Israeli Soldiers Need Your Urgent Help!

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From: Tom Cooper ~ Please Read This First:

My son, Sean Cooper is a dual citizen with both the US and Israel. He is currently serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

On October 7th, 2023, an unprecedented attack by Hamas flooded over the southern border of Gaza and the greatest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust took place. Israel immediately called 350,000 troops and reservists to fight and defend the nation.

This massive call to duty caused a great strain on equipment and supplies. Consequently, the soldiers in Sean's unit (Approximately 100) Are using old worn out uniforms and equipment. Two of the most critical problems are they have no bulletproof vests, and they are in the north and winter will set in with snow and freezing temperatures in a couple of weeks, and they have no winter clothing or gear. 

Sean’s unit is on the front lines at the very most forward position facing live fire from the enemy. They need these vests immediately as well as winter clothing. 

Because of the deep connection to Israel and their patriotic nature, Jews all over the world are responding in this time of crisis. 'Never Again' resounds in the hearts and minds of Jews everywhere. They came home in massive numbers to stand against those who are dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish homeland, however they cannot be fully utilized until there is enough tactical equipment to allow them to join the fight.

We are working with the Army, and contacts within Israel to purchase and distribute top of the line Tactical Equipment that will enable each individual to fight their best.

All Money Collected will be Paid Directly to the Manufacturers and/or Suppliers. Please give as much as you can afford and pass this page to as many people that you know who support Israel. 

Sean’s Background:

When he was young, my wife Shelley and I moved with Sean and his sister Erin to Israel. My wife’s Jewish Heritage allowed us to make Aliyah (Become citizens according to the Law of Return) and we spent ten years living in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem.

We are also believers in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah, and indeed the Savior of All Mankind. We love both the U.S. and Israel as our homelands, and we will defend both with our words and deeds.

We moved back to the U.S. to take care of our elderly mothers, but Sean went back to Israel to fulfill his military obligations, not because he had to, but because of a sense of honor, and love for the people and the nation of Israel. He excelled out of a rare ability to push himself to meet any goal. He became a Commander in the Infantry and also served in an Elite Special Forces Unit.

During the entire time he served, his girlfriend Yolanda remained loyal, even visiting him in Israel. Rarely having the opportunity to even speak on the phone, she stood by him, waiting for his return, and completely supporting his decision to fulfill his service.

When he finished his service, he came back home to Colorado and built a career in construction. Just over a year ago he married Yolanda, the love of his life and was fortunate to also inherit her dog named Zadok, with whom he quickly became best friends.

Sean considers Yolanda as his co-commander, who is equally sacrificing in this effort and holding down the fort at home. Together they have placed God at the helm, as the source of their strength, without whom they could not sustain this effort. Like the Jewish tradition of the Challah, they together with the Lord are three strands intertwined and fighting this battle as one.

When the attack of October 7th took place, Sean immediately felt the obligation to his former unit and to the country to return and fight. After spending time in prayer, he felt God's urging to go. He bought a one-way ticket to Israel and gave notice at his job. Everything he has been saving to open his own business, he has given to his wife Yolanda to help her through. Please pray for God’s provision for her while Sean is in Israel. We don't know how long this war will last; speculation is six to twelve months.

Sean has a great desire to see the Jewish people in Israel awakened to the reality of who their Messiah really is. He has always spoken of God and Yeshua everywhere he goes, and that included when he was in the army previously. Today is no different. He is openly sharing the truth about Yeshua, and the soldiers around him are extremely interested. Sean has an incredible heart that makes him a King David like Warrior, and follower of God. He is a tremendous example of someone whose life is a testimony to his faith. Revered among his fellow soldiers, he is having a major impact for God and Israel.

During the last war with Lebanon, I (Tom, his father) spent the war embedded with the troops along the Lebanese border and brought them supplies. Sean wants to do this same thing for the soldiers today. You might say it's a family tradition. I can tell you supplies are often late in coming and in short supply during wartime deployments. This also gives Sean the opportunity to turn their minds towards their Creator, the God of Israel, and to see the believing community in a new light.

If you are Jewish, or a Jewish believer in Jesus, you already have a broken heart for this horrible attack on your people. If you are not Jewish but a believer in Jesus, you have been grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel. You pray to, and honor the Jewish Messiah, and you carry the Word of the God of Israel in your hands. The attack of October 7th wasn't just on some foreign people on the other side of an ocean. It was an attack on Your Family! Please help to bring light into darkness, and please Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, and the safety of Sean and all of the people of Israel.

Please share this campaign with those whom you believe would want to be part of what God is doing through Sean at this time.

For Sean, Yolanda, Zadok, and All of Israel

May God Bless You

Tom Cooper


If you would like to donate to help Sean’s wife Yolanda while Sean is away, please donate a separate amount and make a note of it and we will make sure that money goes to her. Thank You and God Bless.


The Terrorist Tunnels Under Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza Hamas Sympathizers Tell You Don't Exist.
November 23, 2023
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Click Here to take a 15 minute tour through the tunnels under Al Shifa Hospital.
Don't worry, there is nothing gory, just a look at the tunnels many people claim do not exist and how the terrorist network works underground using humans as shields.

Update #3
November 19, 2023
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Again, I can't share Sean's location or mission, but I will say that his unit is being stretched to their full capacity as highly trained front line warriors, tasked with keeping the enemy losing ground and not gaining it. 

The good news is that some ceramic plates have made it to the soldiers making them safer, however not everyone is outfitted yet, and some winter clothing is making its way to the front as well. They are still working on new helmets and boots and other pieces critical to their mission. The money being raised here is being pooled with other fund raising going on in Israel and being used carefully with the approval of the IDF to ensure the equipment being procured meets military standards so the troops are truly protected. 

We would love to say this is all over and everyone is going home now, but honestly there is no way to predict how much longer this will take. In some ways Israel has shocked the enemy and the world with how overwhelming their military prowess has been. Many miscalculated thinking Israel had not been tested in a long time and was not prepared to wage war. They were clearly wrong.

There is however many very determined haters of the Jewish People, and that translates into enemies of God Himself. However the Lord has made his outcome known:

"At that day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel."

The word of the Lord is true, and even when the enemy imagines a vain thing, they will not prosper, but be brought low. 

You are living in perhaps the most amazing time in history, and you have the unique opportunity to show yourself as a Friend of God. Take this once in a life opportunity to be a part of the defense of Israel and donate, share, and pray.

Thank you and God Bless



Thank you videos coming soon...

Update #2
November 11, 2023
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We want to thank everyone who has given so generously. Please share this with everyone you know who loves and supports Israel.The battle is far from over.

Praise God Israel is having so many victories. However, you must also know that while some equipment has trickled in, there are still many soldiers the vests haven't reached yet. There are also so many other needs as well such as modern helmets, boots, winter clothing, night vision goggles and so much more.

Many ministries are not donating because they feel they can't provide help directly to soldiers without seeming to be one sided to their doners. That's fine, we know they can help in many other ways. However, we are appealing to people who are not constrained by what a board may think and are motivated by what their hearts are telling them to do.

We are praying for an upsurge in donations from people who are hearing from God to get involved in helping the soldiers and families putting themselves on the line for the defense of Israel.We have had some very generous donation but we ask for people who can give $5, $20, $40, $100 not to feel that doesn't matter. Every dollar matters, every prayer matters, and every partner in defending Israel and ultimately, like David did when he faced Goliath, the Glory of Our God, matters!

This fight isn't just something that was a news story and faded away. Israel is fighting for its very existence, and we know the Lord is going to win this battle. Our hope is that you will share in this victory. Not only financially, but in prayer, and sharing, and speaking out in support of Israel when others are condemning her.

As Believers in the Messiah of Israel, the demonstration of Love we show for Israel and the Jewish people is the demonstration of our love for the heart of God. We are one family, grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel. Their fight is our fight. Their heartbreak is our heartbreak, and their victory is our victory.

There is so much I would like to say and report but am not at liberty to share. Know this, an outpouring of Love and Support from Christians will have a great impact in witnessing to the Jewish people and Israel as a whole that Christians are people of their word, and that their love is genuine.

One last thing, this equipment will not be a one-time use and forgotten. It will be there ready for the next time troops are called up to defend their homes and families from this kind of evil. Next time they will be even better prepared in a moment’s notice.

Thank You and God Bless,

From Sean, his wife, his unit, and Sean's mother and sister, and myself


Heating Up in Both the South and the North
October 30, 2023
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While I can't tell you where Sean is or What Unit he is assigned to, I can tell you that he needs your prayers for protection and success. He is on the front lines facing an extremely dangerous enemy. 

We are going for days at a time without knowing if he is safe and healthy until we may get a brief communication. It is a very trying time as family but again deepens our trust and faith in God. 

Israel is fighting on two fronts, in the north along the borders of Lebanon and Syria, and in the south in the Gaza Strip.

Hezbollah in the north, is a very well trained and supplied enemy. Hamas in the south is a brutal and entrenched force with miles of underground tunnels.

Israel has started moving in on both fronts with the intention of taking the enemies power from them once and for all. This will take time and likely be marked with casualties that we hope will be kept to a minimum. 

If you would like to get moment by moment updates from Israel I would recommend downloading an app called Telegram and subscribing to Amir Tsarfati's channel. He is a Jewish Believer in Yeshua living in Northern Israel. He is updating regularly.

That is all for now. I will try and keep up with regular updates on Sean. 
Thank You and God Bless You.



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