Hello My Name is Alan Fountain and I am a Survivor of an Organized Pedophilia Trafficking Ring out of GA USA turned WhistleBlower/ Advocate. I was covertly recruited by a Covert Military Operation taking place behind the public eye to irradicate a global Sex Trafficking Ring spoken of during the Trump administration when he declared war on this Global Pandemic. I am raising money to continue my very challenging journey that is I feel anointed by God based on my divine protection to have survived multiple torture and assassination rituals over the past 7 years. Please read my BIO in the Below link that shares my challenging history and how God has inspired my success exposing Evil. I gladly wear the Armor of God to fight Satan and his Army of Minions across Earth to protect our children and be a voice for Adult Survivors.  ( I am homeless and my life is in a storage booth due to the 7 years fighting the Deep State and I need to stabilize my life to successfully complete this amazing journey to witness a Revival taking place on Earth.) 

BIO:  www.gf4justice.com/about

(I document my journey in both Video Podcasts & Written in a 7 year Blog History detailing the Successes and Challenges. We are on the cusp of a GREAT AWAKENING and a worldwide victory for our children and I need your help to have a place of my own after years of living out of a suitcase navigating evil forces to achieve this goal and maintain stability to finish this mission.) 

Thank you for your prayers and support!🙏🙏🙏❤️

(I am writing a short article explaining my financial journey over the past 7 years and how I have been purposely displaced by Deep State lobbyist and their attack team to destroy my life. I volunteered and used my modest monthly disbility check to keep going for 4 years after being made homeless. My article will share the deeds they did plus I will validate my financial state so those who are mindful of the excessive griters in our movement can affirm my authenticity and vulnerability at present. I only started seeking donations one year ago and it sky rocketed my ability to make successes happen. God Bless.)