I met Sarah one early morning during my campaign when I was waving at parents and students at W.A.Wright. Sarah saw me, jumped a curve, got out of her car, and started coming towards me and my truck. I didn’t know what to think! She said she had heard about me and supported what I stood for! She asked for a sign! Sarah was one of the first “non-friends” that supported me. It meant so much to have a complete stranger tell me they support me and pray that I win. 

Sarah put one of my large signs in her front yard next to GHHS on Lebanon Road. It was one of the best locations! I always ran into Sarah while driving my truck. We waved and honked at each other every time! I told Sarah she motivated me! This was one of her earlier texts to me “Lol! Glad I could. I hope you have a great day! I got my calendar set for early voting and I’ll be wearing your shirt when I go. I am really rooting for you. Just know that I’m not the only one.” 

Sarah didn’t have social media. She told me “I don’t do social media…it gets me in too much trouble with the whole lack of free speech.” I told her I completely understood. With Sarah not having social media, I had to text Sarah everything during my campaign, this meant I spoke to Sarah more than most. 

Sarah was tracking the primary results on Election Day and texting me updates! She congratulated me when we won. Sarah said, “thank you for allowing me to be apart of this journey with you.” I made sure she knew that this was our journey, not mine. Sarah believed we could make a positive difference in Wilson County. It was her belief in me, that kept me working as hard as I did. I didn’t want to let Sarah down! 

The General Election was here! I had texted back and forth with Sarah leading up to August 4th. Sarah and Corbin came to a Charlie Daniels to await the announcement of the results! I finally got to meet Sarah and give her a hug and meet Corbin! Sarah had the best smile! She hung out with all of us and was in one of my favorite pictures of all time. I actually got mad at Sarah because she left before I could take a picture with her and Corbin. Sarah texted me this: “Such a great picture! And congrats again! There’s no one more deserving of this win for you and your family. Let me know if I can help you with anything in the future…volunteering…etc.” Sarah finished with “God is good all the time! Congrats again!” 

Sarah came to my swearing in ceremony at the WCS District Headquarters. I was so excited to get to see her and Corbin again! However, I still didn’t get to take a picture with her again! 

I am heartbroken! Sarah was an amazing woman and she supported me! The election was long and it got messy, but Sarah always encouraged me and told me to stay the course.

Our last conversation had to do with Sarah possibly running for the school board in 2024. I found an online webinar that gave guidance on running for school board. Sarah was excited. The day after the seminar, I checked in with Sarah and she told me her father had passed away. I could tell she was devastated. I offered words of encouragement and told her we were there for her. My last text to Sarah was “I hope you are doing well my friend! I was thinking about you wanting to make sure you were ok.” There was never a response. 

I got call from Sarah but it wasn’t Sarah on the phone. It was her sister, Jessica. Jessica gave me some really bad news. Sarah was in the hospital and it didn’t look good. My heart sank. I didn’t believe it because we had just talked. How, why? What can I do to fix it. How’s Corbin? So many things went through my mind. We prayed and prayed.

I met Sarah’s family at the hospital. Sarah’s sister, Jessica, is an amazing woman. Sarah’s mom, Shirley, loved her daughter so much. I will be grateful forever, for them allowing me to sit with Sarah and pray to God to bring her back to us numerous times. Sarah was loved by her family a lot. 

Corbin. I knew of Corbin but I didn’t spend any time with him. I knew him from pictures his mom had sent me. He was my main concern. I wanted him to know I was there for him and I always would be. Corbin is in 5th grade. Of course I let the family handle everything and I planned to ask to see Corbin later on when more information was known about Sarah’s condition. God intervened. 

I was asked by a different amazing family to participate in a Veterans Day program at W.A.Wright, Corbin’s school. I asked Jessica if I saw Corbin, could I speak with him? Jessica said it was ok. Here I am, trying to figure out how to find a 5th grade boy out of the crowded assembly. I was waiting in the library when a group of students walked in. The students were separated by the different military branches. Guess what, Corbin was assigned to the Marine Corps. I heard another student say his name to confirm who he was. I approached Corbin and introduced myself. He got the biggest smile that I will never forget! He realized who I was. I brought an extra shirt with my truck on the front and gave it to him. Corbin was so happy! I was so happy. The other students looked at Corbin and asked how he knew me. I spoke up for Corbin and told them Corbin helped me get elected and was one of my best warriors. Corbin was happy! I was so happy! I asked Jessica if I could take pictures and she said yes. 

Here we are today, November 16th, 2022. I have seen Sarah improve from when she first was admitted but she was far from where she needed to be. We prayed for a miracle. We still pray for a miracle. Sarah was transferred to hospice yesterday. The family is devastated and their lives will be forever changed. Corbin’s life will definitely be changed and I want to help as much as I can.

Please, if you can donate to this family I will be forever grateful! I will always ask for prayers, but I feel like helping this family with money will help them traverse through this tough time in their life a little more easily. 

God Bless All of You! Thank you!