< UPDATE:  It's been AMAZING to see donations roll-in.  Thank you!  Let's continue to go way beyond the goal to bless Deb and her family!  Lets double our goal!  Thanks for your continued giving.

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Hello friends and family of the Ridgeways!

As you likely know, Deb is continuing to bravely battle cancer.  Doctors shared with her recently that she may only have months to live.  She's dealing with a lot of pain and has started a new chemo drug.    

Nick's turning 50 later this month and the Ridgeways mentioned that they want to go on a vacation to San Diego for some much needed time away to celebrate Nick, while Deb is still able to travel.  However, they haven't made reservations yet.  We know it's last minute but, we'd love to bless them and give them funds this week that they can use toward traveling later this month.  

Here's where you come in:  We want to raise money for them to use towards this trip in the next 48 HOURS!  Please consider giving.  They are such special people and do so much for our community so, it's very exciting to have the opportunity to SURPRISE them with a DREAM VACATION.  However, there isn't much time to raise money and traveling with 3 kids is expensive.  We hope that you'll consider digging-deep and SURPASSING our goal of $8k in the next few days.  If you don't have the chance to give in the next 48 hours, we'll continue to keep this open for days to come. 

Please pass this to as many friends/family of the Ridgeways as possible - while keeping it a SECRET.  (NO SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS PLEASE - because we don't want them to see it)!   

In the unfortunate situation that Deb is not able to physically travel, they will use the funds to do a staycation, improve quality of life at home, use the funds toward medical bills and however they see fit.  

Please email Karlee with any questions ksbirt@gmail.com. 

Thanks in advance for praying for this family and loving on them so well, 

Lisa, Amy & Karlee