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My name is Rachel Shira Donsky and my Artist name is Shira Notes. I am an emerging Music Artist and World Spiritual Teacher. I currently have two singles out, ("Blue" and "Something Beautiful")  and am about to release a third called, "Make it out Alive." I am a single woman living with a chronic illness. After a long battle I got on disability in 2019. The money they give me to live on is over $1000 short of what my monthly expenses are. To be more specific, I receive $1300 month and spend around $2400 month, while paying only $600 for rent. Most of my money goes towards healthy eating, natural medicine, transportation and my business expenses.


I am asking for help with my monthly expenses and business costs. I do not drive due to a motion sensitivity which I developed in college. I have hired a personal driver this past year because I cannot wear a mask on other transportation and was denied help from the MTS Access Program after an appeal in 2019. Regardless, my transportation expenses are now almost $500 a month if I want to get out four times a week. Crazy right? By get out I mean to run meetup groups, doctors, groceries and work at the beach.


I developed a chronic cough around age 5 and have been through the worst nightmares you can imagine; coughing up nasty mucus, unable to breathe, and feeling suicidal for what was years on end. My story is different and unique. I came out to San Diego seeking to heal myself and others in 2015. I studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University for 1.5 years and was placed on a medical leave. I had become so run down from attending school full-time that my mother had to come visit and hire someone to take care of me in my apartment. At that time, I decided to look for a music partner to make better recordings of my music. I lucked out and coming out to California from the East Coast proved worth it.


The story of my health is complex; I used to be a Research Technician at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. After six years, I decided to work in a diagnostics laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. Not even a year into the job, I developed bilateral tendinitis in my wrists. It was awful. To this day I still suffer from this injury and have spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands to try to heal my wrists. Being a musician, I am now limited to how long I can play my guitar or piano. Aside from this and my chronic cough, I have had immune problems, chronic fatigue and depression my entire adult life. In my early 30's I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and an Immunodeficiency. If I work full-time I feel rundown. When I used to work full-time in Boston I was out sick once a month on average with a sinus infection. My heavy use of antibiotics caused a lot of damage to my gut, so in my late 20's I turned to natural medicine. The journey I have been on has been full of tears and fighting hard to survive. My health protocol and diet are very expensive to say the least. I have to put my health first every day and if I don't I become more sick.


I started my own record label in 2014. I did not release my first single until 2017. I thought I would become rich right away, due to my naïve education in the music business. It has been very challenging. I spent as much money as I could on promotion of my two singles. I used my disability back pay to start recording my third single, "Make it out Alive," in 2020. I also used this money to pay for the production of, "Something Beautiful." This disability back pay is the money I live on and depend on to pay my bills, however it is running out by the month. Along with my musical talent, I have a huge healing program to work on which I started developing in 2016. I need to hire researchers, writers, editors and publishers to help me put all of these writings together. This spiritually based healing program includes a workbook which I have been using to heal myself of negativity, fear and depression. As well, I am developing a T-shirt business to try to make some quick cash.  


For more about me please see my website:


Thank you and God Bless You!


Any donations will go toward the following:


1. Food

2. Medical Expenses

3. Music Production and Promotion

4. Music Video Production for my new single


6. Hired help with my healing program

7. Transportation expenses

8. T-shirt costs













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