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Help the Moorhead family

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Ken Viehmann is organizing this fundraiser.

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Ken Viehmann Fircrest, WA

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Shaun Moorhead is a family man, a man of God and an awesome "Helper" extraodinaire. He is a gifted Electrician and the guy you want around you when you have work to do. He is a friend.  I can't remember a time when Shaun wasn't part of the youth group leadership at church, and driving a herd of teens to youth camp to spend a week there being a leader and mentor. He and Jennifer have been married 19 years and have an incredible16 year old son, Cameron. Shaun has been fighting health issues for years, but you'd never know it. He is a regular at church and always willing and available to help a friend with remodel projects (He'll even help someone he has never met). Shaun has been on a transplant list for a few years. On June 4th he went to the hospital with sepsis, and was soon diagnosed with endocarditis (infection in the heart valves), which led him to needing open heart surgery to replace 1 heart valve and repair another. During his extensive hospital stay, he has also been suffering from seizure like activity in his brain, and has had multiple strokes.  Althoug the surgery went well, Shaun's recovery has been complicated by several setbacks.  On top of already having suffered from 2 strokes before going into surgery, Shaun went into cardiac arrest on July 6th, and needed 2 rounds (4 minutes) of CPR along with other medical interventions in order to resuscitate him.  He was in an induced coma for several days, and remained in a comatose state and on a ventilator for a week.  During the cardia arrest, Shaun had a 3rd and more damaging stroke that has made him unable to talk or walk, is not very responsive, and there is a question about what his physical and cognitive function will be. These events have affected Shaun's progress to the point he will need extensive rehabilitation after he is released from the hospital. Shaun's recovery will be on-going, with an unpredictable outcome.  We serve a big God, and are hopefull for his future.  He is being prayed for daily by hundreds of people; as he is laying in a hospital bed. Jenn tries to arrange for someone to call nightly and will hold the phone up to Shaun's ear as people pray for his healing. He is mostly unconscious at this point, but will respond to voices occasionally. Shaun's recovery will take time, maybe years. He is only 46 years old.
Jennifer is a business owner and has been trying to balance the responsibility to her customers and also being present with Shaun and Cameron. Your donations will allow her to stay fully focused on  her husband and child as they go through this incredibly difficult time. Your practical help would replace income she would normally receive from her business and defray the massive medical expenses that are not covered by insurance. It would help to relieve the stress and burden of worrying about finances, and allow the family to focus on Shaun's needs for recovery.  We all are walking through this with the Moorheads. Would you consider joining this campaign and making a donation to help?   


2020-07-25 05:28:31

Pleading for Gods’s mercy and healing!


2020-07-25 05:33:46

Praying for you all!

Shirley Congdon

2020-07-25 14:57:48

Love to you all.


2020-07-25 15:12:03

This reminds me of the movie called "It's a Wonderful Life". Where George spent his life helping others, and then when in need himself, others showed up to help him. Shaun is a bit like George. We are so happy to help!

Alex Powell and family

2020-07-25 15:29:06

Prayers for Sean and whole family! Sean was a big part of Alex’s growing up at Oasis.

Christy (Rebel) Gatewood

2020-07-25 16:56:28

I've been praying for your family daily. Although it's been a long time since I've seen him, I always think of Shaun as a good guy who was always up for helping his friends, always laughing and being a goof ball, and loves his family immensely.


2020-07-25 23:43:44

We love you all.❤️

Bratton Family

2020-07-26 00:32:52

Continued Prayers ?♥️

Stark Family

2020-07-26 01:07:36

You all are in our thoughts and prayers. ❤


2020-07-26 03:30:50

I will be actively praying for your sweet family. We do serve a big God, indeed. He is able.

The Knickerbocker’s

2020-07-26 19:31:06

You guys are continually in our prayers & we are here for you all at anytime.

Carey family

2020-07-26 20:59:27

Sending prayers


2020-07-26 22:07:01


Lora & Jim Davis

2020-07-27 01:03:53

sending prayers for Shaun and all of the family.


2020-07-27 02:11:53

I pray for total healing in Jesus' Name, AMEN!


2020-07-27 07:26:12

Prayers for healing.

Jen Stevens

2020-07-27 15:00:03

We continue to pray. God is in charge. He's full of mercy and healing. May his will be done. Romans 8: 18 15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father. (we cry out together with you) 16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: 17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God...if it so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.❤

A/C Electrical

2020-07-27 19:49:53

Shaun was our #1Employee when this company started. Helped us get going. He and his family are like family to us. Praying continuous for him.??❤️

Brad, Amy & Abby

2020-07-28 16:01:15

Continuing our prayers for Shaun’s recovery and strength and comfort fir Jen, Cameron, Gerri, Rich and Jamie. We love you

The Lee’s

2020-07-28 19:11:58



2020-07-28 20:22:53

My thoughts are with you all.

The Mills Family

2020-07-30 15:26:10

We are lifting you guys up in prayers ?

Diane & Dave

2020-07-30 23:50:50

Jennifer, you are one of the strongest women I know. You always keep a positive light during the darkest adversity. We are keeping you in our thoughts, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your family.

silvia washington

2020-08-01 15:11:39

I know its not much I hope he gets better soon <3

Rich & Sandy Aanderud

2020-08-01 16:38:53

Hugs and blessings and prayers for your whole family.

Anissa, Dan, Kayla, & Kaile Morris

2020-08-01 17:04:22

We know it isn't much, but we hope this little bit helps you mentally and physically. You are all in our thoughts daily. We love you. Xoxo

Melissa Kocis

2020-08-02 02:01:29

My prayers are with you and your family.


2020-08-02 20:57:11

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you with His peace and strength during this time.

Lewis Family

2020-08-02 22:23:41

Praying continually for you! We love you both so much!

Lewis Family

2020-08-02 22:53:20

Praying for mercy and healing! We love you guys!

Karen Canary

2020-08-05 01:43:33

Praying for Shaun and all the family!

Cal Edmison

2020-08-07 03:00:18

Praying for Shaun’s recovery, he helped me when I needed help, and I’ll never forget that. He is an awesome person.


2020-08-23 19:11:17

Hugs & love to you all


2020-09-01 03:25:12

Praying for a full recovery.

Sarah Silverstein

2020-09-04 13:44:52

praying for you guys!!

Joe & Cheryl Guizzetti

2020-09-17 04:02:45

Our prayers are with you🙏

John and Karen Streich

2020-09-19 01:17:07

Sending prayers that he will be healed

Lee Smith

2020-09-26 00:36:02

We love you Shaun. Stay strong!


2020-09-27 23:16:28

Praying for you Shaun and your family. Get well!

South King Fire guy

2020-10-07 02:56:58

Hoping that Shaun and family get through this difficult time. Take care.

Alex Charoni

2020-10-07 19:04:27

God bless you my friend

ed rickert

2020-10-09 19:23:01

We are thinking of you and your family during your fight to recover, and we are amazed by your strength. Keep fighting!

Ross Anderson

2020-10-16 18:36:23

Stay strong Shaun. You and your family will be in my prayers!

Ryan Herrera

2020-10-18 16:08:52

Shaun, My thoughts are with you and you’re family. Keep fighting buddy!

Update #2 Back to TG :(
September 27, 2020, 5:58 pm
facebook twitter

Thank you all for your continued care and concern for Shaun and our family. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago Shaun took another turn for the worse. He is now back at Tacoma General where he underwent an emergency Thoracotomy surgery to remove blood matter and fluid from around his right lung, which caused it to collapse and was pushing into the left side of his chest cavity. The surgery went well, and they were able to reinflate his right lung, but he is still struggling with recovery. His blood and iron levels are severely low, and he has already had 4 blood transfusions in the past 3 1/2 weeks. He's had a fever and high white blood count for the last 4 days, and there is suspicion of seizure activity. He is still accumulating some fluid around his right lung, but the hope is that is will eventually be reabsorbed by the body and won't need any further medical intervention. This setback has been such a disappointment, after he worked so hard kicking butt and getting stronger at rehab. Our hope is that the infection will get figured out and treated, his blood and iron levels will stabilize, the EEG will show no sign of seizures, and he can get medically stable enough to get back to rehab. He was very emotional last weekend, and was able to see our son, after 16 weeks of being apart. These past few days he's been pretty out of sorts and not very responsive. He's been in the hospital for 115 days so far, and if everything goes well, and he gets back to rehab, he'll have at least on other 30 plus days ahead of him along with ongoing rehabilitation after he gets home. We are continually being advised to look for a long term care facility (nursing home) for him, and are maintaining the decision of his family and myself that a nursing home is not an option and we will figure out how to care for him at home if need be. I don't think the doctors know just how resilient Shaun is! Again, your support and prayers are greatly appreciated and felt by each member of our family and we send heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to you all. 

Shaun's Birthday!
August 31, 2020, 3:02 pm
facebook twitter

Thank you all for your generous support, thoughts and prayers. Shaun was able to see another birthday on August 30th and turned 47!  I believe he is here in part to the massive prayers that are flooding heaven on his behalf.  Shaun was able to make it to the Inpatient Rehabilitation Center a little over a week ago.  He is already showing slow and steady progress!  He is battling severe exhaustion, but they have changed his nutrition forumula (given through a feeding tube), and are giving stimulant medications to try to help with that.  He is haveing a very difficult time with speaking, and is having a swallow study done today, which willl tell the Speech therapist many things, but most imprtantly if the things he is swallowing are going down the right was, or if they are being aspirated into the lungs.  They are also trying to get a consult with an ENT in order to see if the vocal cords were damaged while intubated, or if he is having a connection issue between the brain and the vocal cords, and/or the muscles used in speech.  Unfortunatly, he is also battling another infection, which is being treated with antibiotics.  Hopefully that will be taken care of quickly, and progress will continue to move forward!  Again, I thank everyone for their prayers and support.  At this time, discharge is set for October 3rd, but that can change in either direction.  I suspect we may still need some in home nursing or therapy support at that time, but we are all very anxious to get him home where he belongs!

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Campaign Created by:
Ken Viehmann Fircrest, WA

$23,038 of $30,000

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Shaun, My thoughts are with you and you’re family. Keep fighting buddy!

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Stay strong Shaun. You and your family will be in my prayers!

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