"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice." ~ Montesquieu 
In recent months, it has become increasingly evident that the two-tiered judicial system has become weaponized against conservatives or any person unwilling to waiver to the ruling political class. Since Jan 6th, evidence of political persecution has been used by federal agencies. These examples range from assaulting mothers fighting in school boards, a father defending his sexually assaulted minor daughter, to those losing their means of providing for their families to unconstitutional health mandates.    In the United States, one of our most fundamental principles pertaining to the rule of law is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The United States of America is not a country that punishes political opponents using the criminal justice system. In fact, the very fabric of our fundamental rights is based on the premise of valiantly defending citizens’ freedom from such communistic tyranny.    While most Americans are quick to denounce any person associated with Jan 6th Capitol-related charges, every American is constitutionally presumed as innocent under the 5th amendment unless proven guilty. Every citizen has the right to a fair trial and zealous representation. However, for the individuals lawfully proven guilty of violent actions on Jan 6th, we denounce those egregious acts.     Evidence of horrendous treatment of those still being held as what any reasonable person can conclude as political prisoners have recently surfaced. These details include cruel and unusual punishment not fitting while any person is held under an unarbitrary amount of time. An Epoch Times article from Nov 13th, 2021, cited the inhumane treatment of prisoners still awaiting trial. Avis Buchanan was quoted describing the treatment as,    “The inhumane conditions have included long-term solitary confinement for people with no disciplinary issues, lack of running water, full illumination of cells for 24-hours per day resulting in sleep deprivation, cells soiled with feces and blood, lack of air conditioning during the summer, and heat during the winter, lack of proper medical care, failure to provide mental health treatment, and physical and mental abuse by correctional officers of people in their custody”.(https://www.theepochtimes.com/jan-6-defendants-taken-out-of-cells-on-stretchers-court-filing_4102264.html?slsuccess=1)     On Dec 14th, a person of interest related to the January 6th Capitol event, willingly turned himself in for questioning. Shortly afterwards, Luke was booked into a federal facility in South Texas. As a disabled combat veteran and single father of two young children, Luke does not have the financial means to cover the exorbitant legal retainer and additional legal fees in the amount of $10,000. Time is of the essence regarding the court docket schedule set to begin by the end of the week.    Luke risked his life, serving in combat zones at the behest of the American government and with the protection of the American people in mind. Before peacefully turning himself in, his last words to a friend were, “I did it all out of patriotism.” For the reasons previously mentioned, we are raising money so that Luke can obtain zealous counsel. A representation that would look out for his benefit with the hopes of a fair trial that every American citizen, particularly a combat veteran who sacrificed and risked so much for our nation, is rightfully entitled to. Thank you for your consideration. https://www.theepochtimes.com/jan-6-defendants-taken-out-of-cells-on-stretchers-court-filing_4102264.html?slsuccess=1 https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/cruel-and-unusual-punishment-court-filing-says-january-6-us-capitol-defendants-taken-out-of-cells-on-stretchers/ https://nypost.com/2021/10/13/virginia-dad-vilified-for-defending-daughter-shows-rot-at-heart-of-system-devine/