My name is Shad Budge. I am a neuroethicist and human rights advocate residing in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. I would like to stress that I am not an average homeless person. I don’t spend my days strolling around town with a shopping cart. I'm just a man who lost his job and was evicted from his rental suite. I do still have my vehicle, which I live out of and sleep in. Furthermore, I have spent copious amounts of time over the last couple of years attempting to enact neuro-specific human rights into Canadian legislation. During which, I have acquired the support of half a dozen current Members of Parliament. We desperately need some absolute human rights, which cannot be restricted or suspended for any reason, even during a declared state of emergency.

My main goal is to raise enough funds to pursue litigation against a local library and gym for wrongfully terminating my ability to utilize their services due to my doctor-issued medical exemption from wearing face coverings. Those discriminatory actions have had severe consequences, like reducing my ability to shower from once a day, down to once a month, among many other issues. I did call the Police for help on the library case. When they arrived, they stated: “there is no such thing as a mask exemption” and “if you are not willing to wear a mask you are not welcome here”. I advised the officers that their statement was erroneous, and offered them a hardcopy of Ministerial Order 425 with the section on exemptions highlighted. The officers refused to view the order, and stated that they are not going to debate the existence of mask exemptions. 

The police officers continued on to declare that the Fraser Valley Regional Libraries are privately owned and have the right to refuse me service. They informed me that I am not allowed inside the libraries unless I wore a face covering, and if I entered the libraries without a face covering, I could be subject to arrest. This was a very damaging blow, as public libraries are tantamount to a sanctuary for homeless people (temporary shelter, electricity, washrooms, etc). My secondary goals include lobbying to enact neuro-specific human rights into legislation, as well as criminalizing discrimination.

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