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Pricing and Fees

At GiveSendGo we do things a little different....

You keep your money!  

We know that the money you are raising is very important and needed, that is why we don't charge a fee. GiveSendGo.com takes 0% of the money your raise, unless donated by our Campaign owners or Givers (unlike gofundme and other sites that take 5% or more out every donation). We don't even hold your money! Money given to your campaign goes directly from the Givers account to your WePay account (Stripe if not in the US, UK, CA). You have easy access to those funds by logging into your WePay account and transferring it to either a checking account, savings account, or even having a check mailed! 

Your funds do go through a payment processor and we use WePay in the US, United Kingdom, and Canada. For all other countries GiveSendGo uses Stripe. There are some processing fees that go to WePay (2.9%+.30c per transaction) or Stripe ( 2.9%+.30 per transaction / 3.5% +.30 for Amex ). To learn more about WePay or Stripe visit WePay.com or Stripe.com.


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