Peppercave seed money (pun intended)

Campaign Created by: Justin Bale

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Goal: USD $25,000
Raised: USD $ 10,195

Pepper Cave is a Christian, family Kansas-based business which specializes in all things Chile Pepper. As we enter our 7th month of existence we’re ready to expand and launch a number of exciting new products including 3 new lines of sauce - 

“Kiss Me” (mild - just enough heat to make your lips and tongue tingle a little)

”Slap Me” (a solid-hitting sauce which will leave you with some burn)

“Hurt Me” (A super-hot sauce which might bring a tear to your eye it hits so hard)

licensing and producing the sauce is quite expensive. Purchasing machinery of our own would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so our goal is to work with a co-packer to get things started. We’re raising funds for ingredients, FDA testing and locensing, sauce production, packaging, labels/design, and if we’re lucky, maybe a bit of advertising. 


Update #1
September 28, 2023
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With gab now preventing my posts from trending, I’m forced to look at new marketing channels. Of course it all requires capital. The first new strategy will revolve around a new stream showcasing news, naming jews, recipes, gardening and whatever else seems interesting. This is set to go live in a few weeks on Shing, Odysee and GTV. I’d also like to run some traditional campaigns if I can raise enough capital.


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