The Political Education mission launched with a bold 5-day pilot programme funded entirely at personal expense. It is a breakbrough event with nationwide impact, designed and implemented with the utter urgency of the state Australia finds itself in, and a crucial federal election coming up.

There is months of work (more than) fulltime on voluntary basis behind this program and definitely done for love. Monica Smit and Liz Blake decided early on that there was no expectation of financial return. It may surprise those viewing that the program was run on a shoestring, 'smell of an oily rag' on the Liz side and without allocated budget on the RDA side.

The 5-day program needs to be followed up with further sessions and was vitally important as a trigger and enabler to a national tidal wave of change. So we did it, almost all from private resources. We have not had the moments to do the math on costs yet but there is several thousands, plus necessary administrative costs (not reward).

If you would like to donate, we would be grateful.