Apple, Disney, IBM, Comcast, and Paramount are leading an advertising boycott of X in order to destroy the company and destroy free speech. Elon's response:

"If someone is going to blackmail me with advertising or money go f**k yourself."

I know many of us massively support Elon and want X to succeed, I had this quirky idea that could just work.

All money that is donated to this campaign will be immediately spent on promoting the X ad that bought you here. If enough people donate, share and like the ad should hit a critical point and reach virality. 

Who knows, if I works it could just be the biggest tweet of all time. 

But the window of opportunity is closing as it quickly becomes old news.

We must show that the people choose free speech. 

Let's send this to the moon.

PS. GiveSendGo is a christian organisation that supports many good causes, if you support the same ideals then consider donating to them also