My name is Rachel Shira Donsky and my Artist name is Shira Notes. I am an emerging Music Artist and Spiritual Writer/Psychologist and ultimately Teacher of God’s Divine Love and Truth. I currently have three singles out, "Blue," "Something Beautiful" and "Make It Out Alive," and a full album of songs to record. All of my creative work is part of my mission in this lifetime to bring a higher level of consciousness to those who are ready to do the work; in other words, the “Second Coming,” is the coming of God’s Divine Love and Truth within your conscious awareness. I am here to facilitate this process of healing and growth for the long term.

 I am a single woman living with more than one chronic illness. After a long battle I got on disability finally in 2019, although I should have applied in 2013 after enduring a tendonitis injury in both wrists from working in the laboratory for too long. The story of my health is complex; I developed a chronic cough around age 5 and have been through the worst nightmares you can imagine: coughing up nasty mucus, being stigmatized, severe breathing problems, and feeling suicidal for what was years on end. I didn’t receive a proper diagnosis of my illness until I was 31 years old.

I have already spent thousands of dollars trying to heal my cough and wrist problems, and had to declare bankruptcy several years ago.  Being a musician, I am now limited to how long I can play my guitar or piano and sing, which excludes me from being able to play with a band that has to play for hours straight.  

My story is different and unique. I came out to San Diego seeking to heal myself and others in 2015. I studied Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University for 1.5 years and was placed on a mandatory medical leave. Along with my health plummeting, I underwent a huge spiritual awakening in 2016 which changed my life and goals almost entirely.

            With the help of my Father Ralph, I started my own record label in 2014. I did not release my first single until 2017. I thought I would become rich right away, due to my naïve education in the music business. Instead, it has been very challenging. I spent as much money as I could on the promotion of my two singles and I used my disability back pay to start recording my third single, "Make it out Alive," in August of 2020. This disability back pay is the money I live on and depend on to pay my bills, however it is running out by the month.

Along with my musical talent, I am working to finish my, “New Earth Healing Program,” which is a two part book which teaches the mastery of thoughts and emotions, including a workbook. I will need to hire an editor for both this book and another shorter spiritual quotes book which I want to finish soon.

            I am asking for help with my monthly medical expenses and am also raising money to record my next single, “Rebel Queen.” I do not drive due to a motion sensitivity which I developed in college. I take Lyft which adds up to $400 or more per month. I am also on food stamps, thank God. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated as it is God’s will and plan for me to be successful. Thank you.  

For more about me please see my website:  

Any donations will go toward the following:


1.     Medical Expenses

2.     Business Expenses including but not limited to: Music production and promotion, advertising my healing program, merchandise.