After releasing the print and ebook of Prodigal: A Journey to Freedom from Abuse and Addiction, I've had many requests to hear my book as an audiobook. The cost to do this is about $4000, well worth it if we can get the message of God's redemptive power into more hands. If you would like to be part of this endeavor by contributing, I would be so grateful! Here are just a few Amazon reviews that Prodigal has received:

"The retelling of Wynn's story is gripping--from tragic victimization to surrender to the only one who truly loves. This book holds a powerful place in the charged atmosphere of sexual orientation discussion--and Wynn is in a unique position of authority to speak. This should be a must read for those who counsel and minister to sexual abuse survivors. Actually, I'm sure we all know people whom we could better lend support and understanding to after reading Wynn's book." —Mary Britton

"Encouraging and honest true story of a journey out of sexual brokenness~ Wynn shares his story in an engaging style that holds the reader’s attention. He shares insights that are new, fresh and helpful for others that are struggling themselves or that have a loved one that is struggling." —Jeanne

"reads like a novel, I couldn't put it down. It is a story of life of a man who God chased down and made sure he came back to fellowship with God. Regardless of the decisions or choices made, God restored him to wholeness, and turned it into a ministry for the broken. I believe powerful prayers were prayed for Wynn and God has totally been given the glory. Will be sharing with friends." —Brenda K. Huff

Here are some endorsements inside the book:

“What a story—a real page-turner! In it, Wynn Thompson reveals a most amazing journey from childhood sexual abuse to drug addiction, jail, a brush with fame as a singer, and his inevitable plunge into intractable sexual addiction and homosexual behavior. The bonus—an appendix on the causes and path to freedom from homosexual confusion—is icing on the cake. I highly recommend this moving journal of a broken and then redeemed life.” —Dr. David Kyle Foster

“If you only read one book about how same-sex attraction develops in the life of a child and how God can transform the broken, this is your book!” —Carol L. Wagstaff Groen

“From the minute I started reading Wynn Cameron Thompson’s memoir of his journey to freedom, I was captivated and many times moved to tears. Never before has the very fabric of our society been under such attack and at such risk. With teenage suicides and anxiety levels soaring, his story and testimony is such an important beacon of hope and restoration in a landscape of growing abuse, brokenness, and identity confusion. The transformative power of his redemptive narrative unfolds, and he shares with such honesty, vulnerability, and courage. So many liberating truths have been captured in this story. His testimony will bring many onto their own journey to finding freedom and having their wholeness restored.” —Gavin Wiseman