Hello My Name is Alan Fountain and I am a Survivor of an Organized Pedophilia Trafficking Ring out of GA USA turned WhistleBlower/ Advocate. I was covertly inspired by a Covert Military Operation taking place behind the public eye to eradicate a global Sex Trafficking Ring spoken of during the Trump administration when he declared war on this Global Pandemic. I am raising money to continue my very challenging journey that is I feel anointed by God based on my divine protection to have survived multiple torture and assassination rituals over the past 7 years. Please read my BIO in the Below link that shares my challenging history and how God has inspired my success exposing Evil. 

(I gladly wear the Armor of God to fight Satan and his Army of Minions across Earth to protect our children and be a voice for Adult Survivors.I am Displaced from Permanent Housing and my life is in a storage booth due to the 7 years fighting the Deep State and I need to stabilize my life to successfully complete this amazing journey to witness a Power Shift taking place on Earth. Your Support is crucial to my ability to meet monthly obligations. God Bless!

BIO:  www.gf4justice.com/about

(I document my journey in both Video Podcasts & Written in a 7 year Blog History detailing the Successes and Challenges. We are on the cusp of a GREAT AWAKENING and a worldwide victory for our children and I need your help to continue my daily intel research updating the public & to have a place of my own after years of living out of a suitcase navigating evil forces to achieve this goal and maintain stability to finish this mission.) 

Thank you for your prayers and support!🙏🙏🙏❤️

(Update- 10/4/2022 - This Campaign began in January 2022 during a time when I was Navigating Residential Displacement. I document in my podcasts in the Bio Link Below why I was being Stalked and Even Tortured for my Whistleblower Actions Exposing the Betrayal to Molestation Survivors by The Cabal/Deep State operation. I was able after 5 months to secure a series of ArBnB spaces that feel relatively safe. I financed my advocacy out of pocket for 6 years beginning in 2013 which has been sabotaged by my adversaries. The donated amount has been used to fund my trips to speaking events and tours to inspire and educate the public. I have over 75 podcasts and a BLOG with over One Million Viewers where I write articles on what took place behind the scenes over the past 8 years. These funds were used to achieve the success as of date and are needed to continue my mission. GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE SUPPORT.) 

(I am writing a short article explaining my financial journey over the past 7 years and how I have been purposely displaced by Deep State lobbyist and their attack team to destroy my life. I volunteered and used my modest monthly disbility check to keep going for 4 years after being made homeless. My article will share the deeds they did plus I will validate my financial state so those who are mindful of the excessive griters in our movement can affirm my authenticity and vulnerability at present. I only started seeking donations one year ago and it sky rocketed my ability to make successes happen. God Bless.)