AJ Fischer, US Air Force Combat Veteran and Trauma Medic needs your help NOW

As WinRed spends the days begging you for handouts that save no American lives, advance no principles of freedom, and serve only to line the pockets of sell-outs in Washington – we ask you to instead to hear the story of Alan Fischer III (AJ), a veteran and trauma medic, who has spent the last two years fighting for truth for everyday Americans, just like you.

AJ Fischer spent his time in the military as a loadmaster, flying onboard the C-17 moving munitions, weapons, vehicles, troops, humanitarian aid and wounded soldiers from place to place to support our service men all over the world. He served his time during the Obama administration – and during his service overseas he was involved in the fight for freedom in ways most of us can only dream of.

AJ was trained in trauma care as a combat medic, but he never could have dreamed of the place his skill set would become needed. Home.

On January 6th, 2021, he bore first-hand witness to the violence born of police misconduct and illegal use of force. AJ watched as protestors were gassed, their faces torn apart by mishandled crowd control munitions, and observed as police officers got trigger-happy with a peaceful crowd. A collected man of protective nature, a self described sheepdog, AJ appears on camera multiple times, bandaging the injured, and helping them to safety. His experience as a trauma medic and his inherent dedication to the welfare of others made him a force of good in the sea of tumult unfolding around him. But none of those facts mattered to a media ready to use him as cannon-fodder to their personal hate and divisiveness.

As the media coverage swirled in the aftermath of January 6th, AJ Fischer's background and actions on J6 were intentionally distorted. 

The true story of a hero who risked his safety to provide aid was dismissed by fabricated sensationalism and wars of influence perpetuated by irresponsible media figureheads looking to make a name off his plight. AJ has been  slandered by bad faith propagandists, turning an army of the misinformed against him. 

The facts are that AJ Fischer—a veteran, a trained medic, and protector spent his time on January 6th in acts of service, compassion, and solidarity, protecting his fellow citizens when they needed him. AJ’s story is crucial and and should be told in its entirety, without cherry picking or tampering.

Washington DC has a perfect conviction rate against January 6th protestors, and without YOUR help, AJ will fall into the same fate. The jury pool of DC is fraught with activists, many of a very radical nature, and after 2 years of January 6th cases, the DOJ is even recycling jurors back into the pool due to lack of qualified available jurors. Even though it's abundantly clear that the DC jury pool is biased and poisoned beyond repair, so far no judge has done the right thing to move the venues to an impartial location. Change of venue would require a judge to relinquish their power to another court in the United States, and have faith that our justice system will see to justice in the matter one way or the other. AJ has a chance to prove that our Justice System still works, and that by moving venues he WILL have a fair shot at justice in another jurisdiction, but not without your help.

Your contribution will cover the costs of attorneys, housing, researchers, and travel costs for trial and ultimately return him to his family and his little boy.

AJ has fought for his country, and for YOU, and now he needs your help in return. Please donate today.