—Supporters of Joseph "Joe" R. Biggs have announced the establishment of a legal defense trust to assist Joe his legal defense against the United States Department of Justice for its wrongful accusation of Joe's alleged involvement in a conspiracy against the United States government.

The federal government has made its full power and taxpayer resource base available for the prosecution against Joe, who remains in federal custody and whose family has now been threatened with the suspension of his military benefits. 

Unlike federal prosecutors, Joe's legal defense team—led by Dan Hull of HullMcGuire and Norm Pattis of Pattis & Smith Law Firm—faces the nearly impossible challenge of sourcing funding for the always rising costs for basic trial preparation, expert testimony, travel, and other expenses. 

In order that the playing field may be leveled and that Joe be afforded the best, most complete and competent legal defense possible, Joe's supporters are requesting that anyone who wishes to aid the Purple Heart veteran's legal defense efforts make a donation here.

The identity of those contributing will be protected and funds from the fund will be used solely to defray the legal defense of Joe in his efforts to oppose and redress the charges against him.

For anonymous direct contributions by mail:


Memo — Legal Defense Trust

Mail to — Southern First Bank, 100 S Elm Street, Suite 100, Greensboro, NC 27401