Professor David Clements Being FIRED for Standing

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Professor David Clements needs our help. ***Updated**

Imagine for a minute being cancelled in the one place where freedom of speech should thrive. Imagine a place where you are being told to follow the science, and when you do, you are fired because that science does not follow the narrative of who can only be described as the oppressor. Professor David Clements is a lightning rod of truth and courage.  Professor Clements has unselfishly spoken boldly on freedoms we are losing or have already lost and the reality of the an agenda driven by evil and corruption. He has become a voice of reason and articulately has laid out the case for the election steal and compromised media and tech companies who have become weapons against the American people…

Professor David Clements has stood up and made sacrifices for you, me… frankly the entire country. Yesterday he was unceremoniously fired. They did not even have the professional courtesy to notify him directly. Instead, they sent a message to his students, stating that Professor Clements would not be leading the class any longer. He was removed, but not before students were able to hear his courageous message of truth.

Professor Clements will continue to fight. He will continue to speak truth and fight to restore integrity and accountability to our country. Sadly however, he is in a place where he is now unemployed. Cancelled by the very evil people who would like to forever silence you and take away your rights as an American. Will you join me as I stand up with Professor Clements. We need to support him so he can continue to stand up and stand with us in this fight.

We know how this ends. God wins. We also know that it will take warriors like Professor Clements to lead and stand in the gap with all of us. Please join me in supporting Professor Clements. Every little bit helps and even if you are not able to contribute financially, prayers are something we can all do. God bless you all.


Clarification from Joe that I think is important
August 25, 2021
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I wanted to update everyone on a clarification. Although it is a forgone conclusion that Professor Clements will be fired, I wanted to clarify where he is in the process. David as been currently removed from teaching while they follow the adminstative process to complete the firing. He is committed to fighting this all the way to the end, even though the result is predetermined by the educational leadership that looks to strip him of his voice and his students of knowledge of the truth. 

I think it is always important to clarify fully the narrative so it accurately reflects where in the process Professor Clements is. Please take the time to pray for David and his family. The road will be rocky but we know how it ends. God wins... 

-Joe Oltmann


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