If you’ve seen the groundbreaking movie, “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel, based on the true story about Tim Ballard's fight against child sex trafficking and the organization he started, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), you may have heard about the shocking explosion of human trafficking happening right now here in America. And now, you can help stop it with a donation to support this urgent cause.

Today, 85,000 children are missing from America's porous borders with countless victims being trafficked for sex and labor, at an average age of just 12 years old. HHS & DHS whistleblowers Tara Rodas and Aaron Stevenson have bravely exposed this crisis and have evidence showing that the US government is complicit, taking vulnerable migrant children from the border and flying and bussing them to unvetted sponsors around our country, including illegal immigrant gang members and child traffickers.

Shockingly, our country here in America is the number one consumer of children being trafficked for sex.

How do we stop this horrific situation and save these innocent kids from a life of modern-day slavery?    You can help with a donation today to support our mission to end this horrific practice in support of O.U.R. Rescue and GOUSA.

Please consider a donation today to stop child trafficking, save the victims, and secure our borders.

Grand Opportunity USA, or “GOUSA”, is a US nonprofit dedicated to exposing the truth about our government, holding our officials 100% accountable with the OppScore – including exposing their complicity in the crime of child trafficking.

 “Sound of Freedom” tells the shocking story of Tim Ballard and his heroic efforts to save innocent victims of child sex trafficking around the world through the nonprofit organization he started, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)

We at GOUSA in collaboration with O.U.R. have launched “Save the Kids and Secure the Border”, a national campaign to drive awareness and essential funding for this critical cause.

If you want to make a difference and get involved in the fight to secure our borders and end child trafficking, please consider supporting “Save the Kids and Secure the Border” with a donation today. For every dollar we raise, 50% will be sent to Operation Underground Railroad to support their critical mission, and the rest used by GOUSA for our essential mission to advance awareness of this crisis nationally and to prevent child trafficking, and to build the OppScore, the very first universal political credit rating app that voters need to be able to “hire and fire” their public officials. Think of the OppScore as the “Rotten Tomatoes” or “Yelp” of politics.

Please support our critical mission with a generous contribution today. Together we can save countless children from sex and labor trafficking and protect millions of Americans from the scourge of open borders. Thank you for your time, GO USA and God Bless.