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Hello, friends!

As many of you know, Lane was in a very serious accident that has severely affected his permanent vision. He and Kali are also expecting their 10th child, a baby boy, in early April. 

Many people have reached out to the Reagan Family offering help with meals and other items since Lane’s accident. They are so fortunate and blessed to have many people willing and able to help, and they want to extend their deepest gratitude to each person. 

We’ve decided to raise funds for the Reagans, as so many of their needs are still unknown, and Lane will be out of work long term, if not indefinitely. Rather than having to manage needs as they pop up, this fund will help mitigate the urgency. From medical bills to therapies and the day-to-day expenses of a growing family, these funds will cushion any financial blows for the Reagan Family. 

If instead, you would like to directly give to Kali, her Venmo is Kali-Reagan0614, PayPal is @kalireagan.

Thank you again for your willingness and call to charity on behalf of the Reagan Family. May God reward you. 

Update 11/18:

Hi all, 

Thank you all so, so much for all the support! The help, the meals, prayers, messages, and everything else is so appreciated! 

Lots of things happening and changing all the time, but here is where we are currently.

Lane has been transferred from a level 2 trauma hospital to a level one hospital, and we are so glad!! 

His head pain is becoming pretty intense, which is to be expected, but is still putting a damper on him.

His incision from his eye wound repair is looking great! 

He was able to open his left eye a little bit - yay! His vision in the left eye, has developed a small blind spot but overall seems to be holding steady. There are still watching it very closely in hopes that the retina does not detach. 

There has been some change in the right eye. The retina did in fact detach like they thought it might, but on the plus side, he was able to open it slightly today and could see a tiny bit. They think the sight will likely not be retained be after they do the surgery to reattach the retina, however they surgery will give him a better chance of keeping the actual eye. We are hopeful the sight can be retained as well! That surgery should take place on Monday. (Take that with a grain of salt.)

The brain bleed is still steady. The head trauma causes him to be very nauseous, dizzy, and unsteady - but he was able to take a short (assisted) walk! Neurology will continue to monitor him. 

The other surgery will hopefully happen next week as well. That surgery will be to repair his nose and sinuses. The ENT feels confident that it is pretty straight forward and expects no surprises. 

The bigger kids were able to visit today and that was the bright spot of his day! 

Thank you for your patience with our slow updates. Everything happens so fast and changes even faster. Please know we are so thankful for everyone. While we are slow to respond to messages, we are so grateful for the concern, love and support. 

We will keep you posted as we are able. We can’t thank you all enough for everything. We are overwhelmed with gladness for the community we share. 

In the good and the not so preferable, Deo gratias!!

For the whole Reagan family - Kali

Update 11/16: 

Hi everyone. 

Thank you so much for all the prayers, messages, and kind words! 

Lane had an accident (Tuesday 11/15) - a very high pressure metal jetter hose popped out of the drain and hit him right in the face. 

He had surgery to repair a deep cut near his left eye. They were able to confirm there was no damage to the tear duct as they initially thought. Good news! 

The main concern now is his right eye. He still has no vision in the right eye, and it is too risky to operate on it currently. The other concern is that his retina may detach itself, from the trauma. They are watching it very closely, but it could be days or weeks before we know more. St. Lucy pray for us!! We so hope he will regain sight. 

The second main concern is the skull fracture. He also has a small brain bleed, and air in his brain. Neuro is keeping a close eye on him. We are hoping the bleed and the air settle down themselves. 

Additionally, his nose is broken in four places and he has multiple face fractures. Both of his orbital bones are fractured as well. 

He is looking at a lengthy stay here in the ICU, and possibly another surgery. We will know more when the trauma surgeon comes in tomorrow (Wednesday.) 

Lane is able to talk with us and communicate clearly. He is in good spirits - though I’m not sure he fully understands the severity of it all just yet. 

The kids are doing well, and got to speak to Lane before surgery. 

For now, thank you. Thank you all for the support, messages, and willingness to help. 

For the whole Reagan Family - Kali


Last Update for a While
September 16, 2023
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Dear friends, 

Lane and I wanted to give you an update on how things have been since the surgery.

It’s been three weeks since Lane’s most recent surgery to repair his sinuses, and 10 months since the accident happened. 

After a very rough start to recovery, with Lane getting sick, he is starting to heal, and is finally feeling a bit better physically. The procedure he had takes about 2 months to fully heal from. He is still dealing with a lot of congestion and some discomfort, but overall, he’s getting better. We are very hopeful that this will be his last major surgery. He will still have a small cataract surgery sometime at the end of this year; although, we are told that is a very simple procedure. 

We are at the point where (we hope) the major stuff is mostly behind us. Now in front of us lies the task of putting all the little pieces back together and moving towards normalcy. This last surgery, coupled with the longevity of all of this, is really taking a toll on our family. We are all feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. However, we are hopeful that we can now focus all of our energy on getting us to a better place. It’s such a slow process, but we’re working on it. 

Our hope is that, in the coming months, Lane’s depth perception will improve, he will learn to drive with one eye, he’ll know more about what it would look like how/when he returns to work, and that our whole family will continue to improve in our mental, and physical health. 

We want to apologize for our slow or absent responses to texts, emails, and calls. Please know it’s not for a lack of desire! We genuinely appreciate your friendship! On the rare occasions we’ve been out, Lane is especially glad when someone comes up and talks to him. He really enjoys the interaction and hearing how your families are too! So thank you for making the effort to do that. 

As things begin to slow down, this will likely be our last update for a while. (Though we can’t wait to share with you Lane’s fun milestones of driving or working when they happen!) We hope that with Lane's progress in healing physically, our whole family can now begin to make progress towards healing from this traumatic event.

We are so incredibly grateful to you all for walking this long path with us. Your support has made a huge difference for our family, and Lane’s recovery. We would not be where we are without all of the many things you all have done for us. I’m not sure we will ever be able to adequately express our gratitude, but we really hope you know how deep it runs. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support, even as updates become more rare, and know that we are continually thanking God for all of you and your generosity in the last year, and beyond. 

For the whole Reagan family - Lane and Kali

P.S. We were so blessed to have some family photos taken before Lane’s sinus surgery. We’ve included one below!

Update #13
August 28, 2023
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I wanted to update you all on how Lane’s surgery went.

Overall it went pretty well! The surgeon said that while he anticipated that Lane would need a lot of work, Lane had even more going on in there than he thought. Ultimately, it was nothing out of the ordinary given Lane’s level of trauma. The surgeon was able to remove a large amount of scar tissue, reduce Lane’s turbinates, repair the deviated septum, and clear the sinuses. He said that he is not as sure as he’d like to be that Lane won’t need another small tweak depending on how it all heals, but only time will tell. There is a worry that the nasal passage could scar closed. They will watch it closely.

The surgery was Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening went smoothly, he ate, slept, we did meds and ice overnight, very uneventful.

Thursday Lane felt surprisingly well! He rested, continued to ice, rest, and no longer needed pain meds. Trying to sleep Thursday overnight into Friday got rough for him.

Very early Friday morning Lane started vomiting profusely. It was frequent and painful. He couldn’t keep anything down. We called the doctor and he was surprised too, noting that vomiting is of course normal after anesthesia, but that it would be odd for it to start so late after surgery. We all think he had some sort of GI bug. Lane continued to be ill into Saturday.

Finally late Saturday evening, Lane was hungry! He ate well, and was able to sleep a little too.

Sunday he was very lethargic, in pain, and had a pretty massive headache all day.

This morning, he said he finally slept well last night! He is in mild pain today, but doing the nasal rinses helps. He can’t bend over or pick anything up for some time still, but we’re hoping after a bumpy start to his healing, that he’s on the right track!

Thank you all for the continued support!

Finally a Surgery Date!
July 25, 2023
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Hello friends,

It’s been some time but I’ve waited to update because, well, things have been kind of slow.

Thankfully, things now seem to be moving along again. We finally have a surgery date for Lane’s sinus repair. On August 23rd he’ll have his turbinates reduced, his sinuses repaired, scar tissue removed, and they will take a look at the area where his skull was fractured just to make sure everything healed properly. While we are told the recovery from this is a rough one, we are glad it is on the books. 

Lane’s cataract surgery will happen after he is healed from the sinus surgery. 

As hard as it is to believe, he is still waiting on his eye glasses. They have been very slow to get them approved. We know it’s being worked on and we are hoping that it happens soon! This will be a big step to correcting the vision he has left.

Lane is seeing a cognitive specialist now and he is a phenomenal doctor! We are so grateful to have Lane in his care. The specialist is conducting some testing for Lane and planning some therapies. All good things on this front.  

Overall, Lane’s spirits can still fluctuate day to day, but we are seeing more good days than otherwise and that is huge. He still tires pretty easily, but is working to get stronger. 

We’re finding that healing is a funny thing, in that it is not linear by any means; we’re thankful for the bright spots in the process that keep us going. I’m not sure either of us expected it would take this long - I’m actually not sure what we expected - but we’re getting an excellent opportunity to practice patience, perseverance, and offering grace. 

Lane and I still talk often about how much the support of everyone has carried us through this. We are so grateful that you continue to let us lean on you, and share our lives - and that you share yours with us! We are so very thankful for your friendship. 

For the whole Reagan Family - Kali

Update #11
May 5, 2023
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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since our last update. In many ways Lane is improving! In other ways he is still working to recover. We are also dealing with some new things.

Some of the good things:

Lane’s face looks pretty much back to how it was before the accident. He does have a scar between his eye and nose and his nose is still off center, but thanks to really qualified surgeons… and his glasses :) he is physically looking much better! I know this has made him feel better. 

Lane’s mobility has improved! He has been able to get out a bit! While he still can’t stand for long periods of time, continues to deal with balance and depth perception issues, and experiences dizziness and headaches after too much “up” time, being able to get out some has been so good! Lane is still very frustrated with the depth perception issues, as well as constantly bumping into things and people, but we’re hoping with time that will improve. 

Lane has started therapy to help work through the difficult effects of his PTSD from the accident. 

His new glasses have been ordered and should be here soon! Lane is excited to be able to see better out of his left eye! These will also help with his eye/light sensitivity. He is still wearing the patch over the right eye which helps, but can also be frustrating. He is trying all he can to make it the most manageable. 

Some of the things we’re still working through: 

Lane was supposed to have surgery this month to repair his sinuses and reconstruct his nose. At the pre-op appointment, with the second consulting surgeon, he concluded that Lane needed more time. Lane had a massive sinus infection and there is still too much inflammation and unknowns of how the nose will “settle down” to proceed with the surgery at this time. They are having Lane do a new round of a couple different meds to hopefully get him ready for surgery in 4 weeks or so. Understandably, Lane was disappointed, as it felt like a setback. The surgeons and doctors continue to remind us that with an injury as extensive as his, he is doing really well and making progress slowly but surely. 

On the senses front, in addition to still not being able to smell, and having very little taste, his doctors would like Lane to have a hearing exam. As the more emergent issues seem to be mostly behind us, we are now able to recognize that there are some things going on that we didn’t initially realize- difficulty hearing being one of them. 

Along the same lines, Lane also needs to have a full neurological exam done. No one is quite sure yet if some of the issues he is having (memory, hearing, cognitive awareness, etc.) are neurological, concussion, or hearing related, or a combination of any/all of those things. Living with these problems has been difficult and we are grateful Lane’s team is working hard to get it all figured out. 

Unfortunately, after the last visit with the retina specialist we learned that Lane needs another surgery on his right eye. While this was news we hoped to avoid receiving, from what we understand, this surgery will be quicker and much less invasive than the last. Cataracts has developed in Lane’s right eye and while he will never see out of that eye, it’s important to keep it healthy. Additionally, it should help with some of the immense pain Lane is still having in his eye. That surgery will be sometime this summer. 

There is still no timeline on when Lane will be able to drive or return to work. However, those two things still seem a way off. Those will both have to wait until he has better vision, stamina, and slew of other skills. 

All in all, every day proves to bring something a little bit different. Some days are better than others, and even though we are all craving some normalcy and consistency, we are learning to take things as they come. Deo gratias! 

As always, a huge thank you to all of YOU! This journey would be so much more difficult without you all. We are so incredibly blessed by the community, friendship, and offerings you all support us with. 

For the whole Reagan family with love and gratitude - Kali 

P.S. Baby Joshua is doing so great! He is such a joy and bright spot during this time. He is loved so well by all of us, especially his siblings who just can’t get enough of him! Here is a picture from his Baptism. 

Joshua Thomas Reagan
April 12, 2023
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updateImage Deo gratias!! He finally made his arrival after 41w 1d! Monday, April 10, 8:41pm. 7lb, 10oz, 20 inches, 14 1/4in head! Not the typical tiny Reagan baby, but oh so cute!! My water broke around 7:30am and he took all day to come. It was a tough labor and delivery, but we are all doing well! I’m so grateful to have had Lane and the older girls by my side, they were the best! Thank you all so much for the prayers and support! ❤️Lane continues to heal, and follow up with doctors. He will have what will hopefully be his last surgery in May. For the whole Reagan family - Kali

Update #9
March 4, 2023
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Hello everyone,

Lots going on over here! 

Lane had an appointment with a Medical Ophthalmologist and that was a really informative visit for us! It was really great because he is an Ophthalmologist that specializes in complex medical conditions only, meaning he doesn’t fit glasses or anything like that. The doctor was a wealth of knowledge. While he too confirmed that Lane wouldn’t regain vision in his right eye, he was able to asses the damage in Lane’s left eye. His left eye, while not as bad as right eye, did sustain a significant amount of damage and scaring that needs to be followed. He also confirmed Lane should continue to wear the eye patch, with a daily small break to send the message to his brain that the right eye is not working - that should help with his double vision long term. He showed us that Lane needs glasses, and that they should be safety lenses, with UV protection, side protection, and all the things. (He’s going to look so cool!) The doctor was able to get a good prescription for him - we are just waiting on approval to see a Medical Optician - who is also specialized in treating complex cases - to have those filled! That should improve Lane’s vision and quality of daily life. The doctor was also able to answer many of our questions about Lane’s depth perception issues, eye therapies, and many other things. He was also able to talk with us about the prognosis of Lane’s long term vision. Of course things are uncertain, but he showed us that Lane developed Glaucoma from the damage of the accident. It’s very early stages, and they won’t do anything until it’s absolutely necessary. We will cross that bridge when we get there! Overall, he is such a great doctor and will continue to monitor Lane often. We have great confidence in him and are grateful we landed in his office. 

Lane also had his big follow up with the ENT. After further review of the CT images, the surgeon determined that Lane needs more than the deviated septum repair and sinus work than initially thought. Lane does need quite a bit of sinus of work, however his nose is too damaged for a septum repair, he needs a complete reconstruction. The top of Lane’s nose is too thin to support a repair and would just fall over again. The ENT would like his colleague to consult on Lane’s case, so that they can preform the surgery together. They will reconstruct the nose, check the skull fracture, and take care of the sinus issues all at once. One surgery is great news! Unfortunately, his colleague can’t see Lane until March 20th, so the surgery will be pushed off at least until a few weeks (??) after that appointment. 

We are trying to be flexible at this point and just take things as they come! 

As usual, we have more answers… and more questions. :) All in all, we’re hanging in there. Thank you all for your continued support! 

For the whole Reagan family - Kali

Update #8
February 3, 2023
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Hi everyone!
We’re back with another update. Lane has been improving slowly but surely! 

He is much more mobile now, though he does still tire easily and still needs to take care with outside and unfamiliar surroundings, due to his depth perception, balance, and vision being off. 

He sees the Ophthalmologist in two weeks to get fitted for corrective glasses and hopefully get a referral to an eye therapist to help further understand how to adjust to living with monocular vision. If he can learn the best skills of how to manage seeing with just one eye, it will set him on a good path. Wearing the patch on the right eye is going ok. It can be quite bothersome at times, but helps with the overall vision of his left eye, so it’s a trade off. He also has a follow-up with the retina specialist in April. 

His light sensitivity is getting better, as well as his sound sensitivity. He does still get overstimulated at times and crowds are overwhelming for him. Lane shares that it is difficult because he can’t easily look around. Due to not having vision in the right eye, he often has to turn his whole body to see what is going on. He says it can be tiresome and brings on headaches.

The next big step, and hopefully the last?? Lane had a CT scan to check the progress of the spinal fluid leak and state of his sinuses. The scan showed the base of the skull - where the fracture occurred - is very thin, but could not conclusively confirm or deny if the leak has healed. The ENT did however confirm that Lane needs surgery to repair the deviated septum, repair the damaged sinuses, and take a look at the skull. Lane is on a round of 30 days of meds to further reduce the inflammation, and scar tissue prior to the surgery. That puts his surgery date for the second week of March-ish. Yes, that does mean his surgery/recovery backs right up to our due date for this sweet boy, but there is nothing we can do about it, so we’re just rolling with it! Aaaaand hoping that this child follows suit of most of our others and stays inside at least a week past our “due date.” The good news is that the surgery will give Lane the ability to breath out of his nose and clear up much of the pressure in his head. Lane still cannot smell or taste much. The ENT said that while Lane’s senses may slightly improve over time, it is likely that they may just never return due to the extensive damage that was done in that area. 

Lane still has good days and not so good days. He is working hard to keep his mental state in a good place. Overall, we are definitely headed in the right direction. 

Many and continued thanks for everything everyone is doing. We are so grateful for the blessing you all continue to be to us. 

For the whole Reagan Family - Kali

Update #7
January 14, 2023
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Hi everyone, 

Merry Christmas! We hope you all are enjoying the season!

This week was a very full week. Lane had 3 big appointments.

We had the first meeting with the ENT. Funny side note, Matthew came with us and found it both quite interesting and also disgusting to see them scope Lane’s nasal and sinus passages. :) The scope was very telling. Lane has a large amount of scar tissue from the accident, which is to be expected, but also creates problems in there. The scar tissue is causing lots of blockages. The right side of his nose is almost completely blocked and he has a deviated septum on that side. In addition, they saw lots of drainage down the back on the right that could be part of the sinus issues or more spinal fluid. The first step is to get a brand new scan, to see how things are post accident healing and other surgeries. The CT he will have done is much more detailed than the ones he’s had previously, and will give them an in depth look at everything that needs to be done in the sinuses. He has to do a round of meds first to calm everything down, then the scan, and then we meet with the ENT again to make a plan to remedy everything. We should hopefully meet with the ENT again in a few weeks and go from there. Lane still has very little taste and smell and still can’t breath through his nose. We are hoping this is the road to fix that!

We also met with the neurosurgeon about the spinal fluid leak. The leak has definitely slowed down and shown signs of improvement. Enough so, that the neurology team thinks that it is healing itself and can be checked again when ENT does their surgery. Neuro would be able to assist in that surgery if needed, but hopefully that wont be necessary. They have released him from their care and said he should follow up if there are any changes. He is still having headaches, balance issues, and some fogginess. The neurologist believes these are all TBI/concussion related and only time will resolve them. He suggested meeting with a concussion therapist/specialist if the issues persist beyond a few more months. 

Lane’s retina specialist appointment also this week. He was able to take really great images of both eyes. The retina repair on the right eye is looking as expected. There is scaring but nothing to be alarmed about, all very normal. Yay! The images re-confirmed that the vision in Lane’s right eye is indeed damaged beyond repair, particularly directly in the center of the right eye where the images showed a crater. The gas bubble is dissipating nicely and should be completely gone in a few weeks. Lane explained that even though he cannot see of out of the right eye, his vision is blurrier in his left eye when his right is open vs closed. The doctor noted that this is very common and suggested that Lane wear a patch over the right eye to help the vision in the left eye. He has been wearing the patch and it seems to be going well. Lane has also been referred to an ophthalmologist now. He will see them in about 3 weeks when the bubble is completely gone to get started on eye therapies, talk about living with monocular vision, and get fitted for glasses. The damage caused in the left eye was not as extensive as the right eye and should be able to be clear with the glasses. All big steps! 

Lane is still very weak, but getting stronger and looking forward to getting into physical therapy soon to help with regaining strength and coordination. He still on restriction and can’t do any heavy lifting or strenuous activities.

Overall, lots of things happening and progress, albeit slow, is being made! The reminders to Lane that healing IS progress seem to help. We received lots more answers this week, which we are happy about. Still more waiting, but we are trying to remain patient, though we are starting to wear down. The recovery is long and slow and we are tired. 

We are very grateful that Lane is physically doing as well as can be expected and working hard to keep his spirits up. The children continue to be so understanding and help us so much. I am close to 30 weeks along now and also had an appointment this week. I am feeling great pregnancy wise and baby boy is growing and looking just perfect! 

Please know of our continued thanks and gratitude for all of the amazing things you continue to do for us! We are so blessed by all of the your support, friendship, and the numerous ways you continue to help us navigate this time. 

For the whole Reagan Family - Kali

Update #6
December 19, 2022
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Hello friends, 

Happy fourth week of Advent. We hope you’re doing well. We sure miss seeing you all! Thank you for letting us share with you, it really does keep us all connected even if we can’t be together. Many, many thanks to everyone for the continued support. We are so grateful!! 

It’s been some time since the last update and much is happening. 

Lane had a follow up with neurology. He is still having sound and light sensitivity, dizziness, lack of balance, and extreme headaches. He also feels “foggy” most days. The neurologist discovered that Lane has a spinal fluid leak at the base of his skull where his skull fracture occurred. It appears to be small, and they are hoping it will heal itself. We follow up in a couple of weeks. We are also hoping it heals on its own because, if not, the remedy is another hospital stay. 

Lane is on many restrictions due to the spinal fluid leak (and the eye) which is becoming very frustrating for someone who isn’t used to being so sedentary. He can’t bend over, or pick anything with any real weight up, no exerting or straining of any kind, and he still needs to spend much of his time on his left side, including sleeping full-time on his left side. He cannot be around a lot of people because he can’t be bumped, run into, or have any falling hazards. He is also still unable to maneuver unfamiliar places. He overall needs to take it slow and do very little. He is trying to take it in stride, but even a simple walk around the block is difficult and draining. Quite frankly, he is getting restless, but can do very little, so it’s a tough place to be. Thankfully, the kids take turns coming in to read to him, or tell him about their days. And thanks to so many of you keeping the kids company, I’m able to sit with him and talk or just be, which is really such a gift.

His incision from his facial laceration is still healing poorly and we see the oculoplastic surgeon on Tuesday. We are hopeful there is something they can do at that time. 

Lane had his follow up with the facial surgeon who repaired his shattered nose. The follow up went well, and Lane doesn’t need to see him again unless an issue arises. He still cannot smell or taste all that well, which is to be expected post surgery, but would welcome the return of those senses happily! The surgeon did refer him to an ENT to repair internal issues. Our first appointment for that is in January. 

Lane’s eyes. His left eye continues to hold steady, with some blotchiness/darkness on the lower left side, but okay vision overall. We continue to monitor it closely as we are still in the danger zone of the left eye losing vision or the retina detaching, in the same way the right eye did. Our next appointment with the retina specialist is in January. As expected, he still has no vision in his right eye. The past two weeks have been both really difficult and really important. While we would of course be thrilled for Lane to regain any sight in the right eye, we have accepted that he will likely not ever regain any sight in that eye. While that is incredibly heavy and difficult, it allows us to move on to accepting, understanding, and planning what that means and will mean for Lane and for our entire family going forward. We could not fully do that if we were constantly banking on what ifs. We don’t know exactly what the future holds, then again, none of us really do, however we found a sense of peace in the acceptance and in the small but important step forward. 

Physically, on the outside, Lane is healing well. He is looking close to what he did pre-accident. This has been a tricky little thing, both for him and others. As Lane looks in the mirror, he sees what resembles his normal self, but is still experiencing so much abnormality internally. Likewise, when others see him looking “okay” it can be difficult to remember that he is still dealing with so much. It has been tough for Lane to reconcile the outside looking better, but still experiencing the internal pains and struggles. Lane said it was a very strange thing to wake up every morning and notice that while his face was healing, his vision is not. He shared that it was like a “gut punch” to wake up every day and not be able to see, especially while he was looking so much better. He resolved to accept that no matter how much his external wounds healed, his sight would not heal, and that the other issues (nose, sinuses, physicality of the eye, brain injury) would take much longer to heal than the outward appearance. 

If you ask Lane today, how he is (really) doing, he’ll tell you, “Terrible! It’s awful not to be able to see.” Followed up with, “But I’m doing alright.” And I would say that is an honest response, and exactly how he feels. It definitely stinks to lose eye sight, but Lane really is doing “alright.” 

There are good days and bad days, but overall Lane’s number one goal is to suffer well. We have been talking a lot about suffering, and all that comes with it. We continue to come back to this: Glory to God in all things. If we truly believe what we say we believe, then it’s important to remember the “all.” Not glory to God in only the good and easy things, Glory to God in all things, including and especially the things that are difficult. 

So Deo gratias for the opportunity that Lane, myself, and the children have been given to unite in His suffering. 

During this Advent season, I am finding myself especially grateful to be given the opportunity to enter into a deeper level of service and care for my husband, who has over the past 21 years, cared for me more times than I can count. 

For the whole Reagan family - Kali

Update #5
December 6, 2022
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Hello all,

It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 weeks today since the accident! 

This morning we went to a follow up appointment with the retina specialist. The specialist was pleased with how the eye and gas bubble in the eye are doing. Lane’s hard work of being on his left side full-time for the week helped immensely to keep the bubble in the correct position. 

Lane is able to have more mobility now which is great! He still needs to sleep full-time on his left side, and remain on his left side as much as possible, but can get up more for meals and longer time periods. He also doesn’t have to wear the eye shield anymore, because the specialist noted that the surface of the eye is healing well. 

The specialist also noted that as of yet there is no scaring in the eye post surgery which is incredible! Currently, potential scaring (which would tear the eye apart) and re-detachment of the retina are the major concerns. They are watching these concerns closely. The pressure in his eye is still high and we will continue drops for that. Lane still has no vision in the right eye, which is expected to remain, but lots of other great wins today! 

The left has remained steady, and will get an in-depth look at the next follow up appointment in a few weeks. 

Additionally, you may remember Lane had a major laceration on his left eye from the impact of the hose. It was a deep and wide. The initial surgery was done by a specialized oculoplastic surgeon, and she did a beautiful job. One week later the stitches were taken out as directed. The stitches were removed during the facial surgery by the maxillofacial surgeon. Unfortunately the wound popped right back open. The maxillofacial surgeon was of course forced to sew it back up. While he is a fantastic surgeon in his own right, it was a very bad laceration, and his specialist is obviously not plastics. The re-sewing on that eye wound is not looking or healing as well as it should be and needs to be looked at again. 

We follow up with neuro and the facial surgeon next week. Lane is still feeling some pain and pressure in the nose - all to be expected.

Lane is very weak from being largely immobile for the past 3 weeks. The swelling in his face is going down, which is allowing him to open his eyes more. That’s a real treat for all of us! 

As always, thank you all. I can’t tell you how much all the help we are being blessed with is truly getting us through the hard, slow days. 

Lane asked me to express his immense gratitude to everyone who has reached out, prayed, helped, texted, called, checked in, thought about him, sent letters, and given time, talent and treasure. He is overwhelmed greatly every time I share with him the things you all are doing. He sends his deepest thanks to everyone. 

Deo gratias! 

For the whole Reagan Family- Kali

Update #4
November 30, 2022
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Update 11/30

Hi all,

A few updates. 

Lane had two follow-ups yesterday. 

It’s been one week since Lane’s facial surgery. The follow-up was overall good! The surgeon was able to remove the stitches and splints from Lane’s nose. There is still a ton of swelling and healing that needs to happen before we know much more. Extra care still needs to be taken with movement and such because his nose is still very shattered. The next follow-up visit is in two weeks. Time will tell how it all heals, and what more, if anything, needs to be done there.

The other follow-up was with the eye specialist. The eye surgeon was overall pleased with how the surgery went on the right eye. He was still baffled as to why the numbing wasn’t working, but did have one thought. When he went in the eye, the eye had further flooded with blood since the accident. He theorized that the massive amount of blood and possibly a bleed behind the eye that was unseen severely diluted the meds. The surgeon said Lane was amazing and sat for a long time while in an incredible amount of pain. The pain has greatly subsided today and is more manageable. 

Ultimately, through all of that, he was able to successfully reattach the retina. The eye itself looks healthy, and the surgeon sees no reason at this time why the actual eye would need to be removed - yay! Everything is always changing and quickly, but we’ll take this win today! Vision wise, the surgeon said for sure Lane won’t have any peripheral vision in that eye. As for the center vision, in that right eye, the damage was incredibly extensive and severe. While only time will tell what it ultimately ends up being, none of the doctors so far, including this specialist think there is much, if any, chance of Lane regaining sight in that eye. He said while in most eye injuries he advises patients of a 3-6 month timeline, in Lane’s case he said he doesn’t expect to know a final result for 6-12 months because of the severity. 

As for the left eye - the better eye - the doctor said while of course things can change, especially with the amount of damage that occurred, for now, it looks likely that Lane will retain a good chunk of the vision in that eye. How good that vision will be remains to be seen. Lane does still have a blind spot in the lower left corner of the left eye that they will continue to monitor. 

Because they placed a gas bubble in Lane’s eye during the surgery to help it heal, Lane has to lay flat on his left side, full-time for at least the next week, only getting up very, very minimally. It’s proving to be tougher than one thinks. 

We both left feeling very grateful about the left eye and getting to keep the right eye.  We are interested to see how everything unfolds over the next 6-12 months. We follow up again in one week, and then again 4 weeks after that. 

Overall, we are learning that this is just going to be a very long and slow process. No immediate answers and a painfully slow healing process. Lane is the tortoise in this race and we are hopeful that it bodes well for him. 

We are also back to homeschooling this week after Thanksgiving break. The kids are doing well and helping take care of Lane. 

So many of you have been so kind to continually check on me and the baby as well. I am happy to share that I am almost 23 weeks now! I chose to reschedule my 20 week appointment while Lane was in the hospital because I didn’t want to leave him. That appointment finally happened today. Baby boy is looking great and is continuing to grow! 

I can never thank you all enough!! The meals, the help with the kids, the financial generosity, calls, texts, prayers, EVERYTHING, it’s all so helpful and so appreciated! I don’t even want to think about how we would have navigated this without you all. Thank you all for walking with us. 

In all things, Deo gratias!

For the whole Reagan family - Kali

Update 11/28
November 28, 2022
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Hi friends, 

Just a quick update! The nausea has subsided enough to go forward with the retina repair surgery. We have a check in time of bright and early in the morning on 11/28. We are hoping there are no complications and that Lane won’t have to be admitted after the surgery. Lane is doing well post nasal surgery, though it’s still quite uncomfortable and he still can’t breath out of his nose. It will be interesting to see what his post op appointment reveals. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes! Thank you all for the continued support! In the highs and lows, always, Deo gratias. 

For the whole Reagan Family - Kali

11/22 Update
November 23, 2022
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Hi all, 

So sorry for late update… 

Lane had his facial surgery this afternoon. He stayed quite a while in recovery so he is just settled for the night. The surgery went well. Medical junkies read on, squeamish people look away. The surgeon said that Lane’s nose was what they call “cornflaky” so he couldn’t put screws in like he wanted, but was able to in  silicone supports. The supports will come out one week post-op. Time will tell if Lane will need another surgery to repair anything further there. Additionally, he removed the stitches from the laceration repair by his eye, but said the wound just popped right open which is unexpected at this stage. He restitched it with dissolvable stitches and will check it next week as well.  He is already in some pain, and doctor said the pain is pretty intense with this surgery. Hoping Lane handles it well. 

His retina repair surgery is tentatively scheduled for Monday provided his nausea has subsided and he can lean back and look around with out vomiting. They need Lane only slightly sedated for the surgery. 

Neuro is still following him, as well as we will see an ENT in the near future. 

As always, thank you all. I feel I can never adequately express my gratitude. All of the help has truly made navigating this much more possible! Thank you!!

11/20 Update
November 20, 2022
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Lane had another CT. The blood in his brain seems to be absorbing. Neuro will continue to follow him. The TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is really, really hard. Noise, light, and stimulation is all very upsetting to him, and he is very tired. 

He was seen by the retinal specialist who was able to confirm that the retina of the right eye did in fact detach, and he needs to repair it. The surgeon wants to do that surgery ASAP. They need Lane to only be under light sedation for the surgery, because of that and the intricacy of the procedure, the surgery can’t happen until the nausea and vomiting has stopped. He concurred that vision restoration there is unlikely, but you never know! His staff is in constant contact with us to check Lane’s readiness.  

Additionally, Lane got to come home because has a pre-op appointment with the facial trauma surgeon tomorrow (11/21) to go over all of the facial repairs. We are hoping that surgery will be Tuesday or Wednesday. That will be done at the hospital because he may or may not have to stay for a couple of nights after that.

While of course we are glad to be home, in just a short time we have realized how very difficult it is at the same time. The noise, and lack of nurses are especially hard. We are all trying to stay patient! 

On the good news front, the kids are all hanging in there despite being scared and sad at times. They are enjoying way too much screen time - something I don’t love but I am having to accept. As for me, I am 21 weeks now, and after burying our miscarried baby this summer I am so grateful to be at this gestation! 

As always, thank you all. Thank you for waking with us, and for helping carry our crosses. Lane was brought to tears when I was able to share with him all the offers of help. We are so grateful! We are praising God for you all!

For the whole Reagan family - Kali 


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