Lucas "Rooster" Denney was arrested December 12, 2021 for protesting at the US Capital on January 6th.  He was denied his constitutional rights and held for 83 days without being taken before a judge to be presented with his charges. He was moved from state to state, jail to jail and denied his critical PTSD medication. Weeks and months went by when his family and friends did not know where he was located. After endless solitary confinements he finally succumbed to his tormentors and plead guilty to charges he is innocent of with the promise of being released to a prison close to home for just a few more months. Instead he was sentenced to 52 months in Florence Colorado which is a two day drive for his elderly parents. 

Prior to Luke's incarceration he had primary custody of his two teen children since they were toddlers.   And after his incarceration he lost his home, his vehicles and his two beloved dogs. 

Lucas is a Iraqi Army veteran who had never been in any legal trouble before going to peacefully protest the 2020 election results and support President Trump. He's a good man, loving father, son, brother and friend who has been irreparably harmed by our government. 

Please consider donating to Rooster to help with current commissary expenses, and money to help him rebuild his life from scratch when he is released.