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Goal: USD $33,710
Raised: USD $ 1,060

Hi, I'm Adriana. I'm raising money to have a Psychiatric service dog.

This is part 2 in a way since my first dog I got, Maeva didn’t work out. Which happens a lot when working with service dogs. Instead of training the dog myself I will be going through a company called Doggie Do Good they are a really good company and have helped a lot of people! Here’s their website to check them out, they also have a really cute pup series that show what the service dogs work through!

Doggie Do Good Puppy Prep Videos

I've been through a roller coaster ride with mental health from trauma in my childhood through 20 years old; I’m 23 now. I was molested (term used for when it's an assault of a child or one that can't give consent) multiple times for about 9 years of my life. It took a more significant toll on me than I ever realized. I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. I am not usually one to ask for help, but I know this is the next step I need to be a healthier part of myself.

Thank you God for making me so strong and keeping me going.

I am so grateful for my family, friends, and professionals that have been here for me.

As a necessary extension of my support system, I need help raising funds; service dogs are expensive. They go through a lot of training starting as puppies with obedience, then learning and developing specific tasks for their handler.

I need to put a deposit down to start the matching process to pair a dog with myself. The sooner I obtain the goal, the faster I have have the service dog help me! The total amount for the Service Dog Training is $33,710. The deposit is $14,500.

The cost includes the dog itself, the deposit, the training, and veterinary expenses.

Thank you for anything that you can give. Any amount will help!

Have a lovely day!


Important: New Service dog Goal!
February 3, 2024
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Unfortunately Maeva didn’t work out as a service dog. One of the reasons being that she gets distracted very easily and can be overprotective. So I am trying to get a dog from a program called Doggie Do Good. I have posted a link in the main campaign about the company. 

Please send this to whoever you know, I will be really grateful for any help!

Maeva's Training!
February 24, 2023
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Since the last update in November, Maeva has been a blessing! She is so smart and such a quick learner. My trainers have started her off in her obedience training and she has picked it up very quickly.

In December she got her spay surgery, it went good! She also got her teeth cleaned so she now has a pearly white smile. 

In late January we sent her off to a 3 week obedience training camp! She knows the commands, but because she is so smart, she is also stubborn. She doesn't follow through on the commands when we tell her. My family and I decided that an obedience camp would be beneficial to her, so my parents are paying for her training. There, she got 6-8 hours of training every day. She learned all the basics and learned them to the point where she will follow through on them when told. She also got distraction training, where those basic commands she learned, she learns to obey the commands even when there are outside factors pulling her attention, such as dogs running around while she is in a down/stay.  A down/stay is where Maeva is commanded to lay down and stay in that position until told by the handler to be released from the stay. She needs to be focused despite distractions to be a service dog. She needs to be able to help me whenever I need her help, and if she looses focus, she will miss the cues she needs to perform her tasks!


Adriana & Maeva

I got a Dog!
November 16, 2022
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Thank you everyone that has donated so far, I am so grateful for your support!

I want you to meet Maeva! She was found by family friends that are also trainers. Who, through a groomer back home saw the potential for Maeva to be a service dog, so I when I got a call about Maeva (I named her) I came home a few days later to see her in person. With my family's support and especially my dad, we adopted her on September 24! She is the sweetest girl, who loves giving hugs and is so intelligent and stubborn, but she is precious! I am training her with help the help of the trainers. I go home on the weekends to train her and during the week my dad takes care of her and helps train her while I'm at school.

So far I have been able to use some personal savings and funds gifted to me outside of this page to pay for Maeva's training vest, food, vaccines, toys, and other grooming and dog needs. I plan on now using the money from this page to continue to go towards those needs as well as her upcoming spaying surgery. I plan on the surgery happening in December during my break, I am not totally sure on the complete costs for surgery and after care will be, but so far what has been raised currently will definitely cover it! The surgery so far, from one vet I have spoken to is estimated at about $300 minimum to about $400 max. 

I am going to change my goal to $5,000 to pay for anything that is for Maeva. There is always a chance that Maeva won't work out to be a service dog since they need to have the right temperament and really have their training down and be able to work in all sorts of environments and be around all types of people. I am optimistic though! Maeva has been catching on to her basic obedience trainings well! She has the commands: sit, stop, walking by my side, waiting, stay, down, and come, pretty solid. I am so proud of her! She has only been with my  family and I for close to two months now, so she has adapted very well. My favorite part so far has been going on walks with her, even when she hasn't been tasked trained yet, going on walks with her and training her on the basics has helped my depression. She gets me out of bed, forces me to go exercise, I am excited about the future. She keeps me going right now for the future that she'll be able to be by my side and help me everyday. 

Thank you!

Much love,

Adriana & Maeva


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