RCF Ministry Center Building Project

Campaign Created by: Andy and Lim Warner

The funds from this campaign will be received by Andrew Warner.

Goal: USD $15,000
Raised: USD $ 12,265

The Goal of this Campaign:

  1. Purchase windows and doors resulting in a mostly watertight and secure building which we can start using for ministry.
  2. Pay our construction workers (friends from the Roma village) who graciosuly volunteered to wait for about 1/2 of their pay up to this point.
  3. Our next campaign will be to raise funds for the roof of the Ministry Center.


The RCF Ministry Center Will Provide:

  1. A home for RCF workers as they minister to the Romani community of Slavonski Brod.
  2. A location to host worship meetings, Bible studies, youth Bible clubs, and other community ministries.
  3. A location to house and train long and short term RCF workers.

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The History of the RCF Ministry Center project:

  1. November 2016, we purchased property within the Romani community of Slavonski Brod.
  2. We then completed Phase 1 by improving the property for outdoor ministry by adding a perimeter fence, a parking area, land fill, and a covered patio.
  3. We designed the two buildings and on July 2018 we completed Phase 2 by receiving our building permits to construct the Ministry Center.
  4. We completed Phase 3 in June of 2019 by building the small house, where Lim and Andy currently reside.
  5. We are currently in Phase 4, raising the $107,000 needed to construct the big house. We have completed the foundation, the block walls, and the cement ceiling!
  6. We currently use the small house and land for ongoing ministries, such as bible clubs and fellowship meetings.


For more information, including other tax-advantaged ways to give, please visit the RCF website's Ministry Center page.


Paid-off debts for construction workers and all materials!
December 5, 2021
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Ministry Center Update: Immediately after completing the important step of putting the cement slab on the ceiling we had a debt of over $10,000. This “informal” debt was for the construction workers’ pay, which these friends of ours volunteered to delay until we had more money, and for building materials. The building materials were lent from a person/company I have yet to meet based solely on the word of our friend and construction foreman, Darko. These loans allowed us to reach the critical stage of putting a cement ceiling on the building, for which we were very thankful. But, carrying these loans was rather stressful to me. Praise the Lord that early next week we will completely pay off these loans! This means that all funds we receive next will go towards windows and doors. Our goal is to install windows and doors before hard winter sets in and especially before Lim and I travel to the USA in late January. Thank you for your prayers and financial support!


  • Please pray that we can install all windows and doors before we return to the USA in late January.