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Campaign Created by: Austin Estes for Amos Miller

The funds from this campaign will be received by Austin Estes.

Goal: USD $305,066
Raised: USD $ 58,466

Having a nutritious, dependable, and affordable food source is essential to your health and wellbeing, especially these days when farms and our food supply are under constant attack.

Miller's Organic Farm is a private membership family-run Amish Farm with membership open to anyone across the country who’s looking for real, truly-organic, nutrient dense, chemical and cruelty-free, traditional Amish foods.

Unfortunately, the federal government has been fervently coming after Amos Miller (the farmer) for the last six years, and since spring of 2021 they’ve significantly ramped up their efforts to shut him down, even recently going so far as to send armed federal agents to his farm, all because Amos doesn’t want to adulterate his food with the chemicals the government requires on all meat processed in USDA licensed facilities (even those allowed by the USDA NOP “organic” standards), and because he believes that people should have the right to choose what animal organs they want to eat, not just the ones the government says they can.

Unlike conglomerate factory farms, Amos and the other neighboring Amish family farms all believe in taking care of the animals and making sure they live a healthy, happy, and stress-free life on the farm.

It’s not just Miller’s Organic Farm that’s at stake here; the feds have been targeting other small family farms throughout the county as well, and Amos’ farm supports many local Amish farmers and food artisans who provide traditional old-world foods to Amos’ members made with ingredients sourced from Miller’s Organic Farm and the numerous other small Amish Farms in the surrounding area.

Amos and everyone at the farm have been fighting the good fight for a long time – standing up for the rights of small family farms and the right for people to choose foods that haven’t been treated with the toxic chemicals our government is demanding he use – however, right now the federal court has Amos between a rock and a hard place. United States district judge, Edward G. Smith, has ordered that Amos must pay $305,065.72 in fines by September 29th or Amos faces being arrested and put into federal prison until this amount is paid in full.

The silver lining is that Amos and the USDA have come to a preliminary agreement (under protest) so he can at least start providing his members with fresh meat again beginning in October (if he’s not in prison). The Judge has also stated that after the court fees, US Marshals fees, and the USDA’s fees for their investigation against the farm have been deducted from the $305,065.72, the rest will be held in escrow and, at an undefined date, can be released back to the farm; as long as the agreement is upheld, the rest of the money can eventually go back to the farm. They can use the returned funds to upgrade their farm equipment the USDA will require in order for them to remain compliant, they may try to get a type of animal processing license themselves, and they can use the funds to continue fighting for a change in regulations for all small farms across the country. We need a separate set of regulations for farms like Amos’ that focus on holistic and sustainable animal and land husbandry.

We’re so close! We just need to keep Amos out of federal prison so that this new agreement can go through, and the farm can go back into full operation again providing his members with the truly-organic food we all depend on, and so Amos can continue fighting the good fight for all Family Farms and for everyone who wants to eat real food – the way God intended.

We’re asking for your help with the $305,065.72 Amos needs to keep the farm alive!

(All donations we receive beyond our goal will go directly to helping other small family farms in Amos' community that have experienced financial losses due to the same government overreach that Amos is fighting right now)

We welcome you to become a member and to learn more about Miller’s Organic Farm, and the neighboring truly-organic Amish family farms they work with, by going to their website: www.amosmillerorganicfarm.com

For more details surrounding the government’s attack on Amos Miller’s farm, please visit these websites below:

The Lancaster Patriot:

Organic Wellness:

On behalf of everyone at Miller’s Organic Farm, and all his members, we thank you for your support and prayers!

This campaign is to raise funds to help Amos pay his court fines and keep him out of prison. Miller’s Organic Farm has another Give Send Go campaign to raise funds to help pay for his legal counsel.


September 3, 2022
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Thank you all so much for the support and wonderful prayers. You are all truly amazing! 😊

Now, it seems that the accusations made against Amos Miller (the Farmer) in 2016, where the CDC insisted that his raw milk killed a Florida individual, has been popping up a lot lately. Because this seems to be their only go-to for why he should be regulated, let’s clear some things up in their less than honest attack against the farm and Amos.

Let’s start with some facts about Listeria.

The genus listeria is currently comprised of 17 species, only two of which are pathogenic, meaning that over 88% of all listeria species won’t even make you sick. Listeria is also ubiquitous, meaning it’s found everywhere and is on pretty much all foods; however, it won’t hurt you unless it's one of the two pathogenic species, and (this is important) if there’s a lot of it that’s found. And lastly, listeria has very specific DNA strains. Unless an exact match of the DNA is made between the listeria that’s found in someone who becomes ill and the food in question, the two cannot be connected.

Genetic sequencing IS an exact science, yet the strains allegedly found in the farm’s milk were only said to be "similar" – they were not a match – but the FDA used this information anyway, counting on public ignorance, to discredit Amos because his father had won a long battle legalizing raw milk in Pennsylvania. Was this payback? Who knows.... But Miller’s Organic Farm was, and still is, on their radar.

Continued in part 2

September 3, 2022
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Next, and this is the most important fact, the woman in question didn’t even die from listeria! Tragically, she died from stomach cancer. It was after her death that her family learned that she had listeria in her system. Her cancer was originally misdiagnosed and wasn’t treated on time, but once the FDA’s accusation of listeria came into play, the family was not able to sue the medical center for malpractice because of the contradictory diagnoses. The medical malpractice lawyers they consulted with said there was too much confusion around the situation to take on a legal case  – see a connection?

But know that her cause of death was absolutely listed as being from cancer, and not listeria. Her family even stated to the FDA that she hadn't been able to drink milk for some time prior her treatment, and they don't think they even had any raw milk in the house during this time anyway.

Sadly, because of intentional disinformation, the algorithms in search engines like google (and even duckduckgo) have blocked the links to the real and truthful investigation into this story, and the FDA and CDC have refused to update and correct their story. This is likely in an effort to scare the public against raw milk, even though there are nearly 2000 illnesses and 250 deaths EACH YEAR from listeria-contaminated foods produced from multinational conglomerates. Finding ANY deaths from raw milk appears to take some "redirection" of the facts.

Here are the facts from two journalists who investigated the story: https://www.davidgumpert.com/cdc-misconduct-raw-milk-death-victim-treated-advanced-cancer

Here's another article written by a lawyer who sums up the facts of the case: https://www.realmilk.com/bogus-accusations-raw-milk-caused-illness/

I hope this helps clarify things… Thank you all again! – Austin


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