Please help bring this important book, by Rev. Bill Bathman, to print: Resistance in Romania: Resistance and Reformation in Romania - Refusal to Conform to Communist Coercion during the Cold War:

Rev. Bill Bathman dedicated 67 years of his life to Missions, mostly in Eastern Europe serving persecuted Christians in communist countries. His youngest daughter, Lenora Hammond discovered this unpublished manuscript amongst her father's files and determined to type it up and prepare it for publication. This was Lenora's last project which her untimely death due to cancer was cut short. Now, by God's grace, we can make available this most important and inspiring book which is not only very historically important, giving us extraordinary insights into the courage and tenacity of Christians suffering fearful persecution at the hands of Communist tyrants, but it is also most timely and relevant to this time of increasing government overreach and state intrusion into matters of religious freedom and conscience.

The radical revolutionary cancel culture, hostility to Christian convictions and civilised standards needs to be resisted with the same tenacity and courage as the Romanian Christians in this book.

If you want to understand what was like to live under Communist persecution behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, this book will take you on an unforgettable journey. You will meet Christian leaders such as Josef Tson who was targeted by the brutal Ceausescu regime, yet not only did he survive, but he thrived, against all odds. If you want inspiration and insights as to how you can stand firm for your Faith against overwhelming opposition, here you will find examples of excellence which stood the test, under fire, and came through the flames victoriously.