we are Armor of God Ministry and we are founded in the private domain. That means we are out of the jurisdiction of government laws and regulations. This gives us great power to create real change that restores the freedom that this country was founded on and lets us and our members exercise our God-given rights without infringement on our liberties. God has called us to use the power within our ministry to create a parallel society free from corrupt laws and tyrannical mandates.

The children are our future. That is why our ministry's 1st goal is to create education centers with experienced, pro-medical freedom, God-loving educators. Dangerous mandates that remove medical freedom are coming after our children at lightning speed, leaving parents desperate to find a way to educate their children. This issue hits close to home for our founders who had to, sacrifice things in their own lives to keep their children safe from the toxic public education system. 

Our education centers will be individually unique to accommodate different learning styles and offer full-day drop-off with many optional enrichment classes and activities. We will create generations of students that will create real change. The kind of change that restores our freedom back to the original intent of our founding fathers and puts the power to govern ourselves back in the hands of the people where it is supposed to be.
     Our students will learn morals based on God and scripture and will not be exposed to inappropriate and toxic Ideas, views, and curriculum, that is currently plaguing the public school system in California. Our students will learn what is going on in the world around them and how to use their critical thinking skills while being taught how to do proper research; so that they will have the necessary skills to decipher truth from lies. They will learn the principles and values America was founded on and the God-given rights and freedoms to which every American is entitled. 
      Our students will graduate with knowledge and skills to create freedom for themselves, their families, and their communities regardless of government policies and laws. 
   Our students will never be required to cover their faces or subject themselves to unwanted medical procedures. We vow to always respect medical freedom.
    This project is an urgent need in our community and like all of our upcoming projects, we can not do it without your kind donations. please help us save these children because they truly are our future.  
​​​​​​ We are currently seeking donations to buy property, land, supplies, curriculum, and funds to onboard educators/vendors so that we can open as many education centers as we can. We have educators who took a stand against the mandates and have left their jobs in desperate need of income and are ready to join us. We also have a waiting list of children Ready to enroll who urgently need mandate-free education. We are fully aware this is spiritual warfare and we are ready to do whatever it takes to create a free society for our community and provide REAL education for our children that creates real change. If you have land and or nonmonetary donations feel free to reach out personally at support@armorofgod.life. 
Please visit us at www.armorofgod.life