Project FarmSTAND is an unincorporated private non profit (508 c1a)  food, health, and wellness Christian ministry. We fund our ministry through farm shares via our private membership association, compensation via affiliates, and donations. We work in the private domain for the benefit of our private association church members. We work daily to discern God's design in all our activities. We follow orthomolecular science and microbiome science to eliminate disease and to achieve optimal health of livestock, farm, and our entire farm community.

We give our first fruits to the needy and other ministries. We support ministries that are putting God back into the arts and Christian warriors that are rescuing children caught in human trafficking. We are currently leading multigenerational bible studies, serving our local church, and are a resource for the local homeschool community.

We are currently developing a site plan through Food Forest Abundance. This plan will expand our food production and add space to offer training, seminars, camping, and hosting farm to table events. We will support these activities with natural clean food via our farm and other vetted sources. In 2024, we are hoping, Lord willing, to install the following additions to our land:

  • 17’ x 40’ Greenhouse and aquaponics to expand our food production
  • Classroom to support seminars and classes to educate others
  • Ceremony site to host outdoor God honoring weddings, worship concerts and events
  • Pickleball court and a disc golf course to support funding the ministry and home school physical education
  • Dual purpose natural swimming pond for membership and a feed source (duckweed!) for our pigs and future tilapia 
  • RV and camping site for worship events, weddings and for farm to table retreats

Your donation will be used to fund the projects above. The impact of your donation will help increase the amount of people we are able to serve and create jobs. God bless and thank you for your consideration.