Rainbow Magic Alpaca Farm is raising money to off set the costs of rescuing baby Noah from a livestock auction.

On Friday 9/16 we became aware that a one month old orphaned baby alpaca was to be auctioned off in a Livestock auction in NC. We drove up to the auction on Saturday 9/17 and learned that this poor baby had been taken from its mother and put on a bottle to be sold as pet. He was advertised to come with a ziplock bag of the wrong formula with vague instructions to feed him not even close to what he needs and is around 8-10 pounds under weight. 

Lone alpacas are not pets and do not often survive. If they do they are at high risk of developing berserk syndrome and become aggressive leading to the animal being euthanized. Alpacas need to be with other alpaca to thrive. To take a baby alpaca from its mother and put it in an auction to be sold as a pet is reprehensible. 

We bid in the auction and won and rescued this sweet baby and named him Noah. The auction price was very high and there are a lot more expenses to come. We are trying to raise money to off set the cost of his auction fee ($1,000) and the future costs of formula and vet care. 

I know times are tough and we appreciate any amount you can give and if you are not able to donate money please consider adding our farm and baby Noah to your prayer list. 🙏❤️🙏

You can follow baby Noah’s progress on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ShareAlpacaKisses/