Help Stop Taxation Without Representation

We are trying to stop out-of-state corporate developers that are trying to bribe or entice local boards to give them permission to destroy over 12,000 acres of prime farmland by covering the land with solar panels.

The first phase of this takeover involves trying to get a town to approve construction of a solar project that is outside the Town’s Legal Corporate Limit.

The development of this project will:

• Set a precedent that could affect every American living outside the limits of a town or city;

• Risk the health of every resident within two miles, especially in the event of a fire, in addition to excessive EMF exposure;

• Cause erosion in or near flood zones;

• Devastate wildlife and potentially harm the habitat of bald eagles and protected bats;

• Destroy prime agricultural land;

• Harm local businesses;

• Devastate neighboring home values;

• Pollute our wells, ponds and river with chemicals and runoff;

• Destroy our country roads;

• Create fewer than four local jobs, while substantially losing even more agricultural jobs;

• Cause our electricity rates to increase; and

• Provide NO local power.

We are asking you to help us protect our legal rights by preventing a town from authorizing construction on property that is NOT within its legal jurisdiction. If this town is NOT stopped, it WILL have an effect on every rural resident in this country that chooses to live outside a town's corporate limits.

None of these funds raised will land in personal pockets. 100% of funds donated will go directly toward our effort to protect our town from the destruction of our natural resources and rural way of life from urban corporate profiteering by paying our legal fees for one of the state's top attorneys who is helping us fight against taxation without representation. Any funds remaining at the conclusion of our fight will be utilized to assist other communities facing the same situation.