the sanctuary. Please note this video is 2 years old at this point, so some of the details portrayed are no longer accurate.