Hermon Maine School District is suing me, Shawn McBreairty, a national Educational Freedom and First Amendment Advocate for exposing the hyper-sexualization of minors within this Maine public K-12 school and this is just some of my story during this calling:

Mallory Cook, who was a 9th grade english teacher in Hermon who we exposed, had participated in an anti-Trump video in the fall of 2020 from the Hermon school classroom for Bernie Sanders and the Maine People’s Alliance, breaking several school policies.

She was a member of the Maine Teachers Union (MEA) and now works for them! Her prior tweets, @TeachMaine were protected, thus "secret." She has deleted her account due to her exposure.

She was the paid, faculty advisor for the Gay Sexuality Alliance (GSA) in the Hermon High School.

Soccer, band, chorus, or sex talk after school? You decide kids. But the parents didn't know!?

Their suit claims that they are providing a “free, appropriate public education,” even though 65% of Hermon HS students are below, or well below the State guidelines in math. 

Also property taxes and state taxes are not “free.” 70% of the property taxes collected in Hermon go to the school district. It's not free, nor appropriate!

They claim I’m; hazing her, bullying, stalking, harassing, that I’ve recklessly endangered her mental and physical health, she’s so fearful of my words, that her classroom had to be "relocated," she allegedly missed work and allegedly had to see a counselor due to emotional distress, etc. It's all BS "victimhood," because they can't defend the Truth.

They just want to silence me. The legal arm of the MEA and MDOE, bullies DrummondWoodsum have taken this case on pro-bono, to try and use me as an example. We are up against almost unlimited money fighting against all our First Amendment rights for our opinions, redress of grievances and Free Speech.

They also claim I, “oppose rights for transgender individuals & racial equality…”

That is absolutely not true, I've never spoken out about someone else's sexuality, skin color, religion, etc. It's all about exposing what is happening inside the brick walls of these schools.

I say all the time, we are all equal under God and the law.

The fact is, they want to muzzle me and bring my family to financial ruin.

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The Town of Hermon, ME was unaware of the suit, even though they pay the bills, before our press release.

If you are not able to stand up on your own, or stand beside us, please stand behind us as we are fighting against almost unlimited financial resources from the woke community.

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Ps - I'll accept any prayers you wish to send my way!