Shane Jenkins' Legal Fees

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Goal : $100,000

Raised : $5,645

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Shane Jenkins went to the U. S. Capitol in Washington, D. C., on January 6, 2021, to peacefully protest what he believes to be election fraud. He is currently being held in the D. C. Department of Corrections without bond and no trial date in sight. Clearly he is a political prisoner. 

The court appointed public defender holds political beliefs contrary to Shane's,  and she is not representing Mr. Jenkins with her client's best interests at heart. 

As a dedicated follower of Christ, Shane is humbly asking for your donation to help support his search for proper legal representation and his other financial responsibilities at home. 

Thank you for your prayers and heartfelt consideration. May God bless you all and the United States of America. 

If you would like to contact Shane or verify his status, his DC DOC # is 377186. 


Day 223 in Prison
October 14, 2021
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Today is Shane's 223rd day in prison. In the last few weeks, he had me order Bibles for his fellow inmates. He is participating in a Bible study every night. He says it refreshes him. He knows he needs it. Last week, after paying child support, Shane was down to his last $200. I told Shane that and about an hour later, someone donated $1000! We were both blown away by God's provision! Shane said, "I really don't deserve Papa's love it seems like sometimes, but I know He says I do. It's crazy." Thank you so much, all of you, for your donations. Shane has another hearing coming up November 16th. A new lawyer has joined his team, and Shane is really excited about that! He seems like he is ready to fight. That's what Shane has been waiting for! Please pray for protection around Shane and the other inmates. The guards are still treating them horribly. Some people are being denied medical attention that they desperately need. Please continue to pray for freedom! Thank you!

Day 205 of Shane in prison!
September 26, 2021
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Ladies and gentlemen, 
Today is day 205 of Shane being in prison. He will have his next court appearance in November. Please pray for Shane and his fellow inmates. The guards and people in charge are now trying to starve the guys. The food lately has been the most random junk. Yesterday dinner was two eggs, four bread slices, dressing packs, plain pasta, and  four cookies! Please continue to pray that they would all be released soon! Thank you for all the support and prayer thus far. Shane is always so humbled by your kind words and love. Thank you, Ann

Day 192 of unlawful imprisonment!
September 13, 2021
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Today is day 192 of Shane's imprisonment. Shane's lawyer is back!!! He is alive and well and ready to fight! Shane has a court appearance on Thursday, September 16th, at 11:00 AM eastern time. They will be asking for bond. Please pray for the lawyer and Shane, that they would fight! Please pray that the truth will come out in everyone's case! Please pray for the judge's heart, that he would allow Shane to come home and fight this from the outside. The last few weeks have been hard. Tensions are high in the prison, only made worse by some of the guards trying to instigate arguments and fights. Please pray for a hedge of protection around Shane's mind, body, and spirit! Thank you so much for your donations. With your donations, Shane has been able to pay child support and to help others in prison. Shane always says how humbled he is by your love and donations! If you are interested, research news sources that report the truth. Information has been revealed about one of the deaths at the Capitol. Many people don't understand what Shane and his brothers are fighting for. Thank you! 

Day 175 as a political prisoner
August 27, 2021
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Wednesday Shane had a bond hearing. His lawyer was unable to attend due to extenuating circumstances. Shane has a new hearing date, Thursday, September 2nd. The judge seems to be sympathetic. He is fed up with the prosecution's delaying tactics. The judge is the one who rescheduled the court date for 1 week later instead of what the prosecution wanted. Shane's lawyer will likely be absent again for this date. His collegue will be filling in, we hope. She is supposed to be good. Please pray that she shows up, that they have filed all the proper paperwork to represent Shane. Please pray for the judge, that he would be sympathetic to Shane's plight, that he would want to see justice prevail. This week has been hard on Shane and other prisoners and their families. As this drags on, I think people are just tired. Please pray for strenght. Thank you so much to those who have prayed and donated. It means so much to Shane!  

Please pray!
August 23, 2021
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Shane has a court date Wednesday, August 25th. This is a bond hearing. Please pray that Shane will get released on bond. Pray for grace and mercy. Thank you so much to all of you for donations and prayers. Shane is so humbled by all your love!

Please pray!
August 23, 2021
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Shane has a court date Wednesday, August 25th. This is a bond hearing. Please pray that Shane will get released on bond. Pray for grace and mercy. Thank you so much to all of you for donations and prayers. Shane is so humbled by all your love!

Looking for the Krahn family!
August 16, 2021
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Shane was so excited to hear from the Krahn family. He would like to be able to talk to you. If you would like to talk to him, please email me on here. Thank you!

Day 163
August 15, 2021
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Today marks 163 days of Shane's lockup. He wanted me to thank everyone for their help. Because of your help, he was able to pay for his daughter's support and his son's medicine. Shane was denied bail, as the judge viewed him as a threat to society. Those of you who know Shane know that couldn't be further from the truth. Shane always tries to help whoever he can in whatever way he can. Twice in a month I've lost people in my family, and Shane has prayed for my family and had other members of his group in prison pray for my family, too. Even though Shane is in a horrible situation, he always has words of encouragement for me. Shane is a good friend to all his friends. He needs help right now to pay for his legal fees and his other personal responsibilities. Thank you for all your prayers and donations. It is appreciated beyond words. I share all your comments with Shane. He is always humbled by the outpouring of love. Thank you!!! 

144 days in prison with no bond hearing!
July 28, 2021
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Thank you so much to those of you who have contributed to Shane's defense fund. He really appreciates you! As of today, Shane has been in the detention center in Washington, D.C. for 144 days. Most of his days are spent in his one-person cell. Shane has not had a bond hearing! He has not been able to have a hair cut or visitors. Shane has retained another attorney. Things are moving VERY slowly. Please pray for Shane and his fellow prisoners. Every little bit helps. Thank you!


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