Saving Adriana Grace

Campaign Created by: WILLIAM COUGHLIN

The funds from this campaign will be received by WILLIAM COUGHLIN.

Goal: USD $65,000
Raised: USD $ 52,846

Adriana Grace came into this world on October 26, 2020 in Kingsport Tennessee. She's a beautiful and inquisitive 22 month old, who means the world to her Gigi and Papi. Unfortunately, her parents are completely incapable, if not downright dangerous. Her birth father/donor she was born to is an abusive person, small minded, petty and viscous. He suffers from 'small man syndrome' (4'11-5ft only) and enjoys hurting smaller and weaker people, especially women and children. He's also someone who has previously lost custody of her older sister Kylie, as well as his child from a previous relationship. He has a slew of arrests for Domestic Violence, (8 arrests, one felony conviction) and her Mother, my step-daughter, Emily suffers from extremely well documented mental health issues from the age of 5 until present day, never mind that she's lazy, entitled and incapable of any sort of basic human decency. Needless to say, they should NOT be raising this child.

In October of 2021, Emily called my wife Gretchen and begged for help. BabyDaddy had assaulted her AGAIN, so Gretchen drove to Tennessee and assisted to get her out of ANOTHER Domestic Violence situation stemming from the father beating her AGAIN, and both Adriana and Emily came to live with me and my wife. We had hoped to assist Emily (Adriana's mom) in getting her head straight and becoming a functional, capable adult.

This was, mind you the SECOND Time that Emily had to be taken out of this same exact precarious situation. The first time was almost three years before, with her first born daughter Kylie Rose. This assault ended with him (same BabyDaddy) having a felony conviction for Domestic Violence and Assault. Emily's father Fred assisted her with leaving THAT situation, She fled the BabyDaddy with her Father, my Wife's Ex Husband Fred and began living with him and his new wife. (Gretchen and Fred's marriage BTW was completely and utterly destroyed by Emily and her horrible, unconscionable behavior) Eventually, due to her inability to do the 'right thing' she was arrested for theft while working at WalMart, and then she abandoned Kylie, and went back to the BabyDaddy in Tennessee. Subsequently, her other Grandpapa Fred and his new wife have taken Kylie in, gotten full permanent custody and are raising her with Gretchen and Me as co-parents, as at the time, Gretchen and I were not married.

Emily is the epitome of a entitled Millennial, and unfortunately this is reflected in her inability to make good judgement calls vis-a-vis raising her daughter. She is wholly incapable of maintaining a job, an apartment, nor paying her bills. To her it's "YOLO" 24-7 and damn whatever consequences. She seems to view her daughter as a 'prop' for her social media, and has no clue as to what TRUE motherhood involves. I for one REFUSE to allow Adriana to be caught up as collateral damage.

As time progressed, and due to her mental health, and her near-constant bad decision making, she reverted to form, at which point I was forced to have her evicted from my home, as she had totaled my truck. After the accident, rather than doing the right thing, she fled causing her to be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run, (6 months probation) and showed zero remorse. Coupled with having been fired/quit MULTIPLE Jobs while living with us, I was finally done with her HORRIBLE attitude and inherent laziness. At this time, she left Adriana in our custody and care, on a verbal basis as her Grandparents live in a deed restricted "no kids" community.

This worked for a period of time, up to a visitation that went tragically wrong. On 26 July, Emily went crazy... no rhyme, nor reason. It's only what I can consider a mental breakdown, and assaulted both her mother and Grandmother, who had taken her in when I evicted her. Adriana was on a weekend visit when this happened, and my wife Gretchen was in the process of picking up Adriana when everything went wrong. Long story short, my wife, in defense of her 82 year old mother, was arrested for assault and battery for beating Emily with a police baton. The police declined at the time to properly investigate the issue as to them, it was an open-and-shut case. However, as of this writing, her (Gretchen's) lawyer is in the process of making a motion to dismiss the case. It seems the State Prosecutor has not filed charges as of yet, and from what we understand is dis-inclined to do so, as information has come to light that Emily was the aggressor.

After this incident, again Emily still allowed me to take care of Adriana, as she was now forced to live in a Battered Woman's Homeless Shelter, as she had burned the final bridge with her family. She literally had -nothing- and since we had been providing a safe and comfortable home for Adriana, it was in Adriana's best interest for the verbal deal to keep going. However, what I didn't know was during this entire time though, it seems that she was STILL in contact with the BabyDaddy. On Wednesday 27 July, the Hillsborough County Sherriff's Deputies showed up at my door at 10:30pm demanding I turn Adriana over to her mother. As we only had a verbal agreement, I acquiesced. She was pulled screaming "Papi! Papi!" from my arms.

The next morning, 4 August Gretchen and I immediately filed paperwork for custody, as we felt that Adriana was in potential danger. We then on August 5th had to take the paperwork to the county Sherriff where she was residing (Lake County). We then over the weekend (Late Saturday afternoon, August 6th) from friends who were and are watching the situation, were informed that Emily YET AGAIN returned to the BabyDaddy in Tennessee (anyone seeing a pattern here?)

We raced to Kingsport Tennessee on Sunday.

As Hillsborough County felt that Adriana was NOT in 'operational immediate danger' they did a standard '20 days to respond' summons. Knowing full well that IF she had returned to the BabyDaddy, then my Granbaby was in absolute danger. On Monday Morning we got an emergency Custody Order that placed her back in our custody that day. When we recovered her, with the assistance of Kingsport PD, she was dirty, hungry and tired. She also, in the 4 days that she had been with them, was showing signs of being injured and having nightmares. Where before she was 'normal cuddly' she became absolutely clingy. She also had issues with self harm, where when we'd change a diaper, if she squirmed and we admonished her for squirming, she's start crying hysterically, pulling her hair and hitting herself. My neighbor who is a child speech pathologist with a minor in Child Psyche, said that's a sign that she was hurt/abused when being changed, as she hurts herself, rather than letting/having someone else do it to her. She also had bruising on her ankles, from what I can only guess is from her being violently held when putting the diaper on her. 

Now, when the 'incident' happened of Gretchen 'tuning up' Emily with the baton, the Department of Children's Services opened a case against us, or leastways an investigation as to IF Adriana was safe with us. The results of that case are a HUGE part of why the States Attorneys office is dis-inclined to file charges, as the overwhelming result from this is "We're investigating the wrong mother." This investigation spanned 4 counties, and 4 different investigators, and every single one stated the best place for Adriana is with us. So much so, that the Lead Investigator has stated she will testify in court, both here and in Tennessee on our behalf as to the absolute inability for Emily to be a mother. 

There is a few other things we discovered.
One of which during the initial hearing, Emily's on-the-spot urinalysis came back with trace elements of Marijuana and PCP. The Judge however said, essentially "Nah... it's only trace elements, so we'll call that a negative." 

Say What?

Yeah. THIS is the 'stuff' we're facing. I was told flat-out by the Guardian Ad Litem that we need a lawyer, hence why I'm here. I normally NEVER do things like this, but I've already sold what I can sell, and am having trouble with getting equity out of the house (blame the subprime mortgage disaster on this one here... too many banks and too many things to track down in a timely manner to get what I need), and I'm still coming up short. I need $7500+ to make sure I can do what needs to be done. If I get more, it'll be a pad to make sure we settle this once and for all.

Adriana, to them, is a 'prize'... a toy to be won, and once won, will be discarded and/or ignored, if not mistreated and/or hurt/killed during one of her BabyDaddys incomprehensible ragefests. In fact, case in point, the BabyDaddy sent me a mocking text message talking about how he 'won'... he just doesn't get it. This isn't a game. There are no winners.

To us, she's a precious and precocious lil goober who makes me smile, and that I love to love. 
Gretchen is brokenhearted at this whole thing. 

It's been a nightmare that won't end until we get her back to the safety of our family and house.

Please if you can assist Please do so. If you can't afford to donate, then please pray for us... hard.

We need all the help we can get.

Many Thanks

Billy, Gretchen and Adriana


Update #25 Doing Well
March 10, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
So, yesterday, per usual was -exhausting-.  Court has a way of burning out one's mind, body and soul I swear... the blood-sucking bureaucracy and minions who flourish in that Dantesque Circle tells me (and you) exactly the kind of 'things' we have to deal with...
So, this was a check in of sorts.
Making sure that all the players are playing nice.  I've been making sure to 'keep up appearances' with the Babydaddy, who, judging from our interactions yesterday revealed quite a bit of good intel.  One is he's had to move back in with the Cryptkeeper.  Good News/Bad News on that... he's stressed financially, and told us that in the very near future he'd like to discuss us taking Addy for a longer stretch as he and the Cryptkeeper are getting a mite worn out in dealing with a highly energetic almost three year old.
Works for me.
Then, we managed (by accident) to be handed a report from the CASA Team.  CASA standing for Court Appointed Special Advocate.  They've been the one's who have and hold the most 'sway' in the placement of Addy where she is.  The report (before they realized we were reading it) stated at the very top that "(sic)... The Cryptkeeper is NOT the best viable long-term guardian for the child..."
The finding went on from there, reaffirming everything that's still been going on, would continue to go on "...until such time as either parent has fulfilled the necessary requirements to reapply for full custody."

Methinks that ain't going to happen.  From the general mood and attitude is that they've all put all of their chips on the Babydaddy for the win... they're really hoping he gets his shytte together, but I've already seen the fraying starting... 
This's why it's a long game...
Let him melt down
Get him to beg us to take her
At this rate?  Won't be long now.
AFA Pitbull has a plan... we're sticking to it.  Even if it DOES require me having to continually hustle, beg and do whatever it takes to maintain this.  I couldn't do it without you or Gretchen, who's still working her butt off as well as Sapper and the rest of you who help.  You have our undying  gratitude.
So, it's almost spring...
I'll Leave it with this... it's very relatable to how I feel right now:

“Sitting quietly,
doing nothing,
Spring comes,
and the grass grows,
by itself.”

― Basho
With much Love
Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #24 Court in The Afternoon
March 9, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
Again, thank you for ALL the Prayers and Support.
Any of you who are the type to Pray, Give us a Few Extra Tomorrow.

"O St. Joseph whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the Throne of God, I place in you all my interests and desires. O St. Joseph do assist me by your powerful intercession and obtain for me from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord; so that having engaged here below your Heavenly power I may offer my Thanksgiving and Homage to the Loving of Fathers. O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you and Jesus asleep in your arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press him to my name and kiss His fine Head for me, and ask Him to return the Kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departing souls, pray for us. Amen"

I'll update after court.
With Much Love and Faith,
Our Eternal Thanks
Billy, Gretchen and Adriana  

Update #23 Another Great Weekend
March 1, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
We did a GREAT weekend with Addy, with the pictures linked HERE
We ended up doing the Gatlinburg Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokeys.  BIG tanks full of crazy fish and sharks.  and Yeah she's getting big.

She loved the fishies.

We even did the Glass-Bottom Boat Ride.

BTW: The Aquarium there? LOTS of sharks. Big Mothers. Reef, Basking, mostly non-super deadly ones, but Sharkz iz Sharkz as far as this Florida boy is concerned. Addy was bothered, although she was a bit weirded by the boat having a glass bottom as seen in the pics.
Once she saw the "Shaaaaakees Papi!!!" it was on like Donkey Kong.

There were other kids her age on the tour as well, so of course Addy sees the sharks and starts singing that Godforsaken "Baby Shark Song"

'...Do do doot doo!'

And of course all the other kids started singing it.

Debated on jumping into the water, but the sharks, for the most part probably would have left me alone dammit.

Anyways, she was in heaven. The shark would go under the boat, and then she'd clamber up on me or Gretchen to look over the side at it and keep on signing that song...  Overall, if it hadn't been 'a*******-to-elbow' packed, it would have been a perfect experience. Great displays, nice layout, impressive. 8 out of 10 in my book. They even had a tunnel that had a moving sidewalk that took you under the whole tank that we'd just floated over. Gretchen got this picture of me and Addy in the tunnel, (in the album) that she was looking up at a shark-from-below, cruising overhead.  

The innocent look of Wonder and OMG! on her face...
Best Foto of Her Ever IMO.
Me?  I'm sweating and smoked.  Because of the overcrowding I had to ruck-carry her over the crowd 80% of the time.  So I tossed her up on my shoulders so's she got a BCE-Topside view, which she purely loved. It's her favorite way for me to carry her. I know she's delighted 'cos she giggles to die for, and slaps me on the side of my head with joy. She doesn't realize that it's painful but hey, pain is fear leaving the body Aye?

Great Memories, a Great Day.
Again, we have what -might- be our last court date coming up on the 9th of March.  THEN we have another venue we have to do as well.  We're not out of the fight by far, and again thank EVERYONE for the support, prayers and assistance that's allowed us to continue fighting for her.
With Much Love and Pray
Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #22 Photos As Promised
February 13, 2023
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Hey Everyone
PLEASE let me know if this works
Link to pics of her from our weekend together are here.

We had a blast.  Roughest thing is having to hand her back to those cretins.  She purely melts down and hates them, and its bloody well apparent.  I literaly have to execise every. single. bit. of my ENORMOUS self control NOT to shoot them all.  Good on me Aye?

Please let me know if it works at

All the best and our thanks for all the support, prayer, and donations which are allowing us to 'fight the good fight'... My patience is wearing thin, but I strive to listen to the Lord, and Trust In Him.  Amen
Billy, Gretchen and Adriana

Update #21 Back and Running
February 11, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
Again extremely sorry for the late update.  Ended up getting some serious oral surgery that was highly unexpected.  The bad tooth was really bad and I ended up staying in Florida for an extra two weeks.  The issue of finding a dentist who was affordable (the insurance apparently is total crap and I was out-of-pocket far more than I expected) and I also ended up losing out on my return flight.  One of these guys wanted over 2K in 'overage' from what the Dental Plan was going to pay...2K OOP?  
The must be smoking the good stuff.
Now, on the Adriana Front, we've got her again for our second weekend with her.  Because of my surgery, we ended up missing a visitation, much to our sorrow.  Today however we got her, and she's getting bigger.  Even moreso than the last visit.  OtherGrans sent a HUUUUGE box of Kylie's clothing that she's outgrown (Gran#1) so we're covered there for quite a spell.  When we there, we got to see Kylie, which was cool.  She had her FIFTH B-Day!!!!   It's heartbreaking that Kylie keeps asking why we're not around more, and when we're coming home.  We avoid mentioning her "Sissy" as being 5, out of sight/out of mind. 
>Le Sigh<
It is what it is.  'cept we're really getting tired of the idiots.
Don't know if we mentioned it, but the first visit?  Adriana smells like, well, like poop.  Her Poop.  To the point we kept thinking she was dropping deuces all night.  Didn't occur to us that it's that she's not getting bathed enough... 
Anyone amazed like I am that I haven't lost it yet?
Me too.
Now, tonight, same thing.  Now that we know it, we had a plan.  Fed her, played with her, and dropped her right in Ye Olde Tub for scrub-a-dub.  Now, to be fair, the 'primary caregiver' -is- a half crippled old witch.  The Cryptkeeper herself, judging from how she looks, it's been a looooooong minute since -she's had intimate familiarity with a bar of soap.   She can barely walk, never mind pick up and get this grunion cleaned up proper-proper.  Tomorrow is going to be fun as well, as it's warm-ish here (60 degrees +/- which is fine.  Take her to the park maybe... things of a cheap nature as this month the expenses outweighed the input.  Gretchen came down to Tampa for Kylie's B-Day and 'cos she was worried as I was in some serious infected/pain mode.  So she was out of work for two weeks.  I managed to keep working, but now the Tampa mortgage is late.  Gonna get paid, but it'll be a close thing.
So, I'll do another poast on Sunday after, but again, we appreciate all the support as we can't do this without you. AFA has a plan, and we're working towards it, which includes some expunging some of my stuff from the divorce.  I had no idea that even with the charges being dropped, they're still on the record out there.
That could screw up the plan (the word starts with the first letter of the list of them) and I need a record pure as the driven Ivory.  So anything you can do to assist, again, you have our thanks and love.

More on Sunday
Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #20 Prayers Work and Good Times!
January 19, 2023
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Hey Hey!
Sorry for the late poast, but I've (we've) been BUSY-BUSY  
Like running nonstop.  I'm back in Tampa as I had cannot miss VA medical appointments, as well as a must do dental appointment.  Specifically about three weeks ago, a filling fell out.  Not too big a deal, as it's been there since I was what? 12?  The issue went critical back two weeks ago whilst eating something... as I recall a hard candy of some form and > crack! <  Instant broken toofus.  Lots of pain.  Not to mention the bits of said now busted toofus mixed in with the candy, which purely sucked.  Called around, and lo and behold!

The dental insurance I get from Glorious People's Tractor Factory?
Only works in Florida

Thankfully, Allegiant flies for short short money, like $82 one way, plus taxes and whatnot.
So I jetted home and abandoned Gretchen.  Well, not really.  She couldn't leave as she now has gotten a new job as we need the shekels desperately.  The kicker is though is -who- hired her.  

Try the Aggressive Female Attorney, also known as Pitbull.

While doing the AAR (After-Action Report for you civvies out there) that's also called the post-trial debrief,  Pitbull mentioned she had to fire her Paralegal Secretary who she called 'Princess'.  Now, we met her (the Princess) and maaaaan... the most high-on-her-own "smug" female I've met in a while.  Condescending, rude... thought her shytte didn't stink.  Now, mind you, Gretchen and I never said a word to Pitbull, but according to her LOTS of her other clients told her essentially what I just said.  So she canned her, and was bemoaning the fact that not only did she NOT have a secretary any longer, but she also said that Princess had left things in a bit of a mess.

I jokingly said that she could do a heck of a lot worse than hiring Gretchen.

Sonofagun... like a day or two later, Gretchen got the call asking her is she really wanted to do the job.  Gretchen of course jumped on it.  She's done legal work before as a process server in Kingsport waaaay before she met me (Husband #3 was a Deputy there and ran a side gig with Gretchen doing just that sort of 'stuff'), and is familiar with the system there in Kingsport.  She also is going to be doing that, and Pitbull wants her to get her Private Investigators' License, which -she- (Pitbull) is going to finance.

Now, mind you, ALL due to the Big Jumpmaster-in-the-Sky.
We've been doing a lot of prayer (almost nightly) as well as going to Church.
We need to find one we both like locally... so far it's been the weekends we go to visit Miss Daisy in North Carolina, as literally, the church is named for her family, as they literally helped settle the Area of Operations waaaaaaaaay back in the 1700s... we both really like going there TBH, but we need to find one that isn't 2 hours away.

So, the 'meat and taters' part of the story:
We had our first visitation for a weekend with Addy.
She remembered us, and man, did we have a great time
I'm attaching (hopefully) two pictures... one is from the 1800's Carousel that's in Kingsport that she had a blast riding (Gretchen in the pic was looking at one of the Meth Heads that was wandering around... no worries however as TN is an open-carry state and I was, per usual, armed to the effin' toofuses, and feeling ornery due to the bad toofus I was dealing with.)  No issues, and Adriana purely loved being with us...  She had a ball running around, and slept a full twelve hours that night... 

 Then, the other pic is from when the very next day (Sunday) we took her to the playground that's part of the Apartment Complex we're currently quartered in. (never mind, I hate this website to a point I swear...)

A BIG reason we picked this particular A.O. was the playground and Olympic sized swimming pool... I'm goping to be utilizing that as soon as it gets warm enough, as that sort of low impact exercise (laps) is what helps me lose weight and get back into a shape other than 'round'.

The only issue that came up was when I had to bring her back to the Cryptkeeper.  She most certainly did not want to go.  Complete meltdown... as only my Grandbebe could do... thermonukular screamfestivus.

Needless to say, Gretchen had me 'do the deed' as emotionally?  Yeeeeah... she's tough, but not that tough.  Hell, -I- had issues doing it.  I talked Addy down too by telling her that we're almost where we need to be, and that she'd be with us again sooner rather than later, and that, the Good Lord providing, she'll be with us forever.  No joke, she mellowed out when I explained it to her... she's always been a sharp lil bebe... 

Man we miss her, but as I said in the last update: "One Bite At A Time"
And thanks to y'all, we're in the home stretch.
Again, Our massive thanks and love to all of y'all.

Billy, Gretchen and the almost-liberated-and-saved Adriana 

Update #19 A Draw and The Long Game
January 10, 2023
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In other news, We're not dead yet.  

A long drawn out day today.  All in All, the AFA was exactly the pit bull we wanted/needed.

She savaged everybody
However, the State's BIGGEST Thing as we have now learned is the most important thing above all to include OVER the welfare of the child is REUNIFICATION OF THE FAMILY

Just how utterly retarded is that?   
I even made a pointed observation while on the witness stand to that, that this's what?  The Moron Babydaddy's 3rd kid?  Jailbirds 2nd? that they've BOTH lost permanent custody of?  How many chances do you give these 'tards until you say "Nope, no more."?

Guess until someone ends up dead.

But, there IS positive progress.  This's the long game.  Next court date is now in March, BUT!!!
We now have visitation, and the Cryptkeeper was called out on being the vindictive non-visitation allowing > deleted <  she's been.  We get two weekends (to start) a month, every other weekend, starting this weekend.  The Cryptkeeper wasn't too happy about that, and I'm going to be sure that we take LOTS of before and after photos so's she can't play games with us, i.e. scratching, bruising or abusing Addy after our visit and trying to pin us with a DCS case.  

And if something like that were to happen?

"Flaming Crater Forms in East Tennessee, Film at 11:00"
In Minecraft donchaknow?
Nah /jk for real though, I will admit, I am -seriously- happy to get this.  AFA told us the Judge normally never gives visitation to the Grans, so this's Baby Step #1.  Add on the Morons?  Well, the 90 day period right now methinks is to give them moar rope for them to hang theyselves with.  That's apparent in that Jailbird -literally- didn't say one. single. word. nor testify in any meaningful way.  She's now a nonentity.  

I just need Moron to drop the ball in the next 90, or the Cryptkeeper stroke out, and it's Game Over for them.  Long Game... I hate it, but it's an incremental thing, and so far?  It looks better with each passing day.  And this's a Court Order, so we got that going for us.

Next move is to just enjoy seeing Addy, and having her get back with us.  Long term, well, we'll see what's what with what.  OPSEC as you know.

Our United Thank You for all the well wishes and prayers and support
We couldn't do it with out y'all for real.

So More Updates on Friday as We're Both Emotionally Drained and Exhausted
Getting there is half the battle
"How does one eat an Elephant?"
"Slowly, One Bite at a Time"
Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #18 I KNEW It!
January 7, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
Yep.  It's getting to the point of redonkulasness to the 1000th degree.  This week proved me to be almost prescient in my prognostication of "knowing your enemy" and getting inside their OODA loop.  For those unfamiliar, the OODA loop stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.  This a military analytical tool used to 'get inside the head' of the enemy, in order to short circuit them.

Think I'm starting to get a read on these scumbags I swear...

We got an unexpected call on Tuesday.  Seems -someone- reported that they didn't believe that we were legit living here in Tennessee, and "can we come by and re-inspect the premises.?"

Sure!  No prob Bob.  Bring it.

So, granted dude was pleasant AND surprised by how well established we are.  Gretchen and I have BOTH worked overtime looting the local thrift/dollar/used furniture stores for 'stuff'... One being a bunch of $1 frames that Gretchen found that I then printed pics of both Grans, My spawn and his fiancée, nice-nice-good-good pics of Gretch and me in happier times all on high quality photo paper that the Ex Wife was nice enough to leave behind when she and I split.  (A side note Kodak Hi Quality 100 sheet photo paper?  Then: the price tag sez $14.99 at WalMart, Now?  Try on sale $35.82 for the same stuff....No Inflation my fat hairy butt)  Glossy photos make it look good... dude was cool and then advised us that the Babymama is no longer an issue, besides still being in jail (at the time) hadn't been taking her parenting classes, nor fulfilling anything that could be construed as wanting to get her kid(s) back.  Makes me of three thoughts of mind:  Sad for the Grans, Mad as Hell at her, but Glad in that that might make my life a bit easier in the long run as to recovering Addy.

So, yep.  As stated in my last update: "...We're 8 days out from the court date.  January 10th (supposedly... me?  I don't trust 'em..."
Maaaan, I love/hate it when I'm right.
Seems Inspector Dude was impressed enough with us and our domicile, he clued us in that The Judge had rescheduled the date and time and NEVER INFORMED US NOR OUR LAWYER!!!!!!
Whoooooo-saaaah!  Whoooooo-saaaah!  
Gotta keep Ye Old Blood Pressure Down Aye?
Yep... almost got boogered out of the kid.
If we no showed?  Default Judgement for the Cryptkeeper
I see a looooong missive/complaint to the Judicial Review Board in the near future, followed on with the State Bar, as well as the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation about this WHOLE thing, 'cos be corrupt once?  There ain't no such thing, and something ain't Kosker here.

Now, as I stated about the Babymama at the time she was still in jail.
Last night we got word that she got out, on probation, having served 15 days as "time served"
Must be nice Aye?
Total Charges: 4 felonies, 12 misdemeanors by the time they got done stacking them.
Me or Gretchen would've been freeze dried and buried under the jail.

That's not the only news however... one of our sources sent us screen shots of her Snapchat pictures she put out, and others contributed via phone calls she had with them specifically.  Got a good group of agents we're running here I swear.  Seems she's now homeless as the couple she was living with?  Seems it was their car she was driving and the Staties impounded it, and cost them $500.00 to get the fambly truckster back.  THEN she poasted a pic of her leg(s), Bruised?  Maaaan first thing I said when Gretchen showed it to me was "Huh, someone gave her a blanket party!"  Like almost every single inch of her thighs and calves are black-black and blue with MASSIVE bruising.  I've subsequently found out that in Sullivan County, if you really piss off someone, they give 'em a 'lock in the sock' party, where the other females in the pod hold down the offender and cripple her by beating her legs to pulp with a padlock in a sock...

Sheesh... in the Army we used bars of soap... guess these broads play for keeps.

Another example of continued Karma IMO
So, Z.E.R.O. sympathy.  I'll save that for what Addy is going through.
I want to again thank everyone again (I sound like a broken record) for all the prayers and support, financial and spiritual.  Nightly Gretchen and I have taken to praying that this burden be over, and hopefully, with God's Divine Intercession, He'll cut us some slack and let us get our baby back.  Again, Thank You and Our Undying Gratitude

Billy Gretchen and Adriana.

Update #17 Happy New Year!
January 2, 2023
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Hey Everyone!
Just a quick update.  We -still- have not been granted a visit with Adriana.  The Cryptkeeper seems to really have her head firmly impacted and planted in her fourth point of contact (Airborne term) and unfortunately, we haven't been able to see or speak with her, never mind give her the gifts we have for her...  Which I suppose is a good thing, as I'm pretty sure that any new gifts given, that rotten corpse would go and return them for the $$$ as that's the way she rolls.  A hypocritical "Christian" at best.
On other fronts, we're nervous.  NOT sleeping.  Lots of arguing.  We're 8 days out from the court date.  January 10th (supposedly... me?  I don't trust 'em, more on that in a second)  The lawyer (AFA) has been on vay-kay, and we haven't heard from her.  Supposedly we see her in the next 48 hours but Gretchen told me I'm not allowed to go as I get too wound up.
Dunno what she expects of me but OK.
The OTHER news is that The Babymama?  STILL In Jail.

We also got an update on how it -really- went down.

Seems that back on December 16th, she did -something- to catch the attention of a Tennessee State Trooper, who went to pull her over.  Instead of being smart, she rabbited.

Cut to December 23rd, about 11am.
The Staties, who knew for a week or so just who she was, where she was, and her schedule, showed up where she was staying, arrested her and took her off to the county lockup.  Mind you that was at 11am.  
EVERYTHING Shut down for the Christmas Holiday at noon on the 23rd.
By the time they processed her, they'd given her a 4k bond ($535 after fees and whatnot) and figured that'd handle it.  She called us as a last resort, to which Gretchen and I both told her to enjoy the vacation.
As of this writing, she's still in there, facing multiple felony counts and misdemeanors.  The felonies are the real deal though, as it was felony evading arrest, and felony reckless driving with a deadly weapon.  Seems she was driving "COPs" level crazy and the Staties cut her loose.  They could have gone and gotten her that night or the next day but nooooo they waited.

She must have really pissed them off.
So, she's in jail, Adriana from what we've heard is OK, the Babydaddy Re-Re filled us in... we reached out to him to see if Jailbird had called him for bail, to which even he said he's not doing -anything- for her.  He's been very polite as I think he now realizes that a potential asswhuppin' is now within a 7 minute trip as opposed to 700 miles away, so at least I got that going for me.

My rationale for having doubts about the court date is the last court date, Jailbird's lawyer wasn't able to be present and her assistant was worthless, not that it should have had any impact as the idiots gave the kid over to the state.  However, the Judge decided that it wasn't fair for her lawyer to not be physically present (even tho she was on the conference line and sort of present) and sooooo.... Because of this and despite us paying to fly in people, gathering eyewitnesses and the whole thing, they again pushed it back to this coming date. NOW since Jailbird is, in fact, a jailbird, I'm sure they're going to use this as a weapon against us, as the Judge has bent over backwards to accommodate them at every turn.  I'm growing weary, frustrated and angry.  Prayer is helping a bit, but I'm really tired of this crap.  

Gretchen has even started working again as a substitute teacher to help take up the slack as this's literally wiping us out.  Her dad had to declare bankruptcy, and at this rate, that's my next move if it goes further south.
Please if you can, keep up the support.  We're in the home stretch, but it's an abusive system that favors the scum.
Our continued thanks and prayers to you all and again, thank you
Billy, Gretchen and Adriana

Update #16 A Wee Bit Of Schadenfreude?
December 24, 2022
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Hey everyone.

The Good Lord works in Mysterious Ways.  That and Karma is a stone cold and utter b*tch.  Gretchen's daughter (Addy's bio-mom) today got arrested LOL.  Per the charge(s), she apparently "rabbited" from a Tennessee State Trooper, as, according to her her license was suspended due to non-payment of child support (for Gran#1)  Nice Aye?  So, according to her she bolted but only "... for a little bit 'cos I got scared."

The charges however tell a slightly different story:
1) Failure to Yield Right-of-Way (Misdemeanor)
2) Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device (Misdemeanor)

At this point, safe to assume she cut someone off while running a stop sign or a red light, that being said, as Billy Mays would've said: "But wait, There's MOAR!!!"

3) Reckless Endangerment / Deadly Weapon (Felony)
4) Evading Arrest (Felony)

Oof.  So much for "... for a little bit 'cos I got scared."  That right there means she knew well and good that the fuzz were in "Roscoe P Coltrane" mode of "Hot Pursuit"... Two felonies?  Yep... but then to finish it off:

5) Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
6) Speeding 

And the cops in this drama?  Not the local county mounties... oh no... try the Tennessee State Police as stated in the opening lines... A humorless lot at best if you happen to be on the wrong side of the law... and the fact they had a "COPS" level pursuit?  We still are trying to get particulars, but man, as of now?  Yeah, she's toast.  Now, the only issue is, and why WE found out was she had the audacity to call Gretchen and not ask for, nor beg for her/us to bail her out, but demand it.

As well as being insulting to the MAX and generally acting like the spoiled rotten never-been-slapped-down brat she is, she's been trying to leverage ALLLLLL sorts of 'stuff' on Gretchen, to even having the gall to claim that SHE dropped the charges in Gretchen's case.

Utterly shameless.  Hence why -I'm- taking on the role of Bad Guy here by utterly denying Gretchen the ability to do anything.  If DC asks, it's all MY fault as the big, mean, horrible step-daddy wouldn't allow her poor Mommy to bail her out.

I mean I dig it. It's her only daughter.
As I've repeatedly stated, SHE made this particular bed, and its all on her.

Let her rot.  God may forgive her.  It's his bailiwick.
Me? Enjoy your Christmas in jail with the Meth-heads, Hookers, Morons and Retards
You should feel right at home.
So, Merry Christmas, as this year it just keeps on Giving... the Grace and Love of the Lord being what it is, and His sense of humor being what it is, methinks we're not done seeing what sort of whipsaws are upcoming.  All we can do is trust in Him, and thank him for his assistance in this time of need.  We also direct our thanks to YOU who've been offering financail support as well as prayer support.  Seems the prayer side is absolutely working IMO.  Either way, this's a major positive move in helping us, as having BOTH parents as felons?  Yeeeeeeah baby!  Me likey this.

So with our gratitude, I'll update as we go.  God Bless Everyone, and may You and Yours know the Peace of the Lord and the Reason for the Season, in Jesus Name.  Amen

Billy, Gretchen and Adriana


Update #15 Gretchen is Free and Clear! (Try #4, I hate this thing)
December 14, 2022
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Gretchen just called while I was at work at People's Glorious Tractor Factory #23, and gave me the word.  The State in it's infinite wisdom dropped All Charges on her related to her 'tuning up' her idiot daughter Dumbunny.
I'ma going to try to keep the obcenity to a minimum as it I-is- ostensibly a Christian Website
Even tho Big J hisself would be cursing these scumbags hisself.
Jes' Sayin'
So, that being said, after a mini-stroke, that is a MAJOR load off me mind...  (and hers  as you can well imagine)
Thank God or God(s) or Goddesses... you choose yer own, but man, Thank God for "Stand Your Ground".  On review it seems that there was like no fucking case (as we knew) and someone with a brain in the persecutors orifice woke up and went "oops!" and dropped that shytte like a hot rock.

Next step is gonna be fun.
Not sayin' here nor showing any cards, but this shytte ain't over by a long fucking shot.
You take a shot at the Queen, you best kill her ass AND the fucking King, 'cos the King? 
Oh yeah man, Heads are fittin' to roll

Stack 'em high to the Sky baby!

Another bit of Extreme Schadenfreude is going to be Dumbfuq and Dumbunny's faces when they find this shytte out.  Their and the State of Tennessee's case for keeping Addy away from us was based a lot on her arrest and charges of all sorts of felonious shit.  To the point the first day of 'real court' where they fucked us over and took Addy from us, that little pimpstick Dirtbag-BabyDaddy Sperm-Donor had had a copy of Gretchen's oh-so-unflattering mugshot printed up onto a 11x14 or bigger poster and kept pointing and laughing at how he was going to have her put away (even though the stupid rotten fucking douche was -no where- around when the incident happened...) that and shytty Text Messages from him and the Cryptkeeper A) making fun of her, me and the situation (him) and B) The Cryptkeeper using this as reason for NOT allowing us visitation (her, and which was a stack of shytte-excuse piled higher than she is tall...and she knows it rotten dead looking foul-smelling corpse-on-legs please die already beeatcha) 

The state of Tennessee (understandably) was concerned about that shit, but now?  

Moot Point Aye?
Jes' Sayin'

Checkmate Pimpstick.
Now it's my turn
Their shytte is now in the wind
So, gotta go chill some Champagne and get ready to relax a bit

ALL SORTS Of THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to you guys and gals, me Droogs n Droogettes, the scalawags, scum and villains who've come 'round here and have offered prayers and support on this case.
Now, time to win the Next Big One
My Babygirl Addy.
Papi's coming baby, and Hell's comin' with me.

Update #14 Thanksgiving Come And Gone...
December 6, 2022
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... And, per usual No visitation
This's getting to be heartbreaking.  Don't know -how- it's going to play out in the long run, but these people need to understand what goes around, comes around.  And the very worst part  about this isn't that they want/love/need to have Adriana in their lives...  

I mean that's the lie they tell themselves... it's really about the scumbag babydaddy not wanting to pay ANOTHER couple of hunnerd a month in child support.

See, he's an unemployable federal level felon with an inability to see anything beyond the immediate short term gains and effects.  Literally a stupid inbred animal.  THAT is why he and his precious Cryptkeeper Corpse-in-Waiting are so desperate to keep him from having to shell out.  By having his Great Grandmother as the caretaker, she can tell the state that "Oh yes he's paying the child support" and keeps his scummy weasel ass out of the clink.  He's $21,000.00 behind with kid number #1, and my Gran Number #2?  He's paid -maybe- $2k in two years... he pays just enough to keep the computer from 'red flagging' his ass, and because Florida and Tennessee don't have child support reciprocity per se, he's able to skate on throwing the occasional $20 a month into the Child Support Kitty to stay out of prison...

Where he belongs

That or Six Feet.  His choice.
 Addy would be #3 making him liable for almost $3k a month in babydaddy payments IF he had                     any honor

He doesn't

Thanksgiving, we got a vidya of Addy... she's eating what appears to be a shitty hamburger-and-fries happy meal... stuffing the fries like she's starved.  And no words... just grunting again.  She has lost soooooo much and after this WHEN we get her back and get her back in school, (which another thing, she's not attending) we're going to have our work cut out for us retraining, reeducating and deprogramming her back to being the loving cuddlebug she is deep down inside.

The thing that gets me so damned mad is that she never smiles anymore.

Every. Single. Picture looks like a "proof of life" photo.  The vidya was the same... the Cryptkeeper "Ooohing" and "Ahhing" at her, while Addy is looking at her off camera, looking like a hunted and hurt animal... stuffing french fries sans fork, plate or any human implements like we had started teaching her to use... she's now Two Years and two months, nonverbal, unemotional, and Me?

Well apparently I had a Micro-Stroke.  Blind (hopefully temporarily) in the right eyeball from it... 

Literally, This's almost starting to kill me.  
Again, Gretchen and I thank you for all the support.  It's the only reason I'm still functional.  
Merry Christmas and let's Pray for a Happy New Year (January 10).

Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #13 Thanksgiving
November 24, 2022
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Thanksgiving... Missing Addy, but knowing the rest of them will be with us makes a world of difference.  I'm sorry to have fallen behind on the updates, but we've been busy-busy.  The "judge" has shot down any and all visitation, leastways court-ordered until the next bloody court date in January...  Told us that it's up to the Cryptkeeper to decide IF we can see her... whom I've been trying talk to... begging actually, but to no avail.

I'll be curious when WE get her if they instantly set up some sort of mandatory Visitation where we have to let THEM see her.  IF he pulls that, well, I got some 'ammo in the mag' still that's waiting to be used.  Lawfare works both ways...
However, the point for today's update is I/We have so much to be thankful for.

Y'all in particular.  

Every. Single. One. of. You.

We've been blessed with your thoughts, prayers and support, both spiritual, as well as financially.  Word we got from the AFA is that the 'other side?'  They're in a bit of a panic that we relocated to Tennessee.  THAT was not in the playbook, and it 'upends the table'.  Because of y'all and your assistance, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

You have Gretchen and My undying gratitude.
Thank you.

Adriana is going to learn alllll about the goodness that has happened here, when a bunch of people came together to help out a broken old Soldier and his Wife save her from an unimaginable life.  It's the very least we can do.  She'll hopefully grow up beleiving in the inherent Good and Righteousness of people, and that she needs to help others out as she grows... leastways that's what I'm going to teach her.

It's my 53rd Birthday today.
Another year on this side of the dirt.
If I could have one wish come true, it's that I get my Granbebe back 
Sooner rather than later.

Until the next Update, you have our thanks and love

Billy Gretchen and Adriana.

Update #12 Never Ending ****ery
November 15, 2022
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Greetings everyone.  Sorry for the delay on an Update.  It's been a flat-out clusterhump of a time.  I'm trying to watch the language as it's a Christian Website.  We had court this past Thursday, which was all of like oh... say 10 minutes of being called in, only to be told that the trial? meeting? episode? was being reset again 'cos Fatnstupid's Lawyer (who apparently is pregnant) is having serious health issues and couldn't be there.

This after again paying to have the otherGran, Papa, (I'm Papi) fly in.  God love him for the effort but it's the second time we've been screwed by the state.  Not sure if he's going to come back, 'cos again they screwed us by pushing it back to January.

OK... Lots of things can happen between now and then

In the meantime, because of everyone's support we relocated to Tennessee.  Got a small efficiency apartment.  Sapper is taking care of the Casa in Florida while we establish residency.  Which, By the way the security of which was completely compromised by Fatnstupid's lawyer's legal aid.  Now F-Stick the babydaddy knows where we live.  I've taken to ensuring the security of the Area of Operations, as I'm more than happy to give him a 'welcome' if'n he's that stupid (he is).

Visitation is also up in the air until our new AFA files a motion as the Judge wouldn't order it on the day we were there... guess he was wanting to leave early... OK, got it.

So, again , our love and thanks, we couldn't keep this fight up without your support.

Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #10 More Determined Than Ever
November 5, 2022
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Morning Everyone.
Soooooo oh-dark late last night I get a ping from my email.  Friday night I usually have the fon shut off as I don't want to hear from anyone, especially after the move on Thursday.  We signed the lease and put some donated furniture in, and the next phase is me heading back to the Casa in Florida to get the bed(s) toys and other necessary needs to live for a year for us and Adriana.

Curiosity overwhelmed and it turned out to be pictures sent by Fatnstupid (the Step-Slore) of Addy, at a Halloween "party" of some form.  Probably one of those church "Trunk or Treat" things that've become so popular.

One of the pics is below.  I still can't wrangle this website very well, despite earlier being able to insert pics in here in the text block (any advice on 'how to' PM my email at  Thing of it is, I know my Addy.  That ain't a "happy" picture.  That looks to me like a "proof of life photo" minus the newspaper for a date.  She looks utterly miserable, and the other picture has her looking off to the side like someone is yelling at her to either sit still or to smile.  She's not happy

Which means I'm savagely upset.

I cannot WAIT to see the look(s) on their scumitudinal faces when they find out I'm local-local.  They've been really sh*tty to us because they felt 'safe' because a 700 mile one way trip is a hell of a distance to serve up a royal asswhuppin'.
Guess What Buttercup?
And the first one don't count as close.
Only Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Nukular Weapons come into play for the meaning of 'close'.

The Term the DotMil utilizes when something like Artillery or Mortar rounds from your own folk are dropping on you is called DANGER CLOSE

When that gets yelled out, it means to make-small-be-small and hope and pray for the best.
I am now 'Danger Close'
They best be on their best behavior.

Again, Gretchen sends her love and unending gratitude.  We couldn't do this without everyones support.  We've broken the halfway marker (much to my horror actually) in that I never expected this to cost so much.  My personal thanks to Kenny, AKA Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin' for opening my eyes to the realities of the expenses behind the scam that is fambly courts.  I also thank all of you for your support and prayers, and every bit of personal support that some have you have offered, from rest-stops to meals on the road for Face-2-Face Meatspace meetings.  This whole nightmare has had a silver lining, in that it's shown that there are a LOT moar decent people than I had originally thought in my jaded outlook.
With Much Love and Respect and Awed Thanks
Billy, Gretchen and Lil Addy

Update #10 More Determined Than Ever
November 5, 2022
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Morning Everyone.
Soooooo oh-dark late last night I get a ping from my email.  Friday night I usually have the fon shut off as I don't want to hear from anyone, especially after the move on Thursday.  We signed the lease and put some donated furniture in, and the next phase is me heading back to the Casa in Florida to get the bed(s) toys and other necessary needs to live for a year for us and Adriana.

Curiosity overwhelmed and it turned out to be pictures sent by Fatnstupid (the Step-Slore) of Addy, at a Halloween "party" of some form.  Probably one of those church "Trunk or Treat" things that've become so popular.

One of the pics is below.  I still can't wrangle this website very well, despite earlier being able to insert pics in here in the text block (any advice on 'how to' PM my email at  Thing of it is, I know my Addy.  That ain't a "happy" picture.  That looks to me like a "proof of life photo" minus the newspaper for a date.  She looks utterly miserable, and the other picture has her looking off to the side like someone is yelling at her to either sit still or to smile.  She's not happy

Which means I'm savagely upset.

I cannot WAIT to see the look(s) on their scumitudinal faces when they find out I'm local-local.  They've been really sh*tty to us because they felt 'safe' because a 700 mile one way trip is a hell of a distance to serve up a royal asswhuppin'.
Guess What Buttercup?
And the first one don't count as close.
Only Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Nukular Weapons come into play for the meaning of 'close'.

The Term the DotMil utilizes when something like Artillery or Mortar rounds from your own folk are dropping on you is called DANGER CLOSE

When that gets yelled out, it means to make-small-be-small and hope and pray for the best.
I am now 'Danger Close'
They best be on their best behavior.

Again, Gretchen sends her love and unending gratitude.  We couldn't do this without everyones support.  We've broken the halfway marker (much to my horror actually) in that I never expected this to cost so much.  My personal thanks to Kenny, AKA Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin' for opening my eyes to the realities of the expenses behind the scam that is fambly courts.  I also thank all of you for your support and prayers, and every bit of personal support that some have you have offered, from rest-stops to meals on the road for Face-2-Face Meatspace meetings.  This whole nightmare has had a silver lining, in that it's shown that there are a LOT moar decent people than I had originally thought in my jaded outlook.
With Much Love and Respect and Awed Thanks
Billy, Gretchen and Lil Addy

Update #9 The Birthday
October 30, 2022
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My lil love.
I missed her.
How much I didn't realize til yesterday.
Being away, I've had to bury my feelings for her, lest I go insane(r).
We got the the 'party' at a park, with the Hillbilly Fam in attendance -again.-  She saw us, and after a second or two, her lil brain kicked in and she ran over to us, and grabbed onto Gretchen as hard as she could.  Choked her (Gretchen) up hard.  Then, she started hugging on me.
Combat Infantrymen don't cry.
Took some effort let me tell ya.

Then as the 'party' progressed, Addy?  AGAIN she grabbed me, and this time kept calling me 'Daddy' and ran off to the horizon AGAIN.  We brought our family friend, Miss Daisy along to have a witness.  86 years spry and takes no crap off of no one.  SHe's met Addy before this unpleasantness and even she saw her lack of words and sentences.  The only clear word she had was "Daddy".

Seems they taught her to call Worthless that, but when I showed up, she had other plans and -I'm- now Daddy.  >Le Sigh<  She not once referred to him as that while we were there, sooooo make of it what you will.  Saying goodbye this time was a teeny bit easier.  She's still not talking the ways she used to be, but I got her alone for quite a bit, as did Wifey and she was quick to pick up the words again.  It's obvious that she's not getting the learning and language work she should.  I explained to her that I was still there, and that I was going to rescue her, come hell or high water.

And the picture?  That's as close to a smile as I could get out of her.  When it was just her n me, she was telling me -something-... a full on litany of complaints I reckon.  I behaved meself, Gretchen was tranquilized per orders and Miss Daisy kept a short leash on bher, as well as keeping the rest of the Hillbilly Morons Guessing as to just who she was.

We gave her her gifts, and played with her quite a bit.  She didn't smile -at all- though... where she's been in the past?  Nothing like the serious lil girl she is now.  Breaks my heart.  She DID smile at one point however... that was when Gretchen and I did a 'group hug and kiss'... to explain:

When Gretchen and I first got her, one night I picked her up to go and take her to bed.  Gretchen came over and hugged on both of us, me holding Addy, and Gretchen holding the two of us.  Gretch gave me a big smile and a very nice wifely kiss... firm and loving.
Addy looked absolutely stunned.  
Like shocked.
We realized she'd probably never seen any affection between her bio-rents.
So we made it a regular thing to just randomly hold, hug and kiss each other, something she really loved doing.  And it's readily apparent she missed that, as we did it yesterday, and she leaned in, wrapped an arm around the two of us and went "awwwwww!" and kissed and hugged us both.  She obviously missed this.  So we got a ways to go, and at least she's remembering the good stuff with us, and obviously wants to come back to us desperately.

Which brings me to the new plan.
AFA (Aggressive Female Lawyer) said we need to get out from under the current Judge's court.  Seems he's the only Juvenile judge in the county.  So, now the plan?  So, while keeping some opinions and full facts out of this update here, part of the reason to push for more support is I'm moving to Tennessee to get her back.  Gonna cut the bravo sierra of the Judge playing the "Oh you live too far away!" to give US custody.  By moving into an Apartment locally for a spell (a year or two at least) we get her back, and it'll throw a wrench in the works for everyone.  It'll absolutely cut any and all objections to us filing for her now out from underneath them.  My job has already OK'd me to relocate.  Got me a hunch the bio-rent's are going to purely melt down when they hear about this.

If I'm lucky, he'll do something stupid as he's known to do.  Like show up and threaten us again as he's done oh so many times in the past... The Babydaddy ain't known for his self-control or brains.  Fatnstupid, the mom?  She's done as far as the state is concerned.  Terminated her parental rights... between 4 failed drug tests, and her starting an OnlyFans page?  Yeah... Buhbye... don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.
WHEN he shows up and gets stupid?  it'll make life easier if'n Gretchen is the sole surviving blood kin Aye?

There's other parts in this that ARE classified, but I wanted to explain the push, as getting established is going to be a stone pain in the ass.  Once I'm here?  I'll be able to keep it up... it's that initial First, Last, Security Deposit and Utility Startup that's the mother.  That and outfitting local 'stuff' from the Goodwill to start with.  This was the AFA's idea... like I said, out-of-the-box thinker... I really dig her.  SAo, any and all help again, is gratefully appreciated.

I think this might be the 'home stretch' play.
I got about 9 days to get established in Tennessee.  With y'alls assistance, it'll happen.
Again, with much love and thanks to you all.
Billy Gretchen and Adriana

Update #8 On The Road Again
October 22, 2022
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Greetings and Salutations Y'all
Currently in North Carolina on the side of a mountain, which I'm starting to call "The Country Redoubt"... It's a 2 hour drive to Tennessee, but as we're trying to keep the fund from completely getting leveled, we're staying with a dear friend of Gretchen.  She's an -awesome- old school North Carolina native, set in her ways at 86 years old and tough as all git out.  Saves us the $125 a night for a hotel in the Area of Operation, and the gas is cheaper than the hotel, plus the leaves are changing and maaaaan!

It's cold

I've been in Florida tooooo long.  This's the first Fall Weather I've seen (leaves changing and all) since... hmmn... no Joke, 2003.  19 years +/- since I've been this far North at this time of year.  I mean I -have- been up North, but always in the summer months.  31 degrees this AM and I brought the snuggies, to include my Afghani Pakol... that soft wool round-topped hat that you see all the Afghani Males running around in.  Say what you will, but that sucker is comfy and warm.  Traps the heat and keeps the carcass warm.

Plus being this close to Asheville, It makes a 'statement' to the hippies there I suppose... leastways from the nods and "Cool hat bro! Where'd ya get it?"  WHAT exactly that statement is is open to question...  They seem to recoil when I tell 'em I got it IN Affy during my tour there.

So, Mission Intent on this is a meeting to get the case paperwork to the New Lawyer, AFA.  Old lawyer has NOT transferred the case files to her, and I'm somewhat annoyed.  We also are going to be doing a visitation, as it's Adriana's B-Day on Sunday.  I'm sure we wouldn't be allowed to participate in such festivities, not that I want to be around them, as I'm still trying to get over the last visitation.  To insure everything is 'on the record' we're giving the B-Day Presents and a slew of clothing (that she's soon to outgrow) to the Crypt Keeper via the DCS Caseworker so that A) It's on record and B) They won't be able to just shitcan everything, leastways not right off the bat.

The DCS Casework is a 20 Year Army Vet, so I've done a 'patch rub' and sort of brought him around to our side a bit.  Not for nothing he'd heard of Big Country during his time in Iraq, as I was pretty well known in some circles.  He's agreed to deliver all the goodies and to do a follow up.  It's all I can ask for Aye?

But yep, only thing missing from this piece of paradise is Our Addy.
Hopefully sooner, rather than later, we'll be getting her back.
Gretchen and I again thank everyone for all the support and prayers. 

Please if you can, keep it up and spread the word as we're still not out of the fight.
Every little bit helps.
More Later, with Blessings to All
Billy, Gretchen, and Adriana Grace

Update #7 Sorry For the Delay/Changeup
October 15, 2022
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Greetings everyone.  I was asked to remove my last update by the other Grans, as they didn't want to publicize Gran #1.  I did so without asking, and I'm sorry for the mistake.  Anyways, we've been busy busy with our next couple of moves.  We had -planned- on making a trip up there in the next week or so as it's very close to Adriana's second birthday.

Her first was a classic.

She wasn't quite sure as to what was going on and she was hesitant what with the noise, the candles and the singing...  "Who are these weirdos and why are they all singing?  Why is that cake on fire!?!  Why are they putting it in front of me???"  Her face says it all in the pic.

She did 'get it' once she got a first hand bite of the sugar bomb we placed in front of her, and after that it was off to the sugar-rush-races, with cake being everywhere, especially all over her as you can see...

I swear we were picking pieces of it out of her ears days later...

So, this time, we called ahead and asked if we could have an overnight for her B-Day...
The Crypt Keeper not only said "No!" but hurled some of the foulest invective I've every heard coming from an elderly person... this after 30+/- years around Professional Soldiers who use obscenities as Monet would use oil paint... true artistes in their chosen form... Those guys got nuthin' on the Crypt Keeper...

Jes' Sayin'
Killer is, there's a court order ordering us to be allowed visitations within reason.
Have to see what comes of that particular issue.  As it is, we've decided to switch horses now because Gretchen felt a female lawyer would do better than the one we have now.  "Aggressive Female Attorney".  Means another huge out-of-pocket but if this time it works, it works.  We need to catch a break here on this, and the consults we've had have given me the slightest bit more hope than I had before.  See what AFA does with this first challenge as I'd -really- like to see her for B-Day #2.

And on that note, I can't thank you all enough.  I also need to single out a fellow Blogger, one who's kind of notorious for being a bit of a grouch, but even Aesop gave a pretty hefty donation for which I'm grateful... Thanks Bro, Way cool and Semper Fi.  Speaking of which:

My blog got nuked recently for 'badthink' and 'wrongspeak' but I'm working with Divemedic in getting back up and running hopefully sooner rather than later.  If needs be, you can go to my BFF Mike Hendrix's house at where I occasionally and probably will start throwing some of my own invective shortly.

Otherwise my continued thanks for every. single. one of you who've offered prayers, donations and positive energy in this fight.  It ain't over til it's over.

With all our thanks
Billy Gretchen and Adriana Grace

Update #6
October 2, 2022
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I Cried

Every. Single. Time.

Especially the last panel...

Update #5
September 21, 2022
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September 21
Lots of moving parts.  Looking at Relocating to Tennessee as the CPS folks sent us word that even IF they find the Guardian (the 76 Year Old Walking Dead Great Grandmother...think 'Crypt Keeper' to get an idea of how messed up she is) unable to care for Adriana, they'll then put her in foster care rather than let her come here to Florida where she's lived and had a great and fulfilling life!!!!

It's all about the $$$ for the State.
Corruptocrats everywhere
So, logic sez to me at least, a Relocation (however long/or...very very short it is) as long as I get her in our possession, we can do what we need to insure her safety and development.  Speaking of which

We're having a speech pathologist fly in to TN to test Addy.  Our neighbor, who interacted with her (the baby) on the daily is a professional Language Development/Speech Pathologist by trade in all of Hillsborough County's schools. Because she already has a 'baseline' she's agreed to professionally evaluate Addy for the fact she's now illiterate and regressed.  Use that as another wedge issue.

Again, my thanks for all of the help.
Chris Muir from "Day By Day" has agreed to try and assist... so we got that going for us now as well.
More Later 



Update #4
September 17, 2022
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September 17th
Well, we still have to fight.  Tennessee is bound and determined to keep her in the clutches of these morons.  The worst part is again they pulled a fast one.  BOTH parents admitted to being incompetent, and relinquished custody to the state.  NOW the state wants to keep her in the possession of the 76 Year Old Great-Grandmother.
(Expletive Deleted, starts with "F")
The old ginch can't walk, can't drive, and wears depends.
Who's changing Who's diaper!!!???!!!

Well, we got proof of life

A Visitation.  30 minutes.  Heartbreaking.  She's regressed severely.  Lost ALL of her words.
At one point she grabbed my finger and pulled a "Jenny" (like from Forrest Gump) and dragged me/pulled me running out into a field to get away from them.  I had to restrain Myself.  When I found meself eyeballing my battle rig in the truck (M-4 and full rig, combat load of M855) I knew we had to leave right now as I started having -bad thoughts-
So it was as I said a good day, she remembered us, and still wants to be with us.  She freaked and threw a fit when we left.  I had to cram the white hot rage deep down, if only for her sake.  I leave it in the hands of the Lord.  We thank you for all the support as we're trying desperately to do this the right way.  Gretchen and I are at a loss for words, and Adriana is going to eventually know how many and how much love she's deserving of and support that was given to her.  Again, from the blackened chunk of what used to be my heart, I thank you all.


Update #3
September 11, 2022
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Sorry for being remiss in updates, except we -have- been busy as all get out getting prepped and ready to do battle.  We're now in 'the Belly of the Beast', which is unfortunate that I feel this way as it's absolutely gorgeous country.  

We've done everything possible that we can.  People lined up, witnesses, lawyers and whatnot

Not a bit of it could have happened with out y'all, your thoughts prayers and donations.

Y'all have stunned me and renewed my faith in people.
Hopefully this week goes well, and I'll relay what I can when I can.  There's soooo many many moving pieces-parts.  The drive here was...-eventful- but safely completed.  Had a touching moment during the drive when one of the kind folks from GiveSendGo called us randomly out-of-the-blue... at first had had a sinking feeling that -something- had gone sideways... instead I was touched and pleased that she had read of our and Addy's plight, and wanted to pray with Gretchen and myself while we were hustling up here...

Brought a bit o'dust to mine eye I think.
Hopefully, the Righteous will prevail.
With undying Thanks I Remain, The I.R. BCE

Billy, Gretchen (and soon) Adriana

Update #2
August 23, 2022
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OK Gang... the latest of stuff I -can- poast.

First off, my undying gratitude to everyone who's helped so far.  We got a Lawyer, who appears to be a real shark.  I'm hopeful.  I can't go into some aspects of what we're dealing with, but as such, when I get the green light to dump things, I will, either here or at my online 'house.'  The last update I had was HERE

Needless to say, both Gretchen and I are overwhelmed by the generosity shown.   I'll update us as we go, but needless to say, it's ugly, but now, due to you all, we've started getting the pieces in place to fight back properly.

It's pretty much a law-fight at this point, otherwise the fundraiser would be "The Big Country Bail Fund"

Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

Again, my thanks and we'll go from there.
Big Country

Update #1 Oh. My. God...
August 21, 2022
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12:09am 8-21  Wifey and I just got back to the Casa after a long, rather uneventful run from North Carolina.  Should have taken about 8-9 hours, but due to multiple accidents, it took us a minute to get here.  We were 'comms dark' for a large portion of the trip, as cell service in and around the mountains and what was spotty at best.  I'm also very superstitious so I told her "Don't look, don't check, we'll see what's up when we get home..." I was afraid looking at it might queer it or something...

She's in the bedroom now getting herself back together.  Y'all... I just dunno what to say.  She's crying, and me, I'm I dunno what... I'm stunned/amazed/grateful... Unreal... this support...  especially in light that I've gotten a LOT of DMs telling me the $7500 goal was too low.  Now, I'm just oh so like overwhelmed by y'all.  Seems that I didn't (and I didn't) factor in a LOT of 'other expenses'... as a Wise Old Soldier told me "You're looking at least 7500 bucks in attorney fees alone, then there's traveling expenses for every f****** court appearance and we're talking gas, food, lodging, lost wages, then there's doctor's visits for the baby once you get her back, new clothing for her, the list goes on and on and that's just the shit my dumb cracker ass can think of right off the top of my head."

Y'all have almost made it a moot point.

For that, I thank you, and will keep every. single. one. of. you. in the loop.  I'm going to make a list of the donors, and send out some thanks individually, as opposed to using the standard template.  Might take a while, but I have the emails that the donations came from, if not the names.

Again, my 'umblest thanks, and the next Poast I throw up I'll have some other interesting commentary as some of the messages I've gotten gave me pause to think...

Much Love, Billy

AKA Big Country Expat


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