Jacob is my six-year-old son who has William syndrome and was born with a heart condition called branch pulmonary stenosis.

He had his 1st open heart surgery when he was a baby and He just finished his 30+ hour open heart surgery at Stanford University and they said to us today that it was the longest surgery they've ever done.

Jacob just had pulmonary artery reconstruction and a separate surgery on his heart that they did in the middle of his procedure because they found something else wrong.

He is still asleep and will be for the next few days while they feed him through a tube and watch him.

 His heart will be open for The time being. 

We are battling with medicaid and we have been for years for them to cover at least part of it because we've had a denial letter and several excuses.

In the middle of appealing. Besides just the surgery we have a ton of different expenses from all kinds of developmental classes and teachers, Early intervention classes that are not covered as well as tutors, Special child care, And different therapies.

Williams syndrome causes my son Jacob to be delayed and have issues with many different things.

Jacob is going to need several more surgeries on his heart before he becomes a full growth adult.

 He is a good kid and he calls the people that help him his Viking dragon clan.

Please donate to help if you can because we absolutely need your help badly.

As a father I'm begging you to please help. Anything will help.

And I promise you that if this ever happens to your child I will be there to help you and I certainly believe that what goes around comes around and if you put good out there good will come back.

Listen friends. I'm a desperate daddy and I cry daily. I have never been in such an agonizing financial situation in my life.

My son is already in a bad enough situation and I don't want to have him be in a financial situation as well and suffer a terrible life because. I can afford to pay the bills.....

Thank you so much.