A long time member of NECC has had several years of issues with his feet all culminating to the point he is at now where he has had one leg amputated below the knee and as soon as he completes recovery of that surgery will have the other one amputated in the next few months.  This is sort of an urgent request because we are hoping he will be able to come home from the first surgery in the next two weeks, God willing before Thanksgiving. However the family has noticed that it is going to be hard for him to navigate the ramp we built for him last year due to the ~6” threshold at the door. Previously he was on a knee cart and not a wheelchair but after each amputation he will be on a wheelchair for a few weeks in between physical therapy and his adoption of prosthetic legs.  We have a few fellows from church who will be doing the work. All funds collected will go towards the materials needed to rebuild the ramp and raise it to the needed height.  Any funds not used will be given to the family.