I recently lost my emotional support dog to diabetes. King was my world, bestfriend, and companion. I got king when he was 6 weeks old to be my service animal for my military disability. As you may know I am 100% disabled from military service and was wrongfully persecuted for January 6th. I only live on fix income and by the grace of God. I created this campaign to ask for Godly people to help donate in support of helping me purchase a purebred Rottweiler and help cover the cost for the training as a service dog for my disability. From the bottom of my heart any support will be appreciated. I know my bestfriend King is running around in Heaven waiting for me to come home when God decides to call me. However, I know King does not want me on earth being lonely without that companionship. King was not just a dog to me. He was my world. King stood beside me when I was in the middle of a traumatic episode. The campaign for a service dog would be a miracle from God with all your support. 

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." - Matthew 5:4