I find myself in a situation of working hard and being knocked down over and over.  As a child my only prayer was to have stability.  It is the thing that is constantly attacked. I cannot control outside forces.  The saying that we work hard and everything works out has not been true in my case.  I have had unexpected injuries that I had no control over and were in the normal course of a day.  One example is being rear-ended while sitting at a stop sign behind another vehicle. I had just signed a contract to start a position.  The injuries prevented them from waiting for me to start.  I lost the opportunity.  I obtained a new opportunity but when I started they did not follow through on the hours agreed upon.  Instead the hours were much more with very little down time.  Due to the injuries I need that down time to regenerate and recoup.  They fired me "you can't do this job".  My job requires my physical ability and I am unfortunately left with a battle against continuous ups and downs with symptoms.  There is literally nothing I could have done differently.  I keep forging ahead and trying and will continue to do so.  But I realize I cannot do this alone.  I need your help.   

These situations have caused me to have to work in a physical job with injuries that limit my ability to be as productive as necessary.  I don't have a story of doing it all wrong.  I have a story of fighting to do it right. 

I need help. I need a second chance. I am asking for donations to help meet my educational expenses and turn this situation around.  I need a second chance.  Please donate $10 or more if you are able.  God knows my heart and situation.  I am reaching out and asking that you hear my prayer.

No spiritual weapon formed against one of us shall prosper.