In Loving Memory Of Dennis Plett. A husband. A father. A friend to everyone. A trucker of 40+ years.

On February 21st, 2022, Dennis unexpectedly passed away in Steinbach, Manitoba. Alone in "a medical solitary confinement" where the hospital did not allow for loved-ones to be by his side. Dennis spent the last weeks of his life in Ottawa fighting for the very freedoms that would have allowed his family to be with him during his last moments here on earth.

Dennis loved driving a truck. A few years ago he started loosing his eye sight due to macular degeneration and eventually lost his Class 1 license. He had no idea how he would earn his living but since his wife Rose also had her truck license, they decided to become a team. Now with Rose’s teammate gone she has no desire to truck on her own.

Your donations will kindly go towards covering costs of funeral and memorial services, as well as any additional support for the family. Your generosity is so appreciated during this difficult time. Any donation will greatly help Rose's current and immediate financial needs. ♥️

If you have any questions or would like to help with the organization of the Memorial please email

"Dennis was a man of strong faith. He loved God and family deeply, treasuring his Canadian Freedom. With a spirit of deep conviction and humility, Dennis gave his ultimate dedication to the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. He was a life-time Trucker at heart, giving it all he had up until the very last week of his life." - Frank K. Thiessen Sr., Cousin

"One thing I know is, when he told someone when they asked, 'What time you gonna get here to unload? Dennis would say an exact time. You could always count on that. When he said a time, he was there." - Paco Petkau, Nephew

"Dennis was one of a kind. He will be missed by all who knew him. He was a rare kind of person who could be just so profoundly himself. You never left his presence without being impacted either by his story telling, his zest for life or his cheerful & friendly nature that often left you smiling." - Doris Petkau, Sister