Help Sarah Favela and babies

Campaign Created by: Cassandra Rinnert

The funds from this campaign will be received by Sarah Favela.

Goal: USD $55,000
Raised: USD $ 21,086


First off THANK YOU to all who are praying , donating and sharing this link. It has amazed me how many strangers and loved ones who are willing to help . 

The money received has helped pay for funeral expenses, food , and reoccurring bills . As you know Sarah is a stay at home mom so they depended on Zac’s income. That is now gone and filing for help takes months . Another need that is URGENT is a vehicle . Sarah is due soon to deliver their baby girl and they have twins under the age of two and no vehicle for 3 babies now. I know it’s a lot to ask, but we’re praying little by little we can get her and her babies into a nice , safe vehicle. Also , praying for funds to cover their needs until monies can start coming in. It will be many , many months until some of the income may start. After that who knows. We know God is amazing and provides.

“The widow who is really in need and left all alone puts her hope in God and continues night and day to pray and to ask God for help”

1 Timothy 5

Thank you so much for all prayers , sharing and any amount you can give!


Hi I am a friend of the Favela family and their story is a rough one. Sarah and Zac met and fell in love and started a family. Even that wasn't an easy road for them. They were over joyed to find out they were having twins. A boy AND a girl. As her due date approached complications occurred and the babies had to be delivered early and mom was diagnosed with HELPP. We thought we may lose her. The babies had complications being born so early, but after a few months they became healthy and were able to go home.

Zac and Sarah finally had the babies they had been praying for. About 6 months ago Sarah found out she was pregnant again! Scared but overjoyed they started the planning. I want to mention that Sarah has MS and due to financial issues, she stayed at home with the babies while Zac worked. It's been hard,but they have been scraping by.

Then on March 1, 2023 Zac was on his way to work when someone failed to yield and hit him. Hit him hard. He had to have his pelvis repaired and there were other complications leaving him non-weight bearing ( He was able to use a  walker) until he could heal.Being they had stairs in their home he was staying with a family member who was helping look after him while Sarah was home with the babies. He was in pain but his sense of humor never left.

On April 2,2023, The family member was not at home and Sarah could not get a hold of Zac. So she loaded the babies up and ran over to check on him, where she would find him deceased.

The report came back already and he died due to a blood clot in his lungs.

This has been a major shock and loss for this family. Sarah is currently 6 months pregnant and has twin babies ( nearing 2 years old) has MS and has no income.

She will need help with funeral costs and medical bills. There has been some help for meals and her church family and Zac's Co-Workers are doing the best they can to assist in the varying needs she has at this time. Sadly, the costs of pretty much everything is so high she needs monetary help sooner than later.

Zac was a devoted husband and Father. He truly loved his wife and his babies. His sense of humor was , well , he had a lot of " Dad" jokes lets say... He will be oh so missed.

Her Sister said it best "

No one should have to do CPR on their own husband 
No one should have to welcome a new baby with out their spouse holding their hand
No one should have to raise 3 kids under 2 without the love of their life
My sister needs the love and help of others.
Where this was started as  help for them both after the accident.  Sarah needs it all even more now for her and her children as they navigate life without the head of their household.
Help where you can. And share share share."

Any amount will help and please pray for her and her family.

Thank you and God bless.


Life for Sarah right now
April 22, 2023
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Just wanted to update everyone who is following this. Zac has been laid to rest and now Sarah is having to face all the emotions , paper work , stress and unknowns of what to do next while raising her babies and preparing for the arrival of her baby girl in a few months .I’m sure many of you understand , some thankfully do not , but this is the time that she really needs help from all angles . The paper work takes along time to process before she can get any financial assistance. Then there’s  the potential court cases pending that take a very very long time .All this to say , if you can continue to pray and share this link it would be greatly appreciated!Cassandra Rinnert 

Funeral is today
April 15, 2023
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For those who wish to attend but are unable, you can watch the livestream It goes live at 10:59am mountainthank you all !

Zac’s Obituary
April 9, 2023
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If a clown farts, does it smell funny?

Zechariah David Favela was born August 3, 1984, in Denver, Colorado to Suzette Favela and Garvin Trimm. “Zac” was raised with sisters Stephanie Trimm and Thairesia Trimm. When things became difficult at home, Zac went to live in foster care and found a connection to his foster mother, Belinda Davis, that he maintained as an adult. He lived his entire life in the metro Denver area.

Zac got his associate’s degree in Applied Sciences and was close to achieving his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering through Metro State University. For the past five years, Zac worked for KLJ Engineering.

Zac was a regular attender at Calvary Church in Aurora. He met Sarah McKay when she went with a friend to visit the church in 2008. An immediate connection was made. Zac and Sarah were married July 25, 2012.

The first ten years of their marriage saw them able to purchase a home and do some travelling. It was to be the first time Zac would leave Colorado and fly in an airplane. Zac and Sarah had many travel adventures.

Surprise! A pregnancy arrived in January, 2021. And surprise again, it was to be twins-a girl and a boy. The babies came early and Eleanor Grace and Samuel David had to spend five weeks in NICU.

Zac was a very hands-on Dad. He jumped in right away changing diapers, making bottles, and cleaning up vomit. But Zac’s real joy with the children was playing on the floor with Eleanor and Samuel. He had a deep love for his children and desired that he would always be present and active in their lives. He was born to be a daddy. When Sarah announced that baby number three was on it’s way, Zac smiled and was very happy to know it was to be another girl.

Of course, his family came first. But Zac’s other joys included being an avid Broncos and Avalanche fan, cooking, barbecuing, and gardening.

Zac is survived by his wife, Sarah Favela and his children, Eleanor Grace and Samuel David and his unborn daughter, all of Aurora.

What kind of doctor was Dr. Pepper? A Fizz-ician.

Please bring in writing your best dad jokes, puns, memes from Zac, and favorite Zac stories to the visitation and funeral. We will be collecting them in a remembrance box

There will be a viewing on Friday the 14th and the Funeral on Saturday the 15th.

Thank you all for your prayers and donations. It’s helping ! 


  • Please pray I can actually feel peace and comfort.
  • Please pray I can get all paperwork together for applying for social security
  • Please pray the kids never forget their daddy
  • Please pray I can find more videos of Zac with the kids