Hello my fellow freedom loving Americans. My name is Robert Palmer. I am a Christian man, father, brother, friend and political prisoner who is currently serving a 63 month sentence for my involvement in the January 6th attempt to overturn the 2020 election.  After my arrest while awaiting sentencing I lost my home and business of over 20 years that I worked so hard to build, and was forced to sell all of my personal belongings. My world has been turned upside down to say the least. The inhumane, deplorable conditions here at the DC jail and the way I have been treated for being a Trump supporter is Despicable, including feces and urine being thrown at me, rats and bedbugs that would make your skin crawl. Denying medical treatment and medication along with refusing to give us our mail, which includes no visitation or virtual visits either. I am a Christian man who cannot even worship here as there is no chapel or any religious programs. I thank God for the support of my family and friends while going through this ordeal. I am asking for help towards rebuilding my life.Through Gods Love and your help I know all things are possible. Thank you so very much!