Pursuit of Character (P.O.C.) is a new ministry based in central lower Michigan. While we are small, our mission is great, namely, The Great Commission, to reach the lost and disciple the found to walk in the Way of Truth that leads to Life. To spread The Offer of Hope.

Please watch the video through. We start with a clip from Pastor Ken at our first RTC event, giving you his experience and impression of partnering with P.O.C. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pastor Ken’s experience is the one we wish everyone to have. We never want money to be a barrier preventing P.O.C. from pursuing our given mission. We never want to ask those giving the invitation to have to figure out how to pay the expense of having us come. Therefore, this campaign can fund any aspect of our physically “Going Out.” In the video we provide some examples of things we have already purchased. A priority for the future is a trailer to haul our equipment to events, and other examples include lodging, food, advertising, shirts, etc., whatever it takes to bring the Raising The Church experience into a church and/or community.

Currently, our RTC events fall under the heading of “Restoring Hope,” something we believe the world, in and out of the professed church, sorely needs. According to the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, (https://www.arizonachristian.edu/culturalresearchcenter/research/) both the identity and authority of God in Christ is nearly nonexistent within the walls of the professing church. What is it they say? “Doctor, heal thyself.” How can a sickened body within the church be of any help to those outside the church?

We who claim Christ’s Name need a Restored knowledge and understanding of that Name, of Christ’s Character, of Christ Himself, of who He says He is, our “Hope.” This is our offer to anyone who would invite us to their church and/or community: We will bring the Offer of Hope and what Hope Offers with us, and together, we can Restore Hope. This is what you will be partnering in if you join this campaign.

As members of One Body, The Church that the apostles founded on the Cornerstone of Jesus Christ, and serving One Lord, we are happy to partner with our brothers and sisters working toward this same goal. We firmly believe that if we are truly doing God’s work, then He will provide for it, and we continually witness this to be true. Because we believe this, we never ask for money, even in the form of freewill offerings, and are blessed to give the music and books away more than we sell them.

We have set up a few GiveSendGo campaigns, one for each of our “Going Out” ministries, as open channels for Him to provide through others in His kingdom whom He prompts to partner with us to do His work. This is not us requesting you to give to “our” ministry. It is us leaving God’s work in God’s hands and allowing Him to decide who He would have partner with us in these specific areas. This campaign specifically supports the Raising The Church Outreach Ministry.
To share your feedback with us and others participating in this project, feel free to follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PursuitofCharacterPOC If you are in the Michigan area, we would love to see you at one of our Raising The Church – Restoring Hope events. You can check out the event schedule here: http://pursuitofcharacter.org/outreach/raising-the-church/events/