Saving Our Family Business:
Rebuilding Loveland Lakeside Camp and Market

Our family business, Loveland Lakeside Camp and Market, (previously Little Toms Fish Camp) holds a special place in our hearts. Situated in Central Alabama, this historical fish camp and store have been a cherished landmark for years. However, the wear and tear of time have taken a toll on the property, and we are reaching out for help to revitalize this beloved establishment.

The Need for Help:
My mother, who inherited the fish camp and store, is facing a daunting challenge. The property is in desperate need of repairs and upgrades. From the roof of the store to the entire remodeling process, there is a long list of tasks awaiting attention. Additionally, we require business licenses, insurance, repairs to docks and boat ramp, electrical updates, plumbing additions, and the construction of small cabins. These essential improvements are crucial to breathe new life into our family business.

Our Story:
A decade ago, my mother and stepfather relocated from Florida to Alabama to manage the fish camp and store passed down through generations. Tragically, my stepfather passed away unexpectedly, leaving my mother to take on the responsibility of running the business. With no family in Alabama and limited business experience, my mother found herself struggling to keep the business afloat. Health issues, a car accident, and financial constraints further compounded her challenges.

My husband and I decided to put our lives on hold and came from Florida to step in and offer our assistance. Drawing on our combined expertise in business management and ownership, we are determined to help my mother turn the business around and secure a stable source of income. Despite facing setbacks such as my mother's injury and my employment situation (I lost my job by being up here), we remain steadfast in our commitment to rebuilding Loveland Lakeside Camp and Market.

Our Vision:
We have already taken the first steps towards revitalizing the business. By adjusting the lot rentals to reflect the fair market value, we aim to generate sustainable income. Our immediate goal is to reopen the store and food truck to provide a livelihood for ourselves and ensure the continuity of the business for generations to come.

Call to Action:
We are reaching out to you, our community and supporters, to join us in this journey. Your contributions will make a significant impact in helping us restore Loveland Lakeside Camp and Market to its former glory. Together with God by our side, we can preserve this cherished family business and create a thriving community hub for years to come.

Thank you for your support and belief in our vision.

Nickie & Brian @WykoffsAdventures

Note: This campaign story provides a brief overview of the challenges faced by our family business and the steps we are taking to rebuild and revitalize Loveland Lakeside Camp and Market. Please let me know if you would like further details or modifications to the story.