Beyond the advocacy, my larger vision for Nurse Freedom Network has always been creating opportunities for nurses to break away from this broken and oppressive “sickcare” system, because it truly does nothing to keep anyone well. Our current system is unsustainable, and it is unfixable. I believe that we need to take our knowledge, our skills, and our passion and we need to WALK AWAY.

We are nurses creating solutions to everything that has long been broken in healthcare. We are building a network of nurses to function within a parallel system that will focus on true, patient-centered care and bringing healthcare full circle; back to its intended and fundamental purpose - prevention of disease, restoration of health, and providing compassionate care to the sick and the suffering. We are focused on restoring patients' rights and cultivating an environment where nurses and patients alike are able to thrive.

I just finalized the formation of a Private Membership Association (PMA), Nurse Freedom Network Ministries, and under that umbrella, plan to launch Remnant Nursing – This will provide concierge nursing services specializing in the consultation & care of the vaccine injured, while simultaneously creating opportunities for nurses and other healthcare workers who have either been displaced due to the mandates, or who find that they are no longer willing or able to remain in this system.

I plan to roll this out as telehealth initially, however in later phases of development, would like to have brick-and-mortar locations with NP’s, PA’s, and functional medicine practitioners providing care through a DPC or Direct Primary Care model. I'm excited to share with you that we are preparing to launch Remnant Nursing within the next 30 days, so stay tuned! There is still much work to be done in getting this off the ground, but I am hopeful that we will be able to secure the funding necessary to do so, either through donations, grants, or private investors. I think that you will find the structure of our emerging model to be very unique; it is our hope that it will be the catalyst for a new era in nursing. If you are interested in learning more, please complete our intake formand you will be notified once membership options are available. We look forward to having you on board as a part of our growing team!

**A detailed business proposal is available and may be provided to potential investors. Please send your interest to 

We are 100% supporter funded and grateful for your donations that assist us in furthering our mission. Nurse Freedom Network is a 501c3 non-profit organization, making your kind contributions tax deductible.