Our country's food supply is at great risk and it is getting increasingly harder to find healthy quality food to feed our families. Farmers are very concerned that in the coming months it will be a full crisis because of regulations and devious actions by our government that have greatly impacted the food crops in our country. They are also trying to eliminate natural protein from animal sources. We have been following this closely and have decided to take a stand and create food security for our community. In these uncertain and unpredictable times, we have gained a clear understanding that community is KEY. We are coming together and helping everyone get started Growing food or maintaining what they currently have. We have also secured private meat suppliers and butchers to ensure our members have access to fresh natural protein.
We will be hosting private farmers' market-style meet-ups for members to exchange or buy goods with one another. There will be offerings available to our members such as but not limited to Fresh produce, canned goods, meat, eggs, raw animal milk, herbs, bread, oils, and handmade organic body products.
Project Eden is only possible with the help and participation of our community. If you currently have anything mentioned above to offer and would like to be a vendor at a Project Eden market please let us know. If you currently have space to grow food but need help getting started please reach out we are here to lend a hand. 
Please consider donating to Project Eden through Armor of God Ministry. It is very expensive to start growing food and this is a factor that makes it hard for a lot of people to start. We do not think this should be a problem for our members. Not only do we provide physical assistance to start growing but we also cover the cost. We run 100% on donations and can not make this possible without them. Armor of God is also trying to acquire a safe secure space so that our members can associate within or markets safely and without intrusion from unwanted organizations and people with ill intentions. this will also be a large financial cost to our ministry. We are in need of monetary, property, supplies, and equipment. 
For non-monetary donations please reach out to us at on our website at Or directly at