In the course of practicing my deeply held religious beliefs in Idaho, I have been subjected to very abusive language saying that I am going to be forced from my home state of Idaho for my religious beliefs. 

So I want to give everyone the opportunity for me to leave with my family and build a life in some deplorable city such as Portland or Seattle where my antics are more appreciated. 

My list of accomplishments include but are not limited to.... 

Contributing to the George Floyd protests of 2020 and supporting BLM. 

Building and leading the first satanic congregation in Idaho.

I was the first ordained minister of Satan in Idaho.

Disrupting PRIDE protestors in adult themed ways three years running. 

Organizing a very successful counter event to Sean Feucht's Kingdom to the Capitol tour in two different state capitals. 

Giving the first satanic invocation in the Idaho Statehouse. 

Organizing the first satanic celebration of National Day of Prayer in Idaho. 

Completely ruining the day of legislators violating the Constitution on Constitution Day.

Performing a Satanic ritual at the Table Rock Cross with a BDSM ritual on site while tied to the cross. 

Leading a Black Mass in one of Boise's oldest churches. 

Supporting transgender rights and helping organize the Trans Affirmation Ritual with Rowan Astra at the Idaho statehouse that rattled national news. 

So, why set up a GiveSendGo? Because I'd like to give some of the most vocal in their contempt for me the opportunity to take their utopia back. For the low price of $200,000, I will pack up my belongings and move far away from the Redoubt. In this package deal, it will also include the relocation of my internet heathen partner and Co conspiritor Rowan Astra. That's a two for one deal. And we are willing to pass the saving of souls on to you. 

Make no mistake, time is of the essence here. Soon we will begin moving forward with opening a satanic private school using tax payer dollars in Idaho once they repeal the Blaine ammendment. Then we will begin teaching radical gender theory and CRT to children in Idaho. Act fast. Don't let us ruin the utopia that is Idaho. Not to mention other plans that are in the works that none of you really want in your community. 

The goal consists of money to tie up lose ends from a life spent in Idaho. The money will then be used to start a new life far away from Idaho for my family.