Kayla Anderson Scholarship Fund

Campaign Created by: Brett Anderson

The funds from this campaign will be received by Brett Anderson.

Raised: USD $ 6,909

The Kayla Anderson Scholarship Fund was established in 2022 to remember and honor Kayla and her mom, Sarah. They were known for living life to the fullest, making others feel valued, living joyful lives, and loving unconditionally.

The goal is to create a self-sustaining fund in order to award several scholarships each year while ensuring the program can continue for many years into the future.

On August 5, 2022, Sarah (41) and Kayla (15) were tragically and senselessly killed. The perpetrator then went on to kill 2 of their neighbors who were also heavily involved in the Vandalia Butler school system. Needless to say, this event rocked and devastated the entire community. 

Support flowed in from all over the city, and in the midst of the chaos this scholarship fund was created. As difficult as this experience has been for their family, friends and the whole community, this fund is a small, tangible way we can make sure they will be remembered for years to come. 


Thank you!
August 4, 2023
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Thank you all for the generous donations. The amount shown here on GiveSendGo only reflects what we have raised on this platform. We have raised enough cumulatively to sustainably provide two $1,000 scholarships each year for a long time. But the goal is to do more than that...and we can't wait to see how we can creatively use this fund to bless the Vandalia Butler community and honor Sarah and Kayla!


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