Hey, What's up guys, this is Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law a SMALL Lawfirm in Central Minnesota.  How's it going?

If you're here, you probably already know about my plight.  A lunatic internet weirdo named Montagraph (AKA Steve Quest) is suing me with a frivolous lawsuit designed to silence my speech and impact my ability to do what I love: Making people laugh at stupid legal and cultural topics.

This started with Mr. Metokur back in 2019.  He introduced me to Montagraph who was engaged in another anti-speech lawsuit against someone named Morphinos.  Metokur and I laughed at the case and the bogus nature of the claims Montagraph was bringing and delved into the storied internet history of this strange man.  Montagraph waged a meme war against me, but then ultimately disappeared for a couple years.

When I was wrongly banned from YouTube, Montagraph returned, claiming victory and that I would never return to YouTube.  As I deal with many trolls, I responded by relaying some of Montagraph's well-documented past.  Now he has sued me for defamation, which is interesting because it requires things said to be false.

I decided to take the lawsuit seriously and hired one of the best defamation lawyers out there, Marc Randazza, a true champion of free speech.  Marc and I have a tepid history, but he took on the opportunity to defend speech while I took on the opportunity to be his most difficult client (and the roster is...impressive).

All of that to say, the legal bills for a top tier law firm are insane, even on a frivolous suit.  I've tried to help out many people over my time broadcasting, and I'm genuinely asking people to help me if they can spare it.  Please PLEASE do not put yourself in any financial peril or hardship on my behalf, always take care of yourself and family first.  However, if you are so inclined, I would appreciate any assistance in defraying these legal bills.  I also may have to pay for Marc's therapy or hypnotic mind-wipe when all is said and done.

I appreciate this community and everything it has done for me and my family.  Thank you for your support.  If you're unable to contribute financially, please consider sharing this campaign and spreading the word.

Thanks, y'all.  See you every weeknight at 11PM Central.  Peace. PEACE.